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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Presents: Fitren Newsletter - February 2004 Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles by Writer Presents: Fitren Monthly Newsletter Archive Fitren Newsletter - February 2004

Dear Friend,

Earlier this month, I sent you an email about a groundbreaking, soon to be released new e-book called:

Fit Over 40: Role Models For Excellence At Any Age

Transformation coach Jon Benson will be writing the first chapter of the book, which will reveal his own personal story about the devastating consequences of an inactive and undisciplined life, and how he transformed himself and maintains the incredible condition he currently possesses at 40 years of age.

I will be concluding the book with a chapter of "how to" information about nutrition, aerobics, weight training, peaking, motivation, supplements, losing fat, gaining muscle, and much, much more.

Most of the book, however - the middle 50 inspirational chapters - will be written by "regular people" over 40 years of age who have transformed themselves from fatness to fitness, unhealthy to healthy, unfit to fit and who meet the criteria of "TRUE ROLE MODEL."

With this work, we intend to inspire thousands and possibly millions of people to realize that a high level of fitness is possible at ANY AGE; all it takes is the inspiration and the information...

This new book will provide both.

Since my last message earlier this month, Jon and I have been swamped with submissions. Some of the before and after pictures simply must be seen to be believed!

Personally, I've gotten so motivated looking through these stories and photos over the past couple weeks that I've had some of the best workouts of my life!

When you see someone with a physique and training regimen that exceeds that of most people half their age, you can't help but be inspired and motivated. When you see that others have done it, you realize you can do it too!

This volume is going to give great hope to many who thought it was "too late" for them as well as for young people, who will see how much they have to look forward to by following a healthy lifestyle.

Because we are still sorting through all the submissions and have not made our final decisions yet, we have extended the deadline for contributors until March 8th, 2004.

We are looking for people who have achieved and maintained a state of physical excellence in bodybuilding, bodyshaping, or extreme physical fitness at the age of 40 and above. We are especially looking for contributors in the age range of 50 - 69, but we are still accepting submissions for all ages over 40.

We want real people with real stories who are willing to share them in 900 words or less, along with two photos (one is required). You do NOT have to be a competitive bodybuilder or athlete to participate.

In a couple months, this e-book will be released to the public, but if you are "fit and over 40" this is YOUR LAST CHANCE to actually BE IN THE BOOK!

If you think you have what it takes to be a fit over 40 role model, go visit the fit over 40 web page, take a look at the submission guidelines, write up your story and send it to us using the online submission form before March 8th.

Here's the web page:


Tom Venuto,
Author, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Co-Author, Fit Over 40: Role Models
for Excellence at Any Age

Contact Tom:
Contact Jon:

PS. If you missed my previous message, click here:

PPS The next regular issue (#34) of the Fitness Renaissance newsletter will be emailed to you this weekend). If you missed Issue (#33) featuring, "Low carb intelligence vs. low carb stupidity", and "Symmetry: How to Develop a Classical Body Shape", you can read it here:

PPPS Please feel free to pass the "Fit Over 40" message and website address on to anyone else you think might be a good fit over 40 role model.


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