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SportPharma GAIN Max Review By Dave

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SportPharma GAIN Max

The Claim:

Our Product: SportPharma Gain Max is a high quality, effective weight gainer unlike any other.

Actually, Sportpharma Gain Max is similar to most other weight-gainers in its makeup. However, it does differ somewhat. Unlike other mainstream weight-gainer formulas, Sportpharma Gain Max has less simple-carbohydrates and less fat than what I would consider the norm. Sportpharma Gain Max is loaded with protein which is the norm with almost all weight-gainers. What makes Sportpharma Gain Max special, in comparison to other weight-gainer formulas, is that it's ideal to take any time of day, due to its low simple-carbohydrate and fat content. That being said, if you have any worry of fat gain, I wouldn't take it before bedtime. Many weight-gainer formulas are not ideal to take any other time than pre or post-workout, due to high simple-carbohydrate content.

At its core are two unique macronutrient matrices, engineered in the ideal 2:1 ratio of protein to carbs. The specialized protein blend, the Quad Protein Blend, is comprehensive and consists of four proven protein sources: Whey hydrolysate (WPH), whey protein concentrate (WPC), casein, and egg. The Quad Protein Blend can deliver both a "fast" and "slow" release of amino acids when your muscles need them most. This matrix is coupled with a special Quad Carb Blend comprised of highly functional complex carbohydrates, ranging from cutting-edge trehalose and waxy maize starch (WMS) to d-glucose and maltodextrin. Together, Gain Max's potent formula will deliver quality calories for quality lean mass gains.

The ideal 2:1 ratio they're speaking of is actually carbs to protein, not protein to carbs. Unlike other weight-gainers, which are made up of a limited range of carbohydrates, Sportpharma Gain Max is loaded with a variety of carbohydrates. It's great to see a blend of carbohydrates and proteins, each with its own mechanism for fuelling your body.

Our Pledge: Buying a supplement is a big deal. You want quality, you want what's on the label inside the bottle. You want products that work. At SportPharma, we manufacture our own products to exacting standards, test them, and then stand behind them with a guarantee. We use ingredients that have been researched in the lab and tested in the real world. At SportPharma, our goal is to deliver quality products that will work and help you grow. Quality. Trust. Results. Guaranteed. That's SportPharma. That's quality you can build on.

Sounds like a solid pledge. If only I had a lab to test the quality!

I felt Sportpharma Gain Max was pretty close to being on point. Therefore, in regards to the claim, I award Sportpharma Gain Max an 8/10.


I sampled the Strawberry flavour of Sportpharma Gain Max. I found the Sportpharma Gain Max's strawberry flavour had a light strawberry taste, with very little aftertaste. I felt the taste wasn't bad but it was far from delicious as well. However, it should be added that I'm not a big fan of strawberry flavoured supplements either. Sportpharma Gain Max's strawberry flavour is not a supplement I would want to drink everyday. Therefore, in regards to taste, I award Sportpharma Gain Max's strawberry flavour a 6/10.


Surprisingly, I found that Sportpharma Gain Max mixed better than most other weight-gainer formulas I've encountered. That being said, I would always mix it, and any other weight-gainer, in a blender. Sportpharma Gain Max had a smooth texture. Therefore, in regards to mixability/texture, I award Sportpharma Gain Max a 7/10.


Sportpharma Gain Max is loaded with a variety of carbohydrates and protein, and a substantial amount of both (34% of your daily need of carbohydrates and 100% of your daily need of protein). Calories, translate into energy, and therefore, it should come as no surprise that Sportpharma Gain Max will improve your performance, the same as eating and drinking food and beverages. Also, it should be noted that I didn't feel weighed down or bloated from Sportpharma Gain Max. Therefore, in regards to effectiveness, I award Sportpharma Gain Max an 8/10.

Overall Review:

Sportpharma Gain Max is priced competitively with other weight-gainer formulas. As stated above, the claim was fairly on point. I wasn't a big fan of the taste. Also, I felt the mixability/texture were satisfactory. Furthermore, I was pleased with the effectiveness of Sportpharma Gain Max. Therefore, for an overall review, I reward Sportpharma Gain Max a 7.5/10.

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