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Coming Face to Face with Aging

Restore Your Youth with Facial Creams.

There is always a conveniently built-in excuse for that nagging back pain or the inflating pot-belly that’s bursting out of your shirt.

“I can’t help it,” you always say. “I’m getting old.”

While it’s true that none of us are going counter-clockwise on our lifecycles, there are certainly plenty of methods to slow that inevitable process down if you feel like you’ve just jumped aboard the express train to geezerhood.

What is that, you wonder? Well, just look in the mirror.

Nothing indicates a person’s age more than what they wear on their face, whether it be for the better or worse. Those who defy their numbers most likely have taken precautions to prevent such damaging effects, things like sunscreen or countless moisturizing creams.

If your skin is sporting those premature aging symptoms – wrinkling, dryness, and roughness – then perhaps the cells are lacking essential nutrients or suffering from poor cell repair. However, it is also proven that a weak neuroendocrine system could be contributing to such conditions.

When this system breaks down, the hormones that provide your skin with that youthful glow also break down. Your skin needs these hormones to repair the damaged skin and ultimately replace them with new dermal cells. But instead, what replaces it is that rough, rubbery exterior that unfairly adds years to your age.

However, there are several products on the market to restore youthful looks and provide your skin with the moisture and nourishment that it essentially needs.

For example, Rejuva Derm is a new product that protects your skin from the conditions that lead to aging skin, conditions like excessive stress and sun exposure, to name a few. This product contains enough L-thyroxin and pregnelolone acetate to push the new skin cells to the outward surface of the skin to replace those damaged cells.

But this product is unique in the industry in that it increases the growth of cells rather than just temporarily hydrating the skin. Most products usually just shed the top layer of skin to mislead customers into believing that their skin problems have been permanently cured. Meanwhile, a few weeks later, customers find themselves back at square one.

But Rejuva Derm is a little more modest in its promises. Also containing retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) to fight against wrinkling, age spots, acne scars, and beard rash, the folks at Rejuva Derm admit that the glowing results could take two months to kick in, or however long it takes the new skin cells to give the old ones the boot.

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