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Find out how to reach your goals by learning from a champion! Find out how I took an amatuer kick boxer into a title winning champion by getting his goals in the right place!

Reaching Your Goals!

By: Grant Barker

A young kick boxer by the name of Cameron Johnston, or Cammo as he is better known in the sport, approached me for some help. He was an amateur and had a fight coming up that he badly wanted to win. After a string of bad luck, including breaking his jaw in two places during a training session, Cammo wanted this title fight to be his last. He had spent ten years in the sport and he wanted to go out a champion.

The Problem...

The problem was his morale was shattered and his training was starting to suffer as a result. He knew that he needed guidance to help him achieve his goal. Cammo trained with my former kickboxing trainer, Michael Spinks of the Double Dragon Gym in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Mick taught him technique, and so he sought me to teach him about strength and conditioning. Mick and I made a formidable training team that any kick boxer would desire.

There was twelve weeks to the fight. During this time I would need to make mental gains with him as well as physical, due to his previous losses. This is where it is essential that the conditioner get to know the person that they are training. It is there that the motivation to excel in training will develop. I watched videos of his previous fights to analyse his performance. Cammo was slow and had little power in his kicks. He needed to be quick and agile and, as the name of the sport lends, have powerful kicks.

Cammo is a Super welterweight fighter. I began by changing his body composition - increasing his muscle mass and minimizing fat. Then I started to get him strong through a periodized weight-training program. Cammo shocked himself by the gains in strength he made during this time, and his confidence grew with every session we had. I periodized power cleans; pyrometric and various other explosive movements into his training. I pushed his anaerobic threshold back to levels he had never experienced and this showed each time he stepped into the ring for practice. I kept in close contact with Michael Spinks on his recovery between workouts, making sure not to over train him for his skill work.

The Day Of The Fight...

Cammo weighed in at 68.5 kilos on the day of the fight. When he stepped into the ring everyone who had followed his career to date was shocked at the changes in his body. He was in peak condition. When the bell rang it was clear to see that this was his fight. His speed and strength was incomparable to that of his opponent.

He had endurance and easily won each round in points. The result was that Cammo won that East Coast title that he had so badly coveted. He finished a champion, and never has there been a fighter who deserved it more.

Watching Cammo over those twelve weeks and his unswerving commitment to his training was a great experience. It makes me realise why I love the sport, but more importantly why I love being a strength and conditioning coach.

If you would like to ask me about Cammo's training please email me at


Grant Barker

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