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Review of Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein Supplements Supplement Reviews Whey Protein Supplement Reviews Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein

Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein Muscle Builder! BUY IT NOW Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein



Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein Review By Matt C

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Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein

Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein is one of many protein supplements I have been reviewing lately. At this point I have tried enough protein powders to get a really good idea of which ones are good and which ones are not so good, although it is a formula I have found to be very difficult for companies to get wrong, and one which a few companies have come close to almost scientifically perfecting.

Budget friendly supplement consumers would be wise to consult the links below which offer the cheapest available protein supplements in order from cheapest to most expensive:

Whey Protein Products:

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Additionally, I should emphasize that no supplement should take the place of whole foods as supplements are just that - a supplement to your regular diet. They are not intended to replace whole foods, and indeed consuming whole foods is superior for a host of reasons, and generally speaking, less expensive. The extra cost of protein powders will give you a lot of convenience though since shakes are easy and quick to make, so the question one should be asking is whether or not this convenience is worth the extra cost. Generally speaking, protein powders are more bio-available than other protein sources, even including the protein found in egg whites. Personally, I would not concern myself too much with flashy advertisements from companies and rather focus on the nutritional content of a supplement and then compare it prise-wise to other competitive products on the market.

Now I will discuss further attributes of the protein powder listed below, based on claims available on the product purchase page:

"Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein is a clinically proven anabolic protein formula that's scientifically engineered to force massive muscle growth from your very first serving."

In my view, a claim like this is pretty silly for a protein supplement. It would even be a little extravagant for a creatine supplement, but it is definitely out of place in a claim made for a protein powder. Protein powders are just that - protein. They are really no different than protein from any other sources, albeit generally speaking more bio-available and more convenient. To state that protein from a protein powder source will provide muscle growth over and above protein from another source makes little sense to me, and even if this is true, it would only offer very slight advantages over and above whole foods (due to the lab synthesis which does make the protein more usable by the body).

"The Professional Strength Whey Protein formula is built on a foundation of 100-percent whey protein the most bioavailable form of protein in the world. But it doesn't stop there. Professional Strength Whey Protein is much more than regular or even so-called "premium" whey protein."

I will tell you right now that I have tried plenty of protein powders at this point and generally speaking, there is very little in the way of variance amongst different products or companies. Most are about the same, and based on my experience with Six Star's whey product, I feel the same applies here (that is not necessarily a bad thing). Any claim which puts one protein powder above and beyond the rest should be examined critically, although to be fair, a few products I have tried did could be considered as such, but Six Star's product was not one of them.

Here is a picture from the product purchase page:

Notice how the first claim reads "CLINICALLY PROVEN TO BE SUPERIOR TO WHEY PROTEIN." Get in the habit of making high demands of companies who make such claims. Six Star makes this statement and then gives NO scientific reference to support it. If a supplement truly is clinically proven to be effective, wouldn't a company WANT to boast about that by referencing the clinical study which proves that? Start asking yourself these obvious questions when reading claims made by companies, since some claims made by some companies (MuscleTech for example) border on fraud. Gaspari Nutrition consistently cites the clinical studies they speak of. If the proof is so obvious, it shouldn't be hard to point it out. In fact, if the proof was so obvious, companies WOULD point it out. And the fact that Six Star does not leads me to believe that there is no proof, or that there is more to it than meets the eye.

In short, I get very annoyed with companies who claim clinical proof of the efficacy of their supplements yet show no evidence of this. What's funny is that on the product page for M3 Muscle Bound, they cited results from a clinical study yet did not link to it. I later found the study through an internet search. My advice to companies is to include clickable links on their product pages showing these studies if they exist. It will add greatly to the credibility of both the product and the company. Gaspari Nutrition does this with their advertisements which are neither flashy nor false, and I can appreciate that (and so can other consumers).

"Professional Strength Whey Protein is packed with clinically proven musclebuilding accelerators to quickly spike your blood amino acid levels and shuttle protein into your muscles. Each maximum dose serving contains a whopping 50 grams of protein. The result of this accelerated amino acid transport and uptake is rapid gains in muscle size and strength."

I'm not going to deny that Six Star may full well offer benefits above and beyond other whey protein powders, although I am naturally wary of such claims. However, I will point out that even if this is the case, I highly doubt the advantage would be anything noteworthy. Maybe a slight edge, but not anything worthwhile in my opinion.

"The Six Star Professional Strength Whey Protein key ingredients are proven in university, gold-standard human clinical studies to be superior to regular whey protein for building muscle and increasing strength. The proof is in the science Professional Strength Whey Protein is the musclebuilding solution bodybuilders need for fast, extreme results."

Reading this claim makes me even MORE annoyed because this is now the second time that the alleged "clinical studies" have been brought up with no reference to speak of. Providing no reference is provided, I offer ZERO credibility to such claims and you should too. I will do research on this independently and see whether or not the claim holds any water.

The product information pages goes on to cite a FAQ which talks about the "proprietary Probolic Muscle Growth Accelerators™." The FAQ encouraged a pretty high deal of consumption of the Six Star protein and also encouraged that it be used in combination with other Six Star products in particular. Almost all companies make both of these claims. Check other supplement endorsements by companies in the product ordering pages available online and you will see they all encourage multiple servings of their protein, or that their protein be used in conjunction with their creatine and so on. I will say that using a protein, creatine and beta-alanine stack may be a perfectly productive thing to do should you wish, but it is not required that all three are from the same company though. I'm not saying it's a BAD THING if all three are from the same company, but don't buy into the marketing ploys companies use to get you to consume more. Try to think independently and critically on everything you read before making any purchases.


The Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein come in the flavours below:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

The flavour I tried was the chocolate. I enjoyed it, although I found it to be a little bland in taste. I think mixing a scoop of cocoa would have greatly improved it. I mixed my shakes with milk in a blender. I tried the Six Star protein in one other manner which was mixed in a blender with 4Ever Fit 4Ever Whey - Isolate Gainer in the "Chocolate Shake" flavour. I would definitely say that the combination of the two improved the taste, so my recommendation would be to add cocoa to make the Six Star shakes a little sweeter. This is up to the individual to decide though, so the most objective comment I can make here is that the Six Star shake is not as sweet as I would have liked it to be. This doesn't really bother me because I don't care much for taste, and generally seek nutritional content as my primary quality to look for.


I only tried the Six Star whey shakes in a blender so this category is hard to comment on. It mixed perfectly well and was not to thick so I have no reason to believe that it wouldn't mix well in any capacity.

Overall Review:

The product claims for Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein are a little silly to me, but other than that, it is a good product. I wouldn't expect to make massive gains in muscle on it or anything (after all, it is only a protein powder), but if you are looking to include a protein powder in your diet, you can order two pounds of Six Star protein for $19.99 in either chocolate or vanilla flavour. That's not a bad price and is better than a lot of others on the market, but it is also not the cheapest. A slightly cheaper protein will probably be just as effective and might even taste better. Not a bad protein by any stretch though and the only thing that I didn't like about it would be the product claims. I would try it again if given the opportunity, so I will not recommend against it. Overall, I would award this product a "B" and not deem it to be either the best or the worst I have ever tried, but about average overall in comparison to other similar products available on the market.

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Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein Six Star Muscle Professional Strength Whey Protein - 2 Lbs.
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