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Saw Palmetto Extract Info Supplements Supplement Guide Supplements Intended for Daily Nutrition, General Health, and Immune Function Saw Palmetto Extract Info

Saw Palmetto Extract Info

Saw Palmetto is the common name for the palm species Serenoa repens. This standardized extract contains 85 - 90% of the active fatty acids and sterols (such as B-sitosterol, lupeol, campesterol, cycloartenol, farnesol and phytol) that are found in berries of this plant. Saw Palmetto extract is a popular remedy for enlarged prostate.

In recent years, studies have repeatedly shown that saw palmetto extracts can increase urinary flow, decrease frequency of urination. For athletes supplementing with testosterone boosters, Saw Palmetto has proven to inhibit the conversion of excess testosterone and prevent aromatization. A rich source of fatty acids & biologically-active sterols, Saw Palmetto Power is standardized with the greatest concentration of naturally-balanced active principles making it one of the world's finest and purest concentrated plant extracts. It includes all-natural antioxidants in each capsule, oxygen absorbing packets in each bottle, special airtight seals and amber glass packaging for uncompromised quality.

By blocking the binding of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to androgen receptors, Saw Palmetto prevents the conversion of excess testosterone into estrogen. This "anti-aromatase" feature is important to athletes using pro-hormones to elevate their testosterone levels for increased lean muscle mass. Saw Palmetto also is the most popular herbal supplement for the promotion of prostrate health and normal urinary flow in men.

Supplements Containing Saw Palmetto:
  • Jarrow Saw Palmetto
  • Nature's Herbs Saw Palmetto Power
  • Soloray Saw Palmetto
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