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Questions and Answers With Bill Llewellyn

Bill Llewellyn is the author of the explosive new steroid book Anabolics 2005, and an avid researcher of performance enhancing compounds. In addition to helping him write his book, Bill's experience has led him to a career in the sports supplement industry working as a product designer, he is also a very accomplished writer of advanced steroid based articles and considered to be one of todays foremost experts in this field. 

The answers to all the following questions can be found in the members area. 

Q: I have heard there is a new type of Sustanon being made in Mexico that comes in a 5ml vial. Is this a legit product? 

Q: I have tried to take creatine a few times now with little success. With a little experimenting I find that I am able to handle at most maybe 5 grams of creatine per day comfortably. I can never make it through a loading phase without extreme discomfort, and hence am never able to continue long enough to see results. Is there anything you can recommend? 

Q: What do you consider to be the best steroid? If I had to choose only one, what should it be? 

Q: I am about to start a cycle of GH, but my friend just told me that I need to do insulin with it or I will not get the best results. Is this true? 

Q: I just purchased some ampules of generic nandrolone decanoate. They are tall, made of dark glass, and have yellow writing. The amp holds 2ml, and contains 200mg/ml of steroid. There is no company name, just drug, batch and expiration. Does it sound real? 

Q: A lot of people have told me to use Proviron to lower estrogen levels, however in reading about it I find it is not an anti-estrogen but a steroid. Does it really lower estrogen, or just increase androgen levels? 

Q: A friend can get me some Halotestin tablets. They are made in Mexico and sold as Stenox. I hear they will not build muscle mass though. If this is a steroid why will it not make me big? 

Q: Have you ever heard of the steroid Testoprim-d? What is this stuff? 

Q: I notice there are a few steroids that contain added B vitamins. What is the purpose of this? Does it aid muscle growth

Q: I picked up some Anadrol to start a cycle with. I want to do 100mg a day for 6 weeks. I am very worried about gyno though. Should I spend the cash on Arimidex, or is Nolvadex good enough? 

Q: Can you tell me if this Winstrol is real? The Brand name is Stanol-V, and the tablets are 10mg each. 

Q: I can order methyltestosterone tablets through the mail. Will these do anything for me, or are they just worthless? 

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