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Steroid Propaganda - Steroids Vicious Cycle



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**Note: "gear", "sauce", "juice" all refer to steroids**

This article is in response to Todd Ganci's presentation found at the link Steroids Vicious Cycle.

Did you check out that presentation...? ok, here are my two cents:

To begin - I'm afraid I'll come across as preaching to the choir with my rebuttal to this clip, and for the rest of you, my words will probably just fall on deaf ears. One thing I've learned is that people believe what they want to believe. They often pretend their opinions are based on logic or science or reason or whatever else, but there is a good argument for everything under the sun and if you want to believe something - you will believe it. I'm no different, I suppose the only distinction between myself and most is that I have very few set opinions and I'm willing to admit that the ones I do have are the product of what I wish to believe in (like everyone else who likely won't admit to that).

So most of you already know what you want to believe, but hear me out for a more fair handed presentation of some facts from Todd's discussion...

Todd Ganci is making presentations such as the one you've seen to sell fear to a fear mongering society. steroids are bad. It's a part of our ideology at this point, and will forever frighten citizens more than far more dangerous things (McDonald's, alcohol, coke, the list goes on...). Yeah, I'm saying junk food is more harmful than gear. I could list off many people who have died directly due to heart problems caused by poor diet, and if you could provide me with a bigger list of people who died of steroid related problems maybe I would change my mind <-- ok, this is where my bias is coming in. Obviously more people eat junk food than hit the sauce so of course fewer deaths will be related to steroids. That is where my own personal bias comes in, but I wholly admit that is exactly what it is. In any event, junk food is NOT healthy and can also cause long term damage if abused. Don't think for a second it can't.

Anyway, here are some of the things I noticed in the video:

1. If you listen, in the clip, Todd states that he attached 200 pound dumbbells to a helmet and performed these crazy neck extensions, which resulted in him losing his range of motion in his neck at his current age. My questions would be: (1) how is this the fault of steroids in any way at all? (2) Who the hell would do such a ridiculous exercise to begin with? Just some advice for all the newbies reading this: training your neck or traps will make your shoulders look narrower, as well, basic compound lifts like deadlifts will develop muscularity in your neck. There is really no need to work out your neck, and obviously it is more prone to injury than other areas. I think doing neck exercises to begin with is not a very good idea, and I would NEVER do something as crazy as create my own exercise and attach 200 pounds to a helmet to do neck extensions. But then again, I'm not on steroids. Maybe if I was, I would end up doing that (*sarcasm*). This was the first clear cut example of Todd displacing the blame from his own lack of good judgment and caring of his health to steroids, which were in no way at fault. At most - steroids gave Todd the strength and power required to do those crazy neck extensions and push himself to damage his neck when he otherwise would not have been strong to do so. However, just because you have such strength doesn't mean you won't get signs of potential injury on the horizon.

2. Todd states he was basically a wreck of injuries after vicious steroids destroyed him (not in those words obviously). Then he goes on to say that even when he was on steroids he was sleeping in a chair due to pain in his back and neck, and never would he be able to go through a shoulder routine without being in pain. I really don't know what to say here...this almost deserves my mockery quite frankly. LISTEN TO YOUR DAMN BODY! If you're hungry - EAT, if you're full - STOP EATING, if you're tired - SLEEP, if you gotta go - GO. If your body asks you to do something - DO IT. I listen to my body bar none 100% of the time. It just so happens I'm in perfect health, although I do tend to catch a three day cold every two and a half years. Maybe tomorrow my health will take the turn for the worse - I don't know. All I know is I do everything I can to prevent that by listening to my body. If Todd was in such pain, it's time to take a leave of absence from the gym, rest it up, hang out with the friends and family, relax some more, and hit the gym again when the condition improves. There would be an exception if you're addicted to drugs and your body wants more, because then your body is asking questions caused by the drugs (obviously these questions should not be answered). If your body says "give me more coke", this is not the type of request you should be replying to. If Todd's body was asking for more steroids, it would be good not to answer that question...which brings me to:

