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Review of ZizZazz Zizzazz Explosive Energy Supplements Supplement Reviews Review of ZizZazz Zizzazz Explosive Energy

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ZizZazz Zizzazz Explosive Energy Review By Matt C.

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Introduction to Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are powerful stimulants which give you the energy you need to get through a workout. While they do not increase muscular strength, they will increase your alertness and awareness of your surroundings and reduce fatigue. This is particularly beneficial for those who go through long workouts and lose motivation as things get increasingly more challenging as time passes. With the boost of energy provided by energy drinks, it makes it a lot easier to deal with such exhaustion.

You will find that a large percentage of energy drinks contain one of the following active ingredients:

If you are considering an energy drink, I would recommend you first begin by reflecting upon your own personality a little. If you are a naturally high strung or high activity person such as myself, you may find that energy drinks are not required generally, in for some people, it may even cause them to become nervous with an energy boost on top of already high energy levels. That said, I do not personally rely on energy drinks, but sometimes like to use them for an edge on days where I am feeling a little more tired than usual. This also gives me the chance to accurately guage their effectiveness. If I become more awake and aware after consuming an energy drink on a day in which my energy levels of low, I can have greater confidence in their effectiveness.

Information about ZizZazz Zizzazz Explosive Energy

ZizZazZ Explosive Energy Powder can be consumed straight from the sticks they come in, much like sugar candy sticks that are popular amongst children. I mixed my stick with Probolic-SR protein powder by MHP and found it to be a pretty good mix. The ZizZazz sticks are in powder form so they are not carbonated which makes them healthier than the carbonated liquid energy drinks in that respect. They are filled with a number of vitamins and minerals such as essential B vitamins, green tea, rhodiola, and ginseng. The purpose of this ingredient matrix is to provide a healthy and consistent flow of energy which creates greater awareness and concentration.

ZizZazZ makes the following claims:

  • Amazing Flavors
  • Low Calories
  • Vitamin Ignited
  • Fast Acting
  • Long Lasting
  • No Crash

I will go through each of these claims and let you know what I think from my sampling of ZizZazz energy powder:

Amazing Flavors

I tried the "Pom Mango" and "Tangerine Tango" flavours. I mixed them with two scoops of Probolic-SR protein powder by MHP as well as strawberries, banana, fruit juice, and milk. Since this was such a mix of items, it was hard for me to determine exactly how much the ZizZazz powders contributed to the taste, but I tasted a little of the powder separately and it was very sweet which is incredible since they have less than one gram of sugar per packet.

Overall, I can say that my strength was above average during this workout, especially in light of the fact that I could only deadlift 365 for three reps the previous week and had the strength to do it more than double the amount of reps this time out (although I stopped at five, I really should have done another two more). However, I don't think my recovery had improved at all compared to not using a supplement. I do attribute not being able to do 405 to my sweaty hands and poor grip, but as my workout progressed, I did not feel as though my recovery in between sets was above average. I have used enough NO products at this point to know when a product works and when it does not and recognize very subtle differences in exercise intensity and energy levels, including rates of recovery. As I progressed with my back workout and did other exercises, my recovery was not particularly above average. That said, NO-XS does not make specific claims regarding recovery and simply about muscular endurance, and I can say that my endurance had improved, although not to the degree that other NO products help it to improve. The boost in strength was certainly noticeable during my workout though.

Low Calories

Each serving size "1 Stix", contains 20 calories. Four grams of carbohydrates and one gram of sugar per packet. This is a low calorie blend, and 20% of these low calories are from sugar, which is low on an absolute scale, but not as low when you compare it to the total amount of calories per serving. Two sticks would contain 40 calories with eight calories from sugar. That said, since the overall amount of calories per serving is so low in the ZizZazz "Stix", there is no need to be overly concerned with that percentage of sugar per serving.

Vitamin Ignited

Here is the breakdown of nutritional information in ZizZazz energy powder in terms of vitamin content:

  • Vitamin A (45%DV)
  • Vitamin C (1000%DV)
  • Vitamin E (50%DV)
  • Niacin (150%DV)
  • Vitamin B6 (100%DV)
  • Folate (50%DV)
  • Vitamin B12 (1000%DV)
  • Pantothenic Acid (100%DV).

ZizZazz claims to be vitamin ignited and judging by the breakdown of vitamins it contains, I would say that this is a qualified and reasonable statement to make. It's nice to see energy drinks which are vitamin rich like this, as it is nice to consume natural ingredients as much as possible.

Fast Acting

I consumed two packets ("Stix"), in part because the first packet did not seem to have an effect on me. The second packet did seem to increase my awareness slightly, but not to the same degree as other energy products have in the past. As with any energy product, individuals should be conscious of how much of each they need to consume to reach a desired effect, and intake the requisite amount before any energy using activities. My advice would be to start by taking as little as possible of any given energy or other supplement product and increase the quantity after guaging the effect. I think an additional packet or two would probably have had the effect I was looking for. One packet was not enough, and two packets was not quite enough either.

Long Lasting

I would say that the two packets of ZizZazz I ate were moderately long lasting. Not the best among energy products I have tried, but pretty good given the healthful blend of ingredients and relatively clean calorie breakdown.

No Crash

So far, I have not consumed any energy products which have resulted in a crash, and ZizZazz was no exception.

Overall Review:

ZizZazz was a good energy boosting supplement, but not as potent as some of the other energy products which I have tried, in particular, Labrada Charge! SuperShot, which I found to be very fast acting and potent. I would use ZizZazz in the event of wanting to consume an energy drink which is increases awareness and alertness, but not to the same degree as some of the stronger products such as SuperShot as I mentioned above. ZizZazz is low and sugar, has a good blend of vitamins, and tastes good and mixes well in protein powder. My only other consideration would be price, and ZizZazz costs $84.99 for 72 servings, working out to $1.18 per serving, which is a little steep especially if more than one serving is required per workout. After analyzing other energy products for price and weighing all other factors in consideration, you should have a good idea whether or not ZizZazz is a good energy product for you.

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ZizZazz Zizzazz Explosive Energy - 72 Stix ZizZazz Zizzazz Explosive Energy - 72 Stix
Retail Price: $143.28 Our Price: $84.99

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