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Pinnacle NoX2 Review By Michael S.

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NoX2 by Pinnacle Review by Michael S

NoX2 by Pinnacle, or as I call it, "The Giant" may in fact be the largest pill I have ever had to swallow for such little gains. The nitric oxide is meant to increase the size of your blood vessels, allowing for increased blood flow, oxygen transfer and delivery of nutrients to skeletal muscle. The product itself contains arginine-ketoisocaproate, an amino acid that breaks down in the body with the help of enzymes to produce nitric oxide gas, which is used by the body to communicate with other cells. This particular nitric oxide product has one more slip up its sleeve that it 'promises:' an advanced delivery system that is meant to enhance the absorption, allowing it to be effectively transported throughout the body and delivered directly into the blood stream. You should also feel the benefits for a period of over 10 hours which, in my opinion, does not even seem believable, especially after trying the NoX2. The nitric oxide as they say may (or in my case, may not) increase your strength, stamina and muscle growth.

I myself have tried taking it many in different ways. On my first attempt, I simply followed the instructions. I consumed 3 giants (or should I say, pills) upon waking up with an empty stomach, which I found to be very difficult. Having to wake up and swallow something the size of the end of your finger is not for beginners. Roughly 4 hours later I took another 3 pills 30 minutes prior to my lunch as mentioned. When I got home, I was feeling more tired than usual. This was not the greatest first impression of the product, but I figured I would try it for a few more days to give it a chance, due to the possibility of a sort of loading phase. The next day, I attempted to take it 30 minutes before my supper, but unfortunately, once again, I experienced terrible results at the gym. After days of intolerable results from the NoX2, I finally decided to try taking the pulls before my workout, which usually takes place at around 6 o'clock. Something wonderful happened that time, though; something that did not happen the rest of the week: I realized that I was never going to finish the bottle.

The product seemed counter-productive for me. The cost of it, however, is quite cheap, at only 20 dollars for 90 pills. It is worth a try for anyone who wants to get a nice build or even for people who just want to try a nitric oxide product. For 20 dollars, if it works well for you, it will be of great value. I felt terrible on my leg-workout day; I could only squat 80% of what I would usually squat for reps. It obviously did not work well for me. The biggest effect I obtained from this product was feeling alert and awake in the morning. I cannot, however, say that nitric oxide products are terrible. I have tried other brands, and I must admit that they had significant effects on me. I felt more awake, stronger and recovered more quickly than usual. In any case, remember: similar to all other supplements that are taken, do not forget an overdose is still possible, so follow the amount that is suggested.

Overall, I would probably rate this product at about 4 out of 10. You may experience some slight effects which are not very noticeable during a workout. As I mentioned earlier, do not exclude a nitric oxide product from your list of supplements, but I would highly suggest buying small amounts, or even taking samples if possible to find out what works well for you. If like me, you will find one that works amazingly well for you, and you will be lifting heavier, running faster and playing harder than ever before.

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Pinnacle NoX2 Pinnacle NoX2 - 90 Tablets
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