3. 13 injectables at once?? This is ridiculous! Funny thing is - Todd HIMSELF said that he would have grown more on less, and obviously the side effects would have been far less than they were. People are looking at him saying "wow!" due to his amazing gains induced by 13 injectables, but if his perception was correct, he would have gained even more on a more moderate cycle. How about 500 mg of testosterone enanthate for a cycle for 12 weeks? Sounds good...maybe two grams of nolvadex on hand to use if need be in order to keep the Dolly Partons at bay, and some clomid to regrow your raisins post cycle. Simple. Moderate. Sides would likely be low, muscle gains would probably be high.

The most horrible thing of all is that he says he wants to be so distanced from steroids and bodybuilding at this point in his life, and meanwhile, if you check out Todd's website he is still selling various programs and using the names of people in the bodybuilding world (people who very likely did steroids themselves) to sell his products! about a sellout.

In Todd's defense (somewhat), good information didn't really exist 20 years ago. People couldn't just join a steroid message board and ask veteran juicers for their advice and get any kind of adequate knowledge. Thanks to propaganda of the time, medical doctors would have been even less likely to offer help in the matter. Todd was left to do what his gym buddies were doing, and maybe even did a whole lot less than they did. I've heard some wild stories from the 1980s when it comes to steroids (their use and abuse). But that still doesn't excuse Todd from blatantly not listening to his body. Also - don't be quick to call Todd "an idiot" or "a dumbass" or whatever else. Todd is none of those things to me. What he is:

1. A spin doctor (steroids did NOT cause his neck to hurt, his own neglect and disregard for his health did).

2. A propaganda artist (selling fear to a society that loves it).

3. "A gym warrior"

What do I mean by number three (3)? Well, I find it ever so convenient that when Dorian Yates tears a biceps and STILL competes in the Olympia that year he is considered by every bodybuilding magazine out there to be a "gym warrior" when he was (in my opinion) extremely foolish to continue to train with such an injury. Then he went on to tear his triceps too - and he STILL competed. Again - complete foolishness (putting it as politely as possible). Todd worked so hard through pain because he was driven to be a pro. If you want to call him an idiot, apply that term to Dorian Yates or Don Youngblood or Jean-Pierre Fux or any other pro who decided to compete too soon after an injury. It seems that if you can train through an injury and experience no long term repercussion, you are a bona fide gym warrior, but if you experience any problems (like Todd did), you are just "an idiot who should have known to stop!" I'm sorry to say, but any of the other bodybuilders I mentioned could have experienced long term repercussions from their training through pain. They are just as idiotic as Todd was if you choose to call him that. To me, he was just one of many overly driven people who neglected his body for what he thought was the greater good (possibly a coveted pro card). What I DON'T like about his presentation is the fact he is presenting himself to be a typical gym user when it comes to steroids. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't (I would say it depends on your gym, but in all likeliness he isn't), but the fact remains, he was a case of ABUSE and not USE. He was a case of thinking "I want to be jacked at any cost" and not the thoughts of reason or logic. HE may have been injured and have long term damage caused by his training, but that doesn't mean YOU have to as well. He seems to be implying that he is representative of the steroid using population and that his results are normal - they aren't! They don't HAVE to happen...know what I mean? His damage was largely preventable. Better knowledge and some self respect would have gone a long way to him. Instead he took his advice from (in all probability) his gym buddy gurus ignored his body when it was screaming at him to stop. YOU don't have to do this.

I do think it takes a lack of integrity to be a sellout, but I don't know if Todd knows he is being one. He is simply the voice of the media, the government and society that wants to hear what he wants to say. No doubt, his biased information and misrepresentation of the facts is something he considers "a favour" to the general public. And hey, if it stops a teenager or two from doing a dianabol only cycle over the summer before they hit grade 11, it may very well be worth it.

ok, so now on to my opinions of steroids.

Steroids when abused are not healthy.

But steroids when done in moderation...


