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PowerBar Protein Plus Bars Review By Steven S.

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PowerBar Protein Plus - Fudge Brownie

My name is Stephen Sidorski and the bar I am reviewing is Protein Plus by PowerBar and the flavour is Fudge Brownie. My first impression is good because the packaging is decent and its very easy to open.

Let me start this unbiased review off by saying this bar has a unique taste that resembles those liquor chocolate candies you get at Christmas time although they are nowhere near as good for you as this bar is. I liked this flavour so much that I wanted to do this review fairly quickly so I could eat the rest of the bar while being able to still remember enough details about its taste in order to write an honest review. I hope you understand what I mean. Anyway, this awesome Fudge Brownie bar has the equivalent nutrition to that crappy white Vanilla Yogurt Protein Plus PowerBar and has virtually the same other ingredients so if you don't trust anything else, trust this review: Fudge Brownie rocks the house! Furthermore, you will find a good crunchy as well as chewy texture to it. Be sure to stock up on these because they are addicting and of course a disaster can happen at any time. Just kidding but who knows!

Even though I am eating Chinese food in less than an hour from now I can not resist finishing it! I suppose this is a new flavour because I do not see it anywhere on Matt's site. For those who are not too sure about this before wanting to buy a whole case I can understand so ask him to send you a sample. I do not make one cent off this no matter how many you buy; I just get paid a fixed amount to review it. His email addresses are both of these:

Interestingly enough, the sugar alcohol is a lot lower than I thought it would be for how it tastes and this other bar I have been given to compare to is the same bar brand name but its the horrible Vanilla Yogurt flavour. Unless you have a special thing for vanilla do not get it! These fudge bars are a lot better than any of the other flavours; in particular the chocolate peanut butter and cookies n cream. This comparison is especially accurate because I reviewed the taste of both bars at the same time.

As for directions, they suggest you to eat one bar after exercise or as a healthy snack. For best results drink 200-400ml of water with each bar. You should also know they contain almond, milk, peanut and soy and are made on equipment that also processes wheat and sesame. Because of the awesome combination of nutrition and taste, I recommend you to buy a pack of these bars as a present to your parents if you want them to be more healthy as well as if you have children or sibilings that are either teenagers or about to be teenagers.

PowerBar Protein Plus - Vanilla Yogurt

I am Stephen Sidorski and the flavour I am reviewing for the Protein Plus bar by PowerBar is the "controversial" Vanilla Yogurt. My first impression was that it does not taste anything like yogurt or dairy for that matter.

If you did not yet read my review of the Fudge Brownie flavour of this same brand protein bar, let me warn you that besides the decent tasting vanilla flavour the outer layer has to it; the middle part, which is about 70% of the substance of the entire bar itself, it tastes kind of like a cross between chalk and having no taste to it at all. Let me tell you there is a lot of better tasting and less expensive bars out there; I mean if you pay about $3 for one PowerBar's Protein Plus bar, you should expect to get an awesome taste to it but you don't.

For example, if you ever went to Shopper's Drug Mart, you would find that even their $1 Life brand bars, that are always on sale for that price, are a better taste and with all the additional vitamins they carry are actually probably just as good for you or at least nearly as nutritious. The flavours of the Life bar I recommend to try are Mocha Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge and Peanut Butter while I advise you to stay away from the Strawberry Banana and Chocolate Mint flavours unless you get tired of the first three flavours I mentioned and / or if the only store close to where you live happens to be a Shoppers Drug Mart.

However, going back to the PowerBar bars, if you get a pack of twelve from the website, it is a better value in terms of size because of the volume of each bar is well over the size of a Life protein bar and I admit the taste of the PowerBar Protein Plus bars to be slightly better tasting than Life brand as well as having double the protein content. If you are trying PowerBar for the first time please do not get Vanilla Yogurt. You should also know they contain almond, milk, peanut and soy and made on equipment that also processes wheat and sesame. They suggest you to eat one bar after exercise or as a healthy snack. For best results drink 200 - 400ml of water with each bar.

So if you want to get it anyway, despite my warning for you not to do so, checkout and if you wisely choose to buy another flavour instead go to On behalf of myself, I hope you have a good experience using this official discount supplements website!

Here is some more information on behalf of the producer: PowerBar quality is guaranteed. We welcome feedback. Call us at 1 866 POWER-90 or visit PowerBar is supported by Nestle's worldwide leadership in nutritional science. This bar is made by PowerBar Canada, North York, ON M2N6S8 and is made in the USA.

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PowerBar Protein Plus Bars PowerBar Protein Plus Bars - Box Of 12
Retail Price: $35.88 Our Price: $20.99

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