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Worldwide Pure Protein Bars 32 Grams Of Protein! BUY IT NOW Worldwide Pure Protein Bars



Worldwide Pure Protein Bars Review By Marc Skaf

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Pure Protein Protein Bar Review

Soft chewy center, draped in chocolate, 30g of protein, 2g of sugar and the great taste of s'mores. What? This doesn't sound like any of the protein bars you've had already? Then you're missing out if you haven't tried Pure Protein bars. Forget your conventional bars that are harder to digest than swallowing rocks and go with a choice that doesn't only feed your muscles, but your indulgences too.

The first time I had one these bars was back at the Arnold Classic in 2007, ya I know, a long time ago. But I've been eating them since, if that tells you anything. Protein bars, in my lifestyle, aren't a staple, they are more of a snack or treat type thing that I might have if I see a good deal on them, but I don't have any big commutes and food is never really a big issue unless I'm travelling. But I do admit I have two preferences for bars when I do choose to have them, and that is Pure Protein and MuscleTech bars. Why I like the Pure Protein bar is because of its mix of functionality and taste. These bars aren't heavy on the calories unlike some bars which are just ridiculous, and it's got a lot of good nutritional content. The first thing that will probably draw your attention is the packaging, its not your boring solid color wrapper, it's got the gooey inside of these bars spilling out for you to see...and you're gonna want to eat one.

There are a few different flavors of Pure Protein bars, and depending on the one you get will have a different value on protein, fat, sugar, etc. There are the bars which are high in protein, but will have more calories, and then there are the bars with less protein which have few calories. Depending on the one you get, the range could be from 200-300 calories a bar. I've tried them all, and if I had to choose a favourite it would be the blueberry crumble, and the least favourite would be Peanut marshmallow eclipse. Don't get me wrong, both great tasting and would choose over many of the other bars on the market, but in terms of the Pure Protein line up, those are my choices. "Eat good. Look Great" is the slogan for these bars, and it's true this is as good as eating gets in terms of protein bars. It seems like I am really pumping these bars up, and no I don't have shares in the company, I just really do like them.

The bars are balanced, they have protein, low sugar, low fat, and have 33,000mg of amino acids. They have multiple uses, curve appetite, gain lean mass, meal replacement, or even a dessert. Regardless of the reason you eat one, you can be sure that it will be effective. I've always been skeptical about the gain lean mass proposition of protein bars, I would not recommend them post workout but I can see how the consumption of them throughout the day would increase your overall protein intake which would contribute to gaining muscle. There are many testimonials out there that say that these bars are the secret to some people's gains in the gym, which could be true. I know a lot of people who have a hard time eating the right amount of calories because they don't have an appetite, but had they been offered one of these bars I am sure they could devour it in seconds.

It's hard to explain all the good things that make Pure Protein bars stick out from the rest, doesn't seem like there's some secret formula for a good protein bar. Combine good taste, nutrition, functionality, and not a lot of sugar and you seem to have a successful protein bar. Yet there are still brands out there that do it better than the rest, and Pure Protein is one of those brands that just excels. If you haven't yet, the best way to figure out why they are so good is to go out and try one. It's a small investment for something that you might really like. The only hard part is choosing from their 8 delicious flavours; Blueberry Crumb Cake, Chewy Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Deluxe ,Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Caramel, Peanut Marshmallow Eclipse, S'mores, Strawberry Shortcake.

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Worldwide Pure Protein Bars Worldwide Pure Protein Bars - Box Of 12
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Worldwide Pure Protein Bars

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