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Universal Gain Fast 3100 Review by Matt C.

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It is common in the world of bodybuilding to recommend 1-2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Most will further consume this protein broken down into frequent small meals. Some find it difficult to consume an adequate amount of protein or calories in general, even while broken down into small meals for any number of reasons. One valid and common reason would be time considerations, since cooking or otherwise preparing food multiple times per day is not very practical. Other people such as myself, find it extremely difficult to eat very much to begin with. It is from there that the concept of drinking calories rather than eating them can be applied. I find it much easier to drink calories and I find myself being able to get the required intake of calories necessary for growth when I do so. Generally I will advocate eating whole food items rather than supplements, but in terms of this particular consideration, I just can't say no to easy to consume and easy to digest liquid meals, which allow me to get the protein and calories necessary for growth and do so without being uncomfortable, and better yet, all at an affordable price.

With that, I introduce - "Universal Gain Fast 3100", a high calorie gainer product, which comes in four flavours, Banana, Chocolate, Pina Colada, and Vanilla. It is a high calorie powder which meets my expectations for gainer powders in a variety of ways, all of which will be described below in greater detail.

Nutritional Content of Universal Gain Fast 3100:

Total Fat (grams) Saturated Fat Total Carbohydrates (grams) Fiber (grams) Sugar Protein Sodium Total Calories
3 1 171 4 72 35 142mg 842
4.5 1.5 252 4 20 50 410mg 1250

5.1 pounds of Universal Serious mass contains 10 servings, each comprised of five scoops (229 grams of product). Those five scoops contain 842 calories, 27 of those calories are from fat, consisting of three grams of fat (one of which is saturated), 171 grams of total carbohydrates (four grams of dietary fiber, and 72 grams of sugar), as well as 35 grams of protein. There is also 142 mg of sodium per five scoop serving, and cholesterol, potassium, as well as a myriad of vitamins and minerals.

Companies which product weight gain products always recommend that you eat as much of it as possible so that you buy more and more, and I would say this is not a good idea for a number of reasons. One reason is that weight gain powder products are not the same quality of supplement as protein powder supplements, and the calories are not as clean. Sugar and sodium quantity is higher, as is fat content and saturated fat. This is why they come cheaper, and while they are good in low doses, you do not want to fill up on calories of this specific breakdown. They are good for a boost, while being mindful of your macronutrient intake, and making sure not to go over certain predetermined boundaries which will be based on your goals as well as your body weight and other considerations like that.


Cost is another consideration which you will want to take seriously. In the case of Universal Gain Fast 3100, you can get a 5.1 pound tub for only $18.95 which is an incredibly low price. But to see exactly how low that is, it is important to do some simple math to get to the true bottom line, which may not be so easy to determine just by quickly looking at the label.

First off, as said above, the amount of weight gain products which companies suggest you take is generally too high. So rather than looking at a serving as being five scoops, let's look at the nutritional content and financial value for every $1 spent.

For $1 of Universal Gain Fast 3100 you will get:

  • 444 calories
  • 1.6 grams of fat (14 calories from fat)
  • 75mg of sodium
  • 90 grams of carbohydrates
  • 38 grams of sugar
  • 18.5 grams of protein

In addition, there are a myriad of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anabolic gaining agents, metabolic optimizers & performance factors, and other ingredients in every scoop.

Let's take a further look at the amount of calories and protein per dollar amount spent:

$1 for 444 calories & 18.5 grams of protein
$5 for 2222 calories & 92.3 grams of protein
$10 for 4443 calories & 184.7 grams of protein

All in all, that is a pretty significant amount of calories and protein per dollar spent. This is the second time I have reviewed weight gain products in terms of dollar value with the first review being the one I did for Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Although I only calculated the overall caloric value per dollar spent in that review, for your information, ON Serious Mass contains 20.5 greams of protein per dollar spent, 102.6 grams of protein per $5 spent, and 205.2 grams of protein per $10 spent, and in addition to having a greater caloric and protein value per dollar (calculations are based on the 12 pound container for $38.99), I also liked it more overall, when I tried the chocolate flavour. Universal Gain Fast 3100 is still a great value even though it is not quite as cost effective as Optimum's brand.


