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Top 10 Selling Bodybuilding Supplements!


Below are a list of the top 10 selling supplements from OUR DISCOUNT SUPPLEMENT DATABASE. Browse through the descriptions below to help guide you into making the best decision for which supplement you want to include as part of your bodybuilding and fitness routine. Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, lose weight, reduce recovery time or increase your strength and energy levels, the products below are for you.

But remember - just because a supplement worked for somebody else doesn't necessarily mean it will produce the best results for you. To start your bodybuilding career, you might want to include a variety of different products and brand names to start then decide which supplements are the most effective and which are worth avoiding. Through experimentation, you will find which ones are for you!

Top 10 Supplements!

1. Optimum 100% Whey, 5 lb

Whey protein ranks highest in all measures of protein quaility. Our extremely popular protein is manufactured with domestic Grade A Milk and is low temperature processed to preserve the biologically active microfractions. Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey is also concentrated, ultrafiltered and isolated using ion exchange and crossflow microfiltration to remove nearly all of the cholesterol and lactose making it ideal for low-fat and low carbohydrate diets.

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2. ErgoPharm 1-AD, 60 caps

What 1-AD has to offer: High oral activity, conversion to a hormone 700% more potent than testosterone,absolutely NO aromatization to estrogens natural and safe!

There can be no argument that ErgoPharm 1-AD is the ultimate prohormone!

This compound is truly unique amongst other prohormones in a variety of ways.

3. AST Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg, 90 caps

Mimics insulin, powerful antioxidant, enhances glucose utilization, enhances amino acid transport, lowers blood sugar, increases creatine uptake.

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4. BSN Nitrix, 180 tabs

Nitrix is The New Muscle Enhancing Phenomenon! Nitrix has just tapped into one of the most powerful muscle building phenomenon's discovered to date. This newly generated class of supplementation utilizes the breakthrough molecule NO (recently awarded The Noble Prize in 1998) to help promote new growth and visually alter your body. The Nitrix induced transformation is going to change a generation; most importantly, this ground-breaking new product is NON-HORMONAL!

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5. Inter-Sport Technologies Creatine Xplosion, 7 lb

Inter-Sport Creatine Xplosion™ is a superior creatine transport system designed to improve creatine absorption. A specific quadruple STACK including alpha lipoic acid, dextrose, d-pinitol, and vanadyl sulfate for improved musclebuilding response and enhanced performance.

Inter-Sport Creatine Xplosion™ has also been formulated with a specific combination of nutrients designed to help relieve muscle stress and soreness.

6. MuscleTech Hydroxycut, 210 caps

Exciting news! A new, advanced Hydroxycut formula is here, and one of its cutting-edge compounds just got better. Hydroxagen®Plus™ contains a next-generation, ultra-concentrated form of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that is now specially cultivated in remote parts of the world. This stuff rocks!

In an 8-week study, researchers found that the primary ingredient in Hydroxycut, on its own, lowered bodyweight in subjects by a whopping 4.8 percent. On average, the subjects in the study lost 10 pounds during the 8-week period, combining a 2000-calorie per day diet and 30 minutes of walking, 5 days per week. The investigators found that this key ingredient works by curbing appetite and inhibiting bodyfat formation.

Add Hydroxycut to your sensible diet and exercise plan and experience it for yourself!

7. Beverly International Muscle Provider, 2 lb

Beverly International Muscle Provider consists of a very unique and exclusive multiple protein configuration. This superior blend of five top of the line protein substrates includes whey protein isolate through cross-flow micro-filtration, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, lactalbumin (the major component of all whey, with the biological value of 100) and egg white albumin.

The high percentate of whey hydrolysates and the addition of 100% egg albumin are what really set Beverly International Muscle Provider apart from all the rest of the remarkable new proteins on the market. Whey hydrolysates are actually predigested peptide bonded amino acids.

CLICK HERE for more info.

8. Inter-Sport Technologies Pro Whey, 5 lb

Inter-Sport Pro Whey is a delicious blend of 100% pure whey concentrate, isolate, and whey peptides with an added natural digestive enzyme complex to improve digestibility and assimilation, thus reducing bloating commonly associated with protein ingestion.

Inter-Sport Pro Whey™ mixes easily in water or nonfat milk and is high in the branch-chain amino acids and glutamine required for building muscle and burning fat.

Typical Amino Acid Profile per serving (1 Scoop) L-Aspartate 2.30g L-Serine 1.02g L-Histidine 0.43g L-Threonine* 1.39g L-Proline 1.19g L-Tyrosine 0.65g L-Valine* 1.25g L-Methionine* 0.45g L-Cysteine 0.54g L-Glutamic Acid 2.64g L-Glutamine 1.02g L-Glycine 0.40g L-Arginine 0.51g L-Alanine 1.05g L-Leucine* 2.36g L-Phenylalanine* 0.74g L-Tryptophan* 0.37g L-Lysine* 1.96g L-Isoleucine* 1.34g

9. Apollo Fitness & Nutrition, Training Programs Special

"By far the most intelligent muscle-building Program I've ever seen!"

If you're ready to add some serious natural muscle mass, this is the NEW breakthrough Training Program that you've been waiting for. Based on the latest scientific research into the body's natural growth cycles, the Ultimate Muscle Training Program shows you exactly what you need to do to pack on muscle quickly, safely, and permanently.

This comprehensive Mass Building System will teach you how to add 10, 15, even 20 pounds of quality muscle in just a few short weeks. For men and women!

This set includes both the Ultimate Muscle Training Program and the FREE Anabolic Nutrition Program!

10. VPX Syngex I, 120 cc

Syngex™ Razor-Sharp Cutting Edge Science!

The company that unleashed the first real pro-steroid to the world, 1-Test(osterone)™ now proudly introduces it’s newest and most potent innovations, Syngex I™ and Syngex II™. These recently invented, monstrous anabolics utilize the most pharmacokinetically advanced propylcarbonate ester technology and are further enhanced by liposomal delivery. Syngex I’s medically-based liposomal delivery permits a steady state release of the most powerful 1-Testosterone and 4-beta-diol esters continuously throughtout the bloodstream for up to 20+ hours.

The same patent pending delivery technology that catapulted Paradeca and Decavar to the #1 selling pro-androgens™ in the world is now being utilized to encase the infinitely more potent, 1-Testosterone and 4-beta-diol propylcarbonate esters. The envelope-pushing propylcarbonate ester technology has the unique pharmacodynamic quality of extending the life of these powerful pro-androgens™ for up to 30 hours.

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