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Premier Nutrition Titan Bars Review By Steven S.

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REVIEW OF Premier Nutrition Titan Bars
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This product review is for a six layer crunch bar which is referred to as Titan made by Premier Nutriton and I purchased it at a GNC store in the United States for about $3. I feel that I got a good deal because if I did not pay the full $3, I never would have found out how damn good this bar tasted. So now that I know how good they taste, I will be sure to order from as soon as I get my next paycheck! Without exaggerating, I would honestly say that I cannot remember a protein bar that tasted even nearly as good as this!

When you buy the bar it is usually all in one piece but if you put it in your pocket or even a bag with other bars, it crumbles into many pieces but most of them are just nut pieces which are real and taste quite awesome when eaten together with the chocolate. Also, they give a good crunchy experience for the mouth. By themselves they taste kind of bitter.

As for the actual composition of this flavour of a Titan bar you are looking at a mixture of nuts, chocolate and chocolate coating on the outside layer, while you will find a combination of brownie nougat, caramel, and cocoa crisps.

If you go to to find out more about Titan supplement bars, you will notice that there are different combinations of both sizes and prices available. For example, getting a single 80g Titan bar is actually a considerably better value for $1.99 than would be for 240g (six 40g snack size bars) for $7.49. Perhaps this is due to the amount of stock available but do take advantage of this while you can! Keep in mind I have not sampled any other flavours.

When you go to the website mentioned in the above paragraph, please be sure to read over the allergy information since there are quite a few possible allergens.

Once you see for yourself how damn good this Brownie Nut Flavour of Titan bars taste, you can then move on to getting larger quantities for a better value. There are two different pricing options for these larger quantities which are a box of twelve 80g bars for $24.79 and a two-for-one deal if you buy twelve 40g snack size bars for $14.98. Mathematically, if you pay the $24.79 you get about one 40g snack size bar per dollar you spend and if you get the three boxes of six bars which weigh 40g for the price of two, you will get a lot better value because for every dollar you spend you get almost 50g of Titan.

My rating for this bar breaks up into two factors: taste and nutrition. Both are evaluated objectively by me with a possible score of ten for each. Keep in mind once again that I am only rating the Brownie Nut flavour of the Titan bar. The rating for taste is a perfect ten out of ten! They make a great gift for that special person who you may want to get into the habit of eating quality protein bars. As for the nutrition, I give it a good score of six out of ten. For each 80g bar, you are facing 6g of saturated fats, 33g of carbohydrates with only 1g of that devoted to fibre while 16g of it are sugar alcohols. Finally less than one third of the bar is actually protein and in addition, Titan bars are not a significant source of most vitamins and minerals. However, they make a great dessert as they are a lot more nutritious than most you will find.

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Premier Nutrition Titan Bars Premier Nutrition Titan Bars - Single Bar (80g Bar)
Retail Price: $2.99 Our Price: $1.99

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