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Matt Canning's Resume Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Matt Canning Matt Canning's Resume

Matthew Canning

Matt Canning

160 Bruce Street
Thunder Bay, ON, P7A5W7
Phone (HOME): (807) 983-3358
Phone (CELL): (807) 626-3729

Other Information:

Age: 24
Date of Birth: December 21, 1981
Height / Weight: 5'9 and 1/2, 190 lbs


Fluent in both English and French. I am currently in the process of learning Italian through independent efforts and hope to be well versed in it sometime within the next year.


September 2001 - Present
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, On.


  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Pure Mathematics)
  • Minor (Geography)
  • Certificate of Environmental Management (Geography)

I have met the qualifications for my Bachelors of Arts degree in Pure Mathematics and Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psycholgy and Minor in Geography and graduated on May 28th, 2005. I have met the requirements for the Certificate of Environmental Management as of December 2005.

CLICK HERE for a list of post secondary education courses I have completed.

Work Experience:

February 8th, 2000 - May, 2004: R215 Signals Operator (Canadian Forces).

Military Qualifications:

  • Basic Recruit Training - (Basic Military Qualification / Soldier Qualification) Click for Course Info
  • Basic Infantry Communicator Course
  • Radio & Teletype Operator (Level 3) Click for Course Info
  • Radio & Teletype Operator (Level 4 - On the Job Training)
  • Radio & Teletype Operator (Level 5) Click for Course Info
  • Basic Infantry Mountain Operations Click for Course Info
  • Basic Winter Warfare
  • Qualified driver for CF Light Support Vehicle Wheeled Click for Info
  • Qualified driver for CF All terrain vehicle
  • Qualified on C7 Light Assault Rifle Click for Info
  • Familiarization training with grenades, shot gun, and C9 Machine Gun Click for Info

Other Military Qualifications:

  • Support Staff (2002 Basic Training Serial, Shilo, MB)
  • Member of Signals HQ for the G8 summit (UN Domestic Operation Grizzly) June 2002
  • Mess Dinner Committee Vice President for 736 Communication Squadron (2002-2003)
  • 60 Full Days Field Operations Experience
  • Canadian Forces Level 3 TOP SECRET Security Clearance.

I enrolled in the Military as a signals operator in February of 2000. Upon completion of my Basic Training course, I received the 38 Canadian Brigade Group certificate of individual achievement for highest personal achievement on course. By August 26, 2000, I was qualified as a Corporal and after the minimum required two years in, I was promoted to Corporal, on February 8th, 2002. I am only one Military qualification course away from being qualified as a Sergeant, but I am no longer active within the Military. I released from the Military on May 25, 2004 after over four years of active service. Since my joining the Canadian Forces, I have received the above qualifications as well as two certificates of appreciation (from Brigadier General Ivan Fenton and Prime Minister Jean Chretien) for my participation in the G8 summit in Kananaskis, Alberta, in June 2002, where I acted as a signals operator in a mountainous terrain for a period of 19 days as well as an aid in preparation for the operation and an aid in after action review. I have over 60 full days (24 hours a day) practical Soldier field experience, and received my Level 3 TOP SECRET security clearance with the Canadian Forces in August of 2002. This is the highest security clearance that a Soldier can receive in the Canadian Forces. My security clearance was active until May 2004, when I voluntarily released from the reserves to pursue my academic interests.

Other Qualifications:

  • First Aid / CPR (St. John's Ambulance)
  • 2X Qualified Defensive Driver (Pro-Educator's Driving School, Jan 1998, Canada Safety Council, April 2002)
  • Member of the Lakehead University First Response Team (24 hour Emergency First Aid)

Academic Awards:

Honour roll student throughout high school. Recipient of the following Top Academic Achievement Awards:
  • Mathematics (Grades 9, 11, 12, OAC)
  • Science (Grade 9)
  • Economics (Grade 12)
  • 2nd place in Grade 11 Waterloo University Fermat Mathematics Competition (Placement on disctrict honour roll)

Website Development:

Webmaster of the website developed in August of 2003. is a website established with the goal to provide a free bodybuilding and fitness encyclopedia online to anyone in the world with access to the internet. It is my goal to provide fitness information private and free as well as email training guidance and support to anyone in the world who requests my assistance. The website is currently in its infancy and receives approximately 3,000 unique visitors and 12,500 page views per day.

