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Promino Plus - AM / PM

Promino Plus - Now You To Can Unleash The True Power Of Human Growth Hormone Safely And Economically!

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hGH Promino-Plus IGF-1 AM/PM

If you haven't already experienced this amazing product for yourself, read on to discover what it can do for you... The New and Improved hGH Promino Plus is the most Advanced Growth Hormone Optimizer ever developed "For Athletes, By Athletes".

ISS Research remains the leader in Anabolic Pro-Hormone Supplementation with their New Complete Stack Power high potency pro-hormone stack (Promino Plus). Now with the New hGH Promino Plus Natural Growth Hormone Supplementation has reached a higher level!

Growth Hormone has proven itself to be a powerful anabolic agent thanks to enhanced muscle protein synthesis and reduced muscle protein catabolism. Athletes all over the world have turned to Growth Hormone to improve their performance as an alternative to anabolic steroids. Professional bodybuilders have grown to Godzilla-like proportions using Growth Hormone while stripping away all excess body fat. Those in the know, know that GH is a major reason that today’s professional bodybuilders eclipse the physiques of their former idols. Growth Hormone has also proven itself as a “fountain of youth”.
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Many wealthy individuals have even flown to foreign countries for Synthetic Growth Hormone injections to revitalize their aging bodies. So why isn’t everyone taking Synthetic Growth Hormone? Well, Growth Hormone injections have very real costs both financial and medical. Injections are very expensive and can cause some serious side effects. They need to be given by a qualified medical professional and most therapies have to be administered several times a day. GH injections artificially raise your body’s GH and IGF-1 levels by bypassing the natural processes. This seriously alters the other hormone levels that are associated with the natural production of Growth Hormone.

Good News! Now there is a better way to feel and see the benefits of higher hGH! Your body’s naturally produced Growth Hormone has no bad side effects. In fact, your naturally produced Growth Hormone heals injury, maintains healthy muscle tissue, keeps your skin young and elastic and helps maintain a vigorous metabolism just to name a few. As we age our Growth Hormone Secretion drops significantly, but ironically our production remains fairly constant. After the age of twenty, the effects of this significant drop in GH starts to wear you down. Your muscles get tired easily, sore and often injured. Recovery takes longer and gains become much more difficult to realize. So, the trick is to stimulate our bodies to secrete more of the “Master Hormone”. Now with hGH Promino Plus this goal can be accomplished very efficiently.

What is hGH Promino Plus?

hGH Promino Plus is simply the most advanced hormone optimizing system ever developed! hGH Promino Plus is an advanced 2 part gH and IGF-1 precursor system. It builds and further advances Growth Hormone Secretagogue Research. Unlike other formulas that were only developed to rejuvenate the elderly, hGH Promino Plus has been specifically formulated with the athlete’s goals in mind.

ISS Research has discovered a way to optimize Growth Hormone release and utilization to match an athlete's own unique circadian rhythm. As you can imagine the body of a young healthy athlete functions very differently from one of an elderly individual with a sedentary lifestyle. hGH Promino Plus is specifically targeted for individuals who want to absolutely maximize their growth potential, decrease their post-workout recovery time and minimize their body fat levels in the shortest time possible. In other words, it is only intended for individuals who possess the desire and commitment to achieve the type of physique and athletic performance that others only dream about. This important distinction is what separates hGH Promino Plus from all the other GHRP formulas currently available. They are not formulated specifically for athletes and are not as effective for this reason.

How is hGH Promino Plus different from the other formulas?

As mentioned above, hGH Promino Plus was developed specifically to match the needs and goals of the athlete. It accomplishes this by providing you with both an AM and PM formula. Each are individually formulated to give your body exactly what it needs when it needs it. The AM and PM formulas are optimized to work in conjunction with your body’s own circadian rhythm. In plain english... hGH Promino Plus optimizes and maximizes GH Secretion and IGF-1 at all times! It is like putting your body on cruise control running at maximum efficiency day and night. The result is at least twice the amount hGH stimulation as could be obtained from other formulas.

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Why do you need an AM and PM Formula?

Your body functions differently at different times of the day and night. It carries on completely different processes according to the time of day. This is known as the body’s clock or circadian rhythm. For example, you naturally release your largest amount of GH within the first 3-5 hours of sleep. it is necessary for you to reach stage 3-4 R.E.M. for this to occur. That is why the other formulas need to be taken just before going to bed to be effective at all. The hGH Promino Plus PM Formula is designed to capitalize on this natural GH release.

It also contains some very specific ingredients like “Compound K” that the other formulas don’t have. “Compound K” can only absorbed by the body during the first three hours of sleep. The absorption of “Compound K” coincides with your body’s peak GH release and greatly optimizes GH release and transport during the sleeping hours. The result is a much deeper more restful and productive sleep. You wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.

However; ISS Research didn't stop there. hGH Promino Plus picks up where the other formulas fall short. The hGH Promino Plus AM Formula is designed to continue to optimize GH Secretion and IGF-1, but it also contains many additional advanced ingredients that energize your body throughout the day. It is designed to perpetuate the increased nighttime GH release and further utilize the benefits from higher IGF-1 levels circulating in the body.

