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Tom Venuto - Contributing to Steroid Encyclopaedia Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written By Tom Venuto Tom Venuto - Contributing to Steroid Encyclopaedia

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Tom Venuto - Contributing to Steroid Encyclopaedia

Introducing Tom Venuto

My name is Tom Venuto and I’m a lifetime natural bodybuilder. When I was invited to become a contributing writer for Steroid, my first reaction was (for obvious reasons), to politely decline. So I thanked the staff of Steroid Encyclopaedia for asking, but said this was not an appropriate place for me.  After giving it some careful thought, I began to reconsider. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it could actually be a great opportunity.  After all, how often is it that natural and drug using bodybuilders get together and have friendly, intelligent discussion about bodybuilding and the pros and cons of drug use?  Not too often is it? Usually, it’s the other way around, with both sides fighting and criticizing each other: Natural bodybuilders questioning the morals and ethics of drug users and the drug users criticizing the natural bodybuilders for being self-righteous and having a “holier than thou” attitude.

Well, I got to thinking; wouldn’t it be cool if we could get along, be friends and be open to alternative perspectives?  Maybe we could even learn something from each other. I believe you can make better decisions if you understand both sides of the coin equally. So with that in mind, I accepted the invitation from the staff of Steroid Encyclopaedia.

Just so we understand each other, I should tell you what my position is on steroid use and what my goals are.  

I’m not “anti-steroid” by any means - it would simply be more correct to say that my position is “pro-natural.”  

Why did I choose to remain natural?  Fear of health consequences is not the reason. Certainly there are dangers involved with drug use, but they're probably greatly exaggerated by the media. It's not a matter of morals or ethics either. As long as you're not hurting someone else or infringing on their rights, then who's to judge what's right or wrong anyway? Perhaps it shows questionable character to take drugs, lie about it, and then compete in a drug tested competition, but as long as everyone is on a level playing field, then how each person plays is their own business. No, my motivation to stay natural is different: I know that a great body can be developed drug free because I've done it - my goal is to continue to see just how far I can take it.  I want to test the natural limits of the human body. I want to actualize my full God-given potential.  If I take drugs, then I won’t really know what my true potential is.

I believe that too many people set mental limits on what's possible and that's the very reason they fail to get very far without some kind of enhancement.  If you look at a drug free bodybuilder with a great build and you say, “There’s no way that guy is natural,” you’re only setting limitations on your own growth. Your subconscious mind will take that accusation literally and prevent you from ever reaching that level of development naturally.  I would like to help open people’s minds, raise their standards and expand their beliefs of what’s possible.

My goals as spokesperson for natural bodybuilding are as follows:

1.     To encourage people not to rush into the decision to take drugs but to carefully consider both sides and thoroughly weigh the pros and cons.

2.     To educate people about the differences between training and dieting with and without drugs. (There's a BIG difference!)

3.     To encourage teenagers never to use drugs (Would you want your children taking drugs?)

4.     To encourage people to not even consider drugs until they’ve developed themselves to their maximum capability drug free and have learned everything they can about training and nutrition.

5.     To help people realize that drugs are not a substitute for discipline and hard work.

6.     Not to judge, but to be a role model and show by example that a great physique is attainable without drugs - that your own mind is the only thing limiting you.

Only you can decide which path to take.  I hope my perspective helps you make the decision that’s right for you.  I’ll be looking forward to some healthy discussion with you on these issues.

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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