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If You’re Not Getting The Results You Want In The Weight Room, Then You Need To Start Working Out Your Brain!

If You’re Not Getting The Results You Want In The Weight Room, Then You Need To Start Working Out Your Brain!

Are you sick and tired of tossing dumbbells around in the weight room and only seeing minimal results? Are you fed up with pumping iron in your normal routine without getting that chiseled look like the bodybuilders in the magazines? Well, you’ve got two choices: either hand in that gym pass and spend the rest of your life as a pimply dweeb, or exercise your brain matter and learn how to sculpt your body like a pro.

Any knuckle-dragger can grab something heavy, crank out a few reps between grunts, and call it a workout, but true bodybuilding techniques require more forethought and finesse than your average Neanderthal on a squat machine. If you’re happy with being second-best when it comes to strength and appearance, go ahead and stick with your current workout, but if you want to turn heads when you walk down the street, you’re going to have to produce results. That means upgrading your knowledge and probably changing your routine so that you can be on the cutting-edge of strength training. History

Throughout history, people have always wanted to be like the legendary heroes who performed amazing feats of strength. Ancient myths tell us of enormous Titans that shook the earth and sky with their power and made the gods themselves tremble in their palaces. Mighty Atlas took the weight of the world on his shoulders, and Hercules wrestled with lions and tore a river from its course. Even Samson smashed the pillars of his prison and brought the whole building down on his enemies. These giants didn’t get their strength from mindlessly curling barbells in front of a mirror everyday. They worked hard and used their heads when it came to being the best at what they did.

Weightlifting as a science is fairly new. Greek and Roman soldiers had to pass tests of endurance and strength before being allowed to fight in the military, but their training was almost nothing like the conditioning programs of today. As we’ve grown and progressed as a society, our knowledge of the human body has expanded, and we have learned how to push ourselves beyond the normal limits. We are able to build bigger and stronger muscles than even the toughest Roman Elite, but we have to do it in an intelligent way. But where can you go to find the information that will work for you?

Where To Look

  • Authority figures
  • Authority websites
  • University studies
  • Current sources

Asking a fitness expert, sports coach, or sports scientist is always an excellent place to start building your workout. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice. These people have made it their business to study the body and how to get real results without over-exerting yourself. They understand all those big medical terms and can translate them into plain English for you. They can also work with you in a one-on-one type environment to make sure you’re getting the most from your workouts. Authority websites containing quality information from qualified authors can provide you with the latest articles and news in the world of fitness, and university studies are constantly conducting tests on the best methods to build strength, size and speed. Go online and do a little networking in your area. It might just be the key you’ve been missing.

Where Not To Look

  • Fake studies
  • False advertising
  • Partial evidence
  • Opinions from amateurs

In all honesty, most advertisements are out there just to pinch a buck or two off of you, which is fine if you’re interested in buying a candy bar or picking out a throw rug for the bathroom. When it comes to your own body, however, you should be a little pickier about whose advice you listen to. Some of those “scientific studies” are nothing more than marketing scams designed to talk dummies into buying products they don’t need or that won’t work. Find out which studies actually have professional backing behind them and ignore the rest.

Opinions. Opinions are like buttholes, right? Everybody’s got one. And you don’t want someone else’s smelly opinion rubbing off on you, do you? Of course not. Some people will say anything to look smart. Have you ever had one of those nosy wannabes come up and tell you that you’re doing an exercise all wrong? We all have, and we could have all done without it. In the gym, uninformed opinions aren’t worth the breath it takes to spit them out. Even a well-meaning friend could be telling you something completely false without even knowing it.

The point is; it’s not always easy to tell if the information you’re getting is the real deal. Is it possible that you’ve been doing exercises of lesser quality all these years? You bet.

Now What?

So you’ve talked to your coach, read the articles, and visited all the latest websites. You have videos and testimonials and stacks of university studies. What do you do with it all? Well, the answer is... use your head. You’re swimming in a sea of knowledge, but only critical thinking can help you rise to the top. That old saying “knowledge equals power” should read “applied knowledge equals power.” Sitting around staring at those piles of information won’t give you the rock-hard abs and barrel chest that you’re looking for. That’s like having a loaded gun with the safety on: you can aim at your target all day, but you won’t achieve your goals until you turn desire into application. Set your sights on gathering the hard facts, determining the best course of action for you, and then carry it out to fruition.

No one’s going to take you by the hand and lead you around the gym; you have to get off your can and take charge for yourself. By planning ahead and using your brain, you’ll be able to build your workout arsenal and be well on your way to shaping your body into a titanic mass of brawn and power that will make even the gods of Olympus take notice.

About the Author

John Phung is a certified personal trainer providing information and advice about adjustable dumbbells such as PowerBlocks and Bowflex dumbbells.

Take care,

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