The AM Formula contains several unique nutrients such as Pro Cosanoid. It works by increasing eicosanoids, the "Super Hormones" that control the body's hormone system and maintain the dynamic balance of biological energy. It also accelerates your body's efficiency for greater energy, clearer thinking and improved immune function. It also contains Endo Pro Plus (Tribulus) that has demonstrated to be very effective at raising luteinizing hormone (LH), a pituitary hormone that triggers testosterone production. Tribulus is best known for its use as a potent sexual stimulant for both men and women. The raised Testosterone works synergistically with the increased IGF-1 levels and further increases the anabolic effects.

How does hGH Promino Plus avoid getting broken down in the stomach?

The hGH Promino Plus contains Clorifate. It is a proprietary mixture of Buffered Effervescent Catalysts that activate the formulas and protect them from hydrochloric acid breakdown in the stomach. Without Clorifate to protect the delicate and precise Aminotrope-7 molecule and other complex ingredients they would be broken down before they have a chance to reach the target tissues. The Clorifate is very effective at “chaperoning” the formulas through the stomach. It escorts the compounds intact and ensures that they arrive safely to the targeted tissues so that they can produce the desired effects.


What should I do to get the full effect from hGH Promino Plus?

anti-aging supplementshGH Promino Plus is so complete that you do not need to take a lot of other supplements with it to get great results. In this regard, it is both very convenient and highly cost effective. However; many report incredible gains when they combine hGH Promino Plus with the New Complete Stack Power high potency pro-hormone stack. These Anabolic Pro-Hormones work synergistically with each other and further multiply the desired muscle building effects.

Creatine Effervescent Power is also very beneficial since it provides your muscles with the "Raw Fuel" they need for maximum intensity and performance on a cellular level. The Creatine Effervescent Power is ideal to "stack" with hGH Promino Plus since it contains no dextrose. This helps avoid any counterproductive insulin spikes common with creatine transport drinks. It is highly recommended that you limit your intake of simple sugars.

Excessive sugar throws off your insulin balance and surpresses hGH Promino Plus's ability to produce significant gains in IGF-1 levels. Ultimately, you should follow a diet that is low in sugar, moderate in complex carbohydrates, moderate in unsaturated fats and high in protein. Eat the bulk of your fruits and vegetables in the morning and noon meals. Try to eat your evening meal three hours prior to taking the PM formula. This will ensure that there is nothing in your digestion that will interfere with the uptake. The AM formula should be taken as soon as you wake up in the morning. Try to avoid eating for at least 30-45 minutes.

If maximum fat burning is desired you should work-out within 90 minutes after taking the AM Formula on an empty stomach. This will also help you to release more Growth Hormone. It is important to note that this formula is so effective that several report feeling and seeing the effects without ANY change in diet and exercise patterns.

What effects have been reported from higher Growth Hormone and IGF-1 levels?

1. Excellent weight loss without dieting or exercising.
2. 8.8% average increase in muscle mass after 6 months with no change in exercise pattern.
3. Higher energy levels and increased exercise performance.
4. Enhanced sexual performance for both men and women.
5. Regrowth of heart, spleen, liver, kidneys and other vital organs that shrink with age.
6. Greater cardiac output, superior immune function, better kidney function.
7. Lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol profile, higher HDL and lower LDL.
8. Younger skin, wrinkle removal, tightening of skin, reduction of cellulite.
9. Hair regrowth.
10. Sharper vision.
11. Mood elevation.
12. Increased memory retention.
13. Improved sleep.
14. More vascularity, strength and muscle definition

hGH Promino Plus is equally safe and effective for both men and women. hGH Promino Plus is the only 2 part gH and IGF-1 precursor system with no receptor "burn-out". You can use hGH Promino Plus everyday, all year long.

INGREDIENTS AM FORMULA: Mono, Poly Peptides, Aminotrope-7 (a sequenced glycoamino complex), Novel Polyose Complex (pharmaceutical mono, poly and oligo saccharides), 2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic Acid, ENDO PRO PLUS, PRO COSANOID, naturally occurring Dolomite, all in a base of L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, GABA, L-Glycine, L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, Citrus Solids, combined with Clorifate (a proprietary mixture of Buffered Effervescent Catalysts).

INGREDIENTS PM FORMULA: Aminotrope-7 (a sequenced glycoamino complex), compound K, Bulgarian Stanatropin, Novel Polyose Complex (pharmaceutical mono, poly and oligo saccharides), 2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic Acid, ENDO PRO PLUS, Berry Solids, naturally occurring Dolomite, all in a base of L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, GABA, L-Glycine, L-Lysine, L-Tyrosine, combined with Clorifate (a proprietary mixture Synthetic GH has to be injected of Buffered Effervescent Catalysts).

Order your supply of hGH Promino Plus today and join the rapidly growing number of athletes and weekend warriors who have experienced the numerous benefits of using this Revolutionary New System.

 Order Promino Plus today and start feeling the results!

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