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Review of QNT International HYDRAVOL Supplements Supplement Reviews Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews QNT International HYDRAVOL

QNT International HYDRAVOL Hyper-Hydrating Muscle Pump Activator BUY IT NOW QNT International HYDRAVOL



QNT International HYDRAVOL Review by Matt C.

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QNT International HYDRAVOL

Nutrition Information:


QNT International HYDRAVOL

The Claim:

"Hydravol represents the latest in muscle hyper-hydration, with the "Hydravol Muscle Volume & Strength Amplifier", which promotes an optimal environment for activating anabolic signaling pathways in muscle and enhancing neuromuscular function."

This is a scientific claim which is extremely difficult for me to measure and something which I would need to see determined in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

"HYDRAVOL, with its anabolic trigger blend, featuring Creatine Pyruvate, supports explosive increases in strength, muscle vasodilation and promotes harder, fatigue-resistant muscles."

These are typical properties of nitric oxide supplements and other pre-workout supplements and I felt it to be correct for QNT International HYDRAVOL.

"This supports gains in strength and lean muscle mass. HYDRAVOL contains a new, precise superfruit and antioxidant blend to support Leucine synthesis. This increases muscle protein anabolism by maximizing the Leucine signal and further activating the anabolic pathways. Another key matrix in this muscle activating blend was also found to enhance nitric oxide (NO) production, which promotes optimal blood flow and oxygen supply to muscle."

These are more typical claims of pre-workout supplements which I found to be more or less accurate for this product. I was pleased to find that this product contains antioxidants as I always seek to include more of them in my diet.

Overall, in terms of the product claims, I would rate QNT International HYDRAVOL 7/10.


I tried the "Fruit Punch" flavour and as I have mentioned in other supplement reviews I greatly dislike fruit punch flavoured supplements and this one was no exception. I found it to be quite bad tasting, even as far as fruit flavoured supplements are concerned and rate it 5/10.


I mixed one serving with 500 mL of water and I found that it settled on the bottom of the contain very quickly and that shaking between each gulp was necessary if a minute passed in between gulps. After shaking it was fairly smooth so it was not horrible in this category and I would rate it a 6/10.


I used QNT International HYDRAVOL for my back workout as outlined below:

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011


45X10, 135X8, 225X6, 315X4, 365X2, 405X1, 455X1

Barbell Row:

135X20, 135X20

Once again this was a short workout due to scheduling so I only went up to 455 for deadlift when I would have otherwise perhaps attempted something higher than that. Because I have trained deadlift on back day for three weeks in a row I think I will take next week off and when I come back to it in two or three weeks I will try 475. My previous best was 480 but I think 465-475 is a good number to hit as I took some time off after hitting my previous best.

Here is a photo from my workout and three photos of my back taken post-workout:

Matt Canning 455 Deadlift - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning Back Double Biceps Pose - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning Back Double Biceps Pose - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning Back Double Biceps Pose - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

I felt that my pump was pretty good, especially when I did the two sets using 135 pounds for barbell rows.

I also used QNT International HYDRAVOL once again for my shoulders workout as outlined below:

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011


Seated Dumbbell Press:

22.5sX12, 40sX12, 60sX12, 75sX12, 90sX5

Arnold Press:

25sX12, 40sX12

Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises:

25sX12, 30sX12

I should note that I consumed coffee prior to the workout to see how much of a kick I would get from the coffee before consuming QNT International HYDRAVOL. I waited for the caffeine from the cup of coffee to kick in to see how it would compare to the HYDRAVOL from the day before. I have concluded both here and from previous experience that caffeine in and of itself is a big kick and plays a significant role in most pre-workout supplements. However, I still feel that the kick I got from HYDRAVOL was distinct enough for me to know that it works by itself. Also note that mixing two supplements - or in this case coffee with a supplement - makes it hard to determine the effectiveness of just one of the supplements which I realized before drinking the coffee but felt I had enough experience with HYDRAVOL during my back workout to understand its quality. Below are some photos from my shoulders workout:

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

Matt Canning - QNT International HYDRAVOL Review

I also felt that my pump was pretty good during this workout which was once again shorter than it would normally be by about 15-20 minutes. I will perhaps try this product again in the future as I have more samples of it left which I got from the QNT booth at the 2011 Mr. Olympia contest. If I do use it again, I will use it prior to beginning a longer workout. In terms of effectiveness I rate QNT International HYDRAVOL a 7/10.

Overall Review:

I felt that QNT International HYDRAVOL gave me an improvement in pump with some increase in focus and mental clarity that was not as strong as some other competing pre-workout products but also had fewer side effects as well such as [nervousness and agitation]. Scoring this product on the basis of the categories above and thinking about its overall quality, I would use this product in the future and award it a score of 7/10.

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QNT International HYDRAVOL QNT International HYDRAVOL - 1.8 Lbs.
Retail Price: $59.99 Our Price: $47.99

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