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Keeping Your Health Afloat.

It sounds about as appetizing as a sloppy joe or a slab of meat loaf, but fish oil can be a very intergal part of your daily supplementary diet.

While fish oil can aid in the reduction of one ugly three letter word – FAT – it can also provide your diet with a nifty three-letter solution: EPA.

EPA (short for eicosapentaenoic) is one of the most deficient elements of the common man’s diet, a long-chain Omega-3 essential fatty acid that fish oil happens to be quite rich in.

When the human body is woefully short on EPA, it tends to produce other eicosanoids that are not quite beneficial to your health. These eicosanoids have been linked to several unfavorable health conditions. Meanwhile, the EPA found in fish oils is an invaluable commodity for preventing heart diseases and circulatory troubles.

And when it comes to combating the production of these “bad” eicosanoids, the EPA have proven to be considerably more effective than alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and other such shorter-chain Omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, ALA, which is found in flax seed oil, is only one-tenth as effective in this process as the EPA is in fish oil.

Also, high amounts of ALA in the system have been known to block the favorable eicosanoids like EPA from being produced.

Fish oil is well received as the ideal source for EPA anywhere on the market. While fish certainly attains high doses of EPA, it also contains less desirable elements, things like hazardous pesticides and PCBs. While many fishes that you buy on the market – cod, salmon, haddock – may contain these pesticides, your ZonePerfect fish oil tablets are guaranteed to be free of such hazards.

Molecular distillation is what removes the PCPs found in fish oil, and the folks at ZonePerfect have insured that the expensive process is performed upon production of its supplement. Not only that, ZonePerfect also packs its fish oil tablets with high doses of Vitamin E as well.

ZonePerfect, which also offers a Zone nutrition program, recommends that its supplement be used in coalition with its diet program.

The ZonePerfect fish oil tablets contain 160 mg of EPA and 107 mg of DHA within each 1000 mg tablet. In order to attain sufficient daily doses of EPA, one would have to consume tremendous amounts of fish every day, fish like cod and salmon, thus increasing the chances of being afflicted with harmful pesticides and PCBs. Whereas the daily recommendation from most doctors is 200-400 mg of EPA every day, the capsules are ideal for those who do not regularly eat mackeral, cod, salmon, herring or other cold water fishes.

The vitamin E that helps combat the pesticides and herbicides is ten times the amount (20 IU per capsule) in ZonePerfect’s product than it is in standard fish oil tablets.

While it is recommended that you take at least two capsules per day, during your meals, if you are planning to embark on the Zone nutrition program, for the first month of the diet, you should be supplementing with four capsules per day.

The ultimate objective to be obtained through the use of ZonePerfect fish oil is to create a healthy balance of eicosanoids. When you attain this balance, it will allow for a boost in energy as well as an improved athletic ability. Also, this fish oil can provide for mental sharpness and a clearer complexion.

Other products we recommend from the ZonePerfect crew are the helpful publications “Enter the Zone”, “Mastering the Zone”, and “Anti-Aging in the Zone”.

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