I am the webmaster of the website, which is currently under construction. It is meant to be a partner site to the above mentioned bodybuilding website for those interested in learning more information on fat loss and dieting.

I am the webmaster the the official website for the LU First Response Team located at the URL I update the website on a regular basis to allow interested visitors and team members a chance to be aware of current events.

I am the webmaster of the official website for Pop Cans for Charity Thunder Bay located at the URL I update the website on a regular basis to allow interested visitors a chance to be aware of current events. I manage this website for PCFCTB voluntarily with my friend Herman Hanschke.

I am the webmaster of the official website for the HairZone located at the URL, located in the Real Canadian Superstore (600 Harbour Expressway). I take care of e-mail inquiries and update content on a regular basis.

I am also the co-webmaster of the website, which is a local Thunder Bay Charity Casino. I work on this project with fellow webmasters Herman Hanschke and John Benson.

Hobbies & Interests:

I am most interested in health and fitness. I most enjoy weight training and boxing.

Basic Training Course Info
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Basic Training is an intensive course designed to teach the skills you will need in your career and build strength of character. It will help to make you physically and mentally prepared for any challenge. It is an obstacle you must overcome to earn your spot on the Army Team.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Military Bearing
  • General Safety
  • First Aid
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence
  • Drill
  • Weapons Training
  • Military Knowledge
  • Physical Fitness
  • Topography (Map Reading)
  • Survival in the Field
Basic Infantry Mountain Operations Course Info
Back To Top

1. The aim of the Basic Mountain Operations course is to provide the soldier skills and knowledge that will enable him to perform basic military mountaineering during tactical operations in rugged mountainous terrain. Particular emphasis is placed on the safety aspects of mountain operations as well as the construction of installations and rappelling. This report is based on observed individual and group performance in practical tests, oral questioning, a written test, and an exercise. The course was conducted in accordance with CTP A-P9-004-SCF/PC-B01 dated March 1999, and consisted of a five-day field camp and a two-day tactical exercise.

2. The following performance objectives were assessed:

  • PO 401 - Manoeuvre in Moutainous Terrain
  • PO 402 - Top-Rope Climbing and Belaying
  • PO 403 - Rappelling Off Rock
  • PO 404 - Employ Mountain Installations
  • PO 405 - Evacuate Casualities

Signals Operator Course (Level 3) Info
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The goal of the Signals Operator Course is to prepare students to carry out the duties of a Signals Detachment Commander at the Apprentice level. They are provided with the trade related skills that are required to perform these duties.

Signals Operator Course (Level 5) Info
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The goal of the Signals Operator Course is to prepare students to carry out the duties of a Signals Detachment Commander at the Journyman level. They are provided with the trade related skills that are required to perform these duties. Training was conducted in accordance with A-P7-215-00J/PH-H01

C7 Light Assault Rifle Info
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Canadian Forces C7 Automatic Assault Rifle

The C7 is the general purpose assault rifle of the Canadian Forces. It is based on the Colt M16, except with various modifications. Canada has modified the C7 for its climate, with improvements such as a reinforced barrel. This was done in order to overcome the burning out of barrels that plagued early M16's. Canada has also mounted the Elcan Optical Sight Unit, thus replacing the less accurate iron sights.

C9 Light Machine-Gun
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The C9A1 is a C9 light machine-gun with a special optical sight attached. The C9 is an adaptation of the United States M249 Squad Automatic Weapon that was developed from the Belgian Minimi manufactured by Fabrique Nationale Herstal S.A. in Belgium. The Minimi (mini-mitrailleuse or mini machine-gun) is a fully automatic, gas operated, belt or magazine-fed-weapon. Within the rifle section, the C9A1 is used to provide fire cover during manoeuvres involving assault rifle-equipped in the offence and, to cover the most likely enemy approach in the defence positions.

CF Light Support Vehicle Wheeled Info
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The LSVW currently fills the gap between the jeep-sized Iltis and the MLVW 2 1/2-ton trucks. Ordered to replace the CF's 1970s-vintage Chevrolet Five-Quads, the LSVW competition was largely a contest between the Austro-German Mercedes Unimog (with Freightliner as a Canadian partner) and Italy's Iveco (a subsidiary of Fiat partnered with Western Star). Iveco's Model 40.10 was declared winner, licenced production being undertaken at Western Star's plant in Kelowna, BC. LSVW deliveries to the CF (1993 to 1997) totalled 2,879 vehicles.


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