It is important to look at the ingredient matrix in any supplement you are using and identify ingredients you like, but perhaps more important, identify ingredients which you wish to avoid. For myself personally, I like to avoid artificial sweeteners such as aspartame in particular, and some other chemical fillers in addition to that. Here is a list of the ingredients which I think you should pay particular attention to when purchasing weight gain supplements as well as any other supplements you may be interested in, and they are generally listed under "other ingredients":

Other Ingredients: ProtoCarb Plus (Universal's High Performance Carbohydrate Complex- Consisting Of High Energy Glucose Polymers, Maltodextrin (Long-Chained Complex Carbohydrates), Pure Crystalline Fructose, And Dextrose), Super Protein EX (Universal's Superior Protein Blend- Consisting Of The Highest Biological Value Peptide-Bonded Casein, Pharmaceutical Grade Pancreatic Digest Of Whey Protein (Lactalbumin)(Milk), Egg White (Albumin) Protein, With Naturally Occuring Branched-Chain Acmino Acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, And L-Valine), AGC (Universal's Proprietary Anabolic Growth Complex- Consisting Of Anabolic Gaining Agents, Metabolic Optimizers, And Performance Factors) Advanced Vitamin/Mineral Complex, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Lipotropics And Natural Flavors.

Looking at this list in some detail, I can honestly say that I do not know much about some of these ingredients and for that matter, I am not sure which scientific journals I would need to review to learn more about them. Wikipedia is a good online search, so if you are going to search for these items using wikipedia, I would recommend going to, and typing the name of the ingredient next to the word "wikipedia" with neither word in quotes, and the first link which will appear should be the page on wikipedia for that particular ingredient. This is an effective way to search for this items and get you some preliminary information from the wiki page with relevant links at the bottom for more information. I urge everyone to research as much as possible to learn as much as they can about ingredients before consuming them blindly, as some of them may not be so healthy. A scan of this list does not reveal anything which is obviously dangerous, but some items are so uncommon that I would need to do more research before confirming that statement.


In terms of taste, I tried Universal Gain Fast 3100 in a variety of ways. The one main method I use which I enjoy the most for consuming my calorie dense shakes is to make a full shake in a blender with milk and/or juice, fruits, and potentially some other items such as yogurt. I made my Gain Fast 3100 shakes normally with milk and a banana and about two scoops of powder, which is under the recommended dose, but as I said, it is not required that you use the full quantity, and how much you use is entirely up to you. I did enjoy the taste of the shakes, although I do enjoy the chocolate flavour by Optimum Nutrition better than Universal's vanilla flavour for Gain Fast 3100. I should point out that that is comparing apples and oranges, and I would have to try either the chocolate flavour for Gain Fast 3100 or the vanilla flavour for Serious Mass to make an accurate comparison, but from my use of the two respective flavours that I pointed out above, I am going with the ON chocolate here.


I found that even blended, the Gain Fast 3100 shakes were VERY thick. Almost too thick, so if you are making them in a shake, be aware of that and use enough milk and/or juice accordingly so that it does not come out too thick. I would recommend mixing the vanilla powder (if you choose to order it) with a low pulp orange juice so that it does not come out so thick. It should end up tasting like an orange creamsicle.

Overall Review:

Universal Gain Fast 3100 does pass all of my required tests as far as weight gain products are concerned. It is reasonable tasting if prepared properly, high in calories, protein, and relatively clean in terms of bad calories, and is inexpensive. Having said that, I will use this product again, but I will want to try one of the flavours other than vanilla, and I will choose from Banana, Chocolate, Pina Colada, most likely chocolate to see how it compares to Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass chocolate flavour, or I might try Pina Colada, as that may be interesting to sample, since I have never tried a weight gain powder which is that flavour. Conversely, I can also try the vanilla flavour for Serious Mass and see how that compares to the vanilla flavour which I tried for Universal Fast Gains 3100. All in all, I can recommend this gainer, although between ON Serious Mass and Universal Fast Gains 3100, I would give about a 20% edge to ON Serious Mass. Although for $18.95 for 5.1 pounds of Gain Fast 3100, that is a pretty good price and worth considering to try out - you may find that you really enjoy it, since it is a high quality gainer for sure.

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Universal Gain Fast 3100 - 6 Lbs. Universal Gain Fast 3100 - 5.1 Lbs.
Retail Price: $33.00 Our Price: $18.95

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