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Article: Once an Hour, Every Eight Hours, Five Days per Week

By Mick Hart

Yep, that is how my mate likes it - looks well on it too! Thatís training by the way, you perves! Whaturrr you loike??

The reason for this article is that I have many questions from readers, (well two), on how to fit in their training due to work and home commitments etc. I know that this can be a pain in the arse, but for some missing training can throw out your day and upset the balance of life - such as the case with me! I hate missing training and when I do I tend to dwell on it and I know that I shouldnít, but you do donít you. Especially when it is such a part of your life that everyday commitments tend to be routed around the gym, diet etc. That is the sport though.

One of my friends (yes I have two), is lucky to be able to train at work after convincing the gaffers that it would enable him to work better and slip in the extra bit of overtime as a favor. At his place of work, there is an area (sort of cupboard I think) that his boss has let him build a small gym - only the basics, but good. The boss uses it as well so that went down well too. I think that he convinced him on the Japanese theory, you know, Tai Chi in the morning, hand waving and stuff - hmnnnn, nice for some. I just get flagged when I walk into the office - fucking window cleaners!  Strange though, well I have to laugh sometimes because my youngest lad is the spitting image of him - hmnn again - life is strange. Where is the wife anyway? - Shammy bugger!

Anyoldhow, he (with the help of me) has designed a training system so that he is able to train ONE bodypart per day, thro Monday to Friday AND be able to hit that bodypart extremely hard as well! This is what we came up with......

<-------- Ooops -------->

Sorry people, the rest of this is continued in the members section. Just to give you an idea of what the rest of the article contains I have left a few clips... it's my attempt to convince you to become a member :-)

<-------- Ooops -------->

He starts his training on Monday...

The mental attitude and direction of any person is also one of the definite keys to success in bodybuilding...

Thatís why then body likes to get into a routine in all types of training...

Going off the subject slightly, I had a call from someone asking about a cycle/stack that someone had suggested to them to use for only two weeks at a a time...

Well the intake would be exactly the same as if you were on a set time; the advantage could lay with this system as the recovery rate would be that much better - AND the fat would be worked off in a more or less balanced way. Any questions?...

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