Are ALSO not healthy. LOL...What did you expect me to say? That they're good for you? Of course they aren't (and I don't do them myself). And neither is smoking a joint every now and then (and I don't do that either), or eating at McDonald's daily (and I don't do that either). What you should take into consideration is basically the ratio between effective dose and deadly dose. If the deadly dose is too close to the moderation dose - think before you go ahead and do something. I would possibly smoke marijuana in the future. Who knows, I might give it a shot, although unlikely. However, I would never do psylocibe mushrooms. The effective dose is just too close for comfort to the deadly dose. Moderation is difficult, and probably even impossible. Do mushrooms, even at the effective dose, just ONCE, and who knows what that might do to you. You certainly couldn't do mushrooms with regularity and expect no long term damage. "Moderation" is difficult to define. There is no moderation for drinking draino. You can't "moderate it". You also probably can't moderate freebasing cocaine or sniffing gasoline fumes. However - you CAN moderate smoking marijuana, I'm sure of it. ok, disclaimer: THIS IS MY OPINION. Your lungs do have a certain regenerative capacity, and if I ever did choose to smoke up (which I don't see happening), I could be pretty sure I'm not doing any irreversible damage. Same goes for alcohol - I firmly believe there IS a moderation. If a person drinks socially (think "buzz" not "piss drunk") once a month, I highly doubt ANY negative health effects would come out of that in the long term. How about junk food? Can you moderate junk food? I would say most definitely if you eat one "cheat meal" a week (big mac meal for instance) your body will have no problems with that whatsoever if the rest of your diet is clean. But be aware of the distinction - you can't cheat on your diet once a week by drinking draino or freebasing cocaine once weekly. But you CAN cheat on your diet by going to the Hut for lunch every Sunday or eating a big mac meal at that frequency as well. So now the question is "Can you moderate steroids?" Well...I would say that yes you can, depending on what steroids you use. I'm an educated person, although I'm no doctor or steroid expert. I have taken a 3000 level psychopharmacology course at university and read about steroids until I was blue in the face though. I do know a bit. What I do know is that male bodies are designed to process testosterone and MODERATE amounts of it will probably not do much damage at all. The question which I will leave open is "what is moderation"? Is a 500 mg cycle of testosterone cypionate for 12 weeks done once a year for five years considered "moderation"? How about once every three years? Or half that dose but twice a year? Or half that dose once every two years for 12 weeks at a time? That question of "moderation" is one I don't know the answer to...

The only thing I can conclude is that steroids are just another thing. Like alcohol, marijuana, big macs, and so many other things, they are not a good thing, but I would consider it a blatant lie to put steroids in the same category as something like cocaine (for instance). In fact, I would consider it a blatant lie to put steroids in the same category as ALCOHOL. How many people are killed and how many lives are ruined each year because of alcohol? Yet ask most members of society and they will tell you that steroids, or even marijuana is worse for you than alcohol. To me this is plain disgusting to say - it is a LIE. I don't recall hearing about lives being RUINED daily by marijuana or steroids. I don't recall auto accidents happening dozens of times a day as a result of steroid or marijuana use. So do you drink alcohol (I don't)? Do you think it's ok to drink it up every now and then? Then my question to you would be - why are you against marijuana or steroids (if you are)? After all, alcohol causes more than 10 times the damage of both of those substances combined, so what is the issue here?

ok, I've gone off on a ramble...

But again, I'm preaching to the choir. Those of you who are on steroids or are considering steroids in the future want to believe that steroids are a gift from God and can do no harm. You WANT to believe steroids are good. You will believe whatever you want, even without me siding with you.

And this spiel is also falling on deaf ears. Those of you who want to believe that steroids are a tool of the devil will want to believe that no matter what I say. You will be convinced that steroids are more harmful than the toxic chemicals you use to clean your house, the disgusting big mac meals you feed yourselves and your children for lunch, and all your other choices that you have been told are ok and safe. You believe what you want to believe, simple as that - as does everyone else.

That said, I think I'll shut up now.

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Take care,

Matt Canning

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