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PowerBar Triple Threat Layered Bar Energy Nutrition! BUY IT NOW PowerBar Triple Threat Layered Bar



PowerBar Triple Threat Layered Bar By Marc S.

Marc Skaf

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PowerBar Triple Threat Layered Bar

PowerBar Triple Threat Review

Great Taste, Energy and Nutrition....those are supposed to threats? I am not too sure what to think of this bar, although very good (just like a candy bar) is it anything more? The PowerBar Triple Threat so far is one of the best tasting bars I've had, but it's hard to see it as an energy bar. But then again, what kind of candy bar has 10-11g of protein, 4g of fiber and 16 vitamins & minerals? Let's say that the PowerBar Triple Threat is an energy bar with a bit of an identity issue.

If you have a sweet tooth then the PowerBar Triple Threat can definetly satisfy any craving you have for sweets. I thought that this bar was very sweet, just like eating a candy bar or a chocolate bar. In many respects it's not very different when you strip away all of the nutrition from the PowerBar, but then again that's what they're trying to sell. I am having a hard time trying to find where this bar would fit in a more fitness oriented lifestyle. My best guess would be that this bar would be a kind of cheat meal or give into temptation while at the same time grabbing some protein, fiber and vitamins. I tried to have this bar in the afternoon as a snack before going to the gym, but after lunch. Obviously you can have this bar anytime you want, but unlike the other PowerBar products I've reviewed, it doesn't really have any real purpose. But that doesn't mean it isn't good to have around if your craving a sweet snack and don't just want empty calories.

The taste of the PowerBar Triple Threat is definitely on par with some of my favourite chocolate bars. I had the Caramel Peanut Fusion and it was almost like eating a wonderbar chocolate bar. Now get a bowl and place it under your chin because I am about to name off the 5 different flavours of PowerBar Triple Threat: Chocolate Caramel Fusion, S'mores, Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisp, Chocolate Toffee Almond, and Caramel Peanut Fusion. It's up to you to find out which is your favourite flavour. There isn't too much I can say about this energy bars flavour, other than it is a perfect 10/10 for me. I mean, if you could make a healthy chocolate bar, then this would be it. Of course, they do cost a bit more, but for what you get and if you don't have them too often it is definitely worth the extra dollar to get something that at least gives you some energy.

So here is what makes up the nutrition part of this bar. The first is the protein; it has 10-11g of the stuff. What chocolate bar do you know out there that has that much protein? Before getting lost trying to think of one, why not finish reading first. The other thing the PowerBar Triple Threat has is 4g of fiber, that's even hard to find in many of the granola bars out there yet alone a candy bar. Yes, the connection between energy and protein is apparent, but what's the deal with adding fiber? The fiber helps you feel fuller after eating the energy bar, as well has helps to regulate the energy intake. As with candy bars the spike in glycogen may cause you to feel even hungrier afterwards and cause you to eat more, which after having a candy bar you probably do not want. The other thing the energy bar has to offer in terms of nutrition is 16 vitamins & minerals. For those picky eaters, this might be a great way to get some vitamins & minerals that you may not get from your regular diet. With more to offer than your Oh Henry bar, the PowerBar Triple Threat may not be a health food, but it sure offers that extra incentive to cheat a little bit or at least get some nutrition out of your sweet snacks!

In the end, the PowerBar Triple Threat might be one of the least useful PowerBars in terms of function, but it delivers what it sets out to do, "Great Taste, Energy, and Nutrition".

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PowerBar Triple Threat Layered Bar PowerBar Triple Threat Layered Bar: Box Of 15
Retail Price: $23.95 Our Price: $18.99

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