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So You`ve Decided to Let Yourself Go
Zach Bashore
November 20, 2005

So you`ve decided that since your getting older, you`re going to let that nice physique of yours go to ruins. Us bodybuilders are glad and dont mind if you turn into one of those people that make fun and crack awkward jokes about us. We love your negative attitude, it just motivates us to fight harder.

So why are you giving up on the most important thing in life, your health? Do you not realize that you can achieve a great body at any age if you set your mind to it. Motivation is the key to achieving any goal you may have.

Do you feel that there is no one to impress anymore? Do you actually feel that your spouse is proud to be with someone who is overweight? You want people to be jealous of the way that you look, right? So why not do yourself a favor and continue your quest to become the best that you can be. The feeling you get as strangers and family envy over your body is a feeling that is to good for words to describe.

But I can`t handle the stress of everyday life and binging on food is the only way to cope. You must find the power within yourself to stop with the binging. Hop on the forums, exercise, try a new supplement, or even read some new articles to give yourself something positive to look forward to everyday.

Did you know that over half of the world`s population is overweight? Are you going to just add to that statisctic or are you going to get up and do something about it?

If you died right now, would you want everyone to remember you by the way you look right now? You would want to go out on top, right!

These are basic rules to follow when you feel the need to quit bodybuilding. No one cares if you decide to quit, but you`re only hurting yourself if you do. Don`t expect forgiveness, pity, or any of the honor that goes along with giving up. The choice is yours, Stay Strong.

Take care,

Zach Bashore

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