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Universal Lava Review By Steven S.

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The product of this review is Lava by Universal. Upon tasting, my impressions were that in combination of this orange slush flavour, the only flavour available with (a) frozen strawberries, (b) a banana with (c) either vanilla soy milk, original flavour soy milk or regular white milk, all these combinations have been sampled by me to taste quite good and similar to that of an Orange Julius you would pay about $5 at the mall for only one.

Upon mixing with water, I was rather surprised and discourgaged as the quality of taste was not even close to that with mixing with milk. It sort of tasted like a cheap coolade.

The best amount to use would be about one scoop per cup of milk per strawberry. If you wish to add a banana I would say to stay around a liter of milk and obviously four scoops. One strawberry per cup of milk. So to break it down into the lowest common number combination, I would say 1 strawberry, 1 cup of milk, 1 scoop and a quarter of a banana.

One scoop of Orange Slush flavour of Universal Lava is about 30 grams containing about 40% protein, 40% carbs, under 5% fats but also importantly it contains double the potassium than sodium along with the full amount of the ideal daily values of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Niacin which keeps blood flow strong and keeps the arteries unclogged. Further it contains other important essential nutrients per serving. Questionable daily values are that of creatine, glutamine, and taurine but we all know these are important for muscle health and growth and they do not take into consideration those who wish to build their bodies and look good for the ladies as well as be able to protect them from others.

As for the importance of Creatine, let me tell you that it has more than considerable effects. I wish to share my experiences with this Creatine, which occurs naturally in our bodies but more than likely not enough for our demands. As a tennis player during my last year in high school, about ten years ago, I began taking creatine to enhance by endurance as I was more of a runner and not a weightlifter at the time. It made me feel better while I was running and obviously it propelled me. It also helped my tennis matches and weirdly enough I think it even helped my concentration along with my feeling of well-being. As for how I did in the one and only tournament of the year, as a fourth seeded player, I beat the top seed in a pro-set (first to 8 games) to make it to the final which was a best of three sets. He was a second seed and our match was very intense and long so when I was up 5-0 in the third set, I requested a second washroom break but the Referee ruled that I was not allowed to take a break. What nobody knows is that the main reason I requested it was to get my last shot of Creatine so I could finish off the match against a very motivated opponent. I lost the match as well as my respect for that person and have not played in a tournament since. Perhaps if I keep taking this Creatine I may make it to another final in another sport. I hope it helps you out lots too.

If you are interested in this product go to

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Universal Lava Universal Lava
Retail Price: $34.97 Our Price: $18.79
Universal Lava

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