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Pride Nutrition Dominate Review by Dave

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I'm reviewing the Lemon flavour of Pride Nutrition's Dominate. As far as taste goes, I would compare it to a bitter tasting lemonade beverage, which isn't too bad for a creatine supplement. Nevertheless, it isn't to great either, especially when we're talking 12-16 ounces of water per scoop. Keeping that amount in mind, when your dealing with a bitter flavour which you don't particularly enjoy, it's a task within itself just to drink the thing! In Dominate's defence, I don't particularly like lemonade flavours to begin with, so it was an unfair fight. In light of all this unpleasant information, I award Pride Nutrition's Dominate a 4.5/10.


Dominate instructs you to mix 1-2 scoops of it in 12-16 ounces of water or your favourite beverage 30 minutes prior to exercise, and accordingly, I followed the instructions. Unexpectedly, Dominate mixed quite well. Usually, with most creatine's, I find that even after a thorough shaking, you will find a substantial amount of settling in the bottom of your shaker. However, Dominate was the opposite and mixed in very well. However, that's not to say there was no settling at the bottom of the shaker, but, the settling that did take place was minimal to say the most. The texture of Dominate was consistent with that of water. Therefore, as far as mixability/texture goes, I was pleasantly impressed, and for that I award Dominate a 8/10 for mixability/texture.


The claim of Dominate is that Dominate is the world's strongest pre-workout nitric oxide and creatine formula! The pumps I experienced were pretty good. Dominate will create never before experienced pumps and strength gains while dramatically elevating energy levels and increasing muscle mass. As far as energy levels go, I did experience a minimal lift in workout endurance but nothing to outrageous occurred. It also claims that Dominate also delivers the powerful recovery effects of enough L-Glutamine to immediately promote endurance, muscle recuperation and recovery. Now, this is where dominate really drops off. Keep in mind that my nutrition program, sleep schedule and workout routine all stayed consistent. After my workout, I experienced a tremendous drop off in energy. Prior to my workout I planned to get some homework done soon after the conclusion of my post-workout meal. However, to my immediate dismay I was unable to accomplish this, I could barley work up the energy to turn my computer on! On top of that, I experienced what has been referred to as a "flushing feeling." I'm not totally sure what within Dominate brought this on but it was a negative side effect to say the least. I can't comment on Domiante's ability to increase strength and increase muscle mass because I only used it very short term, and therefore, was unable to give dominate enough time to really take effect. The reason I discontinued use so quickly, was due to the immediate side effects that were experienced from taking Dominate. However, keep in mind that I may have been more susceptible to these side effects (for some unknown reason) and that you may not experience the same ones or any at all. However, due to my experience with Dominate, I am forced to award it a very low score of 3/10 for effectiveness.

Overall Review:

As you know, I wasn't particularly impressed with Dominate's taste, in fact, I would call it quite bitter. The mixability/texture of Dominate in comparison to other creatine formulas pretty good because the mixability of it was impressive and the texture wasn't rough or thick, but rather, consistent with water. However, when you invest in a pre-workout nitric oxide and creatine formula, you are not overly concerned with the taste and mixability/texture of the product, but rather, the effectiveness! Unfortunately, due to the unwanted side effects that I experienced from taking Dominate, I was unable to take it long-term and will not be able to comment on its real capabilities as far as effectiveness goes. Therefore, for an overall review of Pride Nutrition's Dominate, I award it a 5/10 for an overall review.


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