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EXO-25 Review


EXO-25 has a distinct taste mainly because of its raw ingredients, however it is not the hardest supplement I have had to stomach (I would give that award to Clout). There are two flavours, the one I tried was citrus-lime flavoured (it also comes in tropical fruit punch) and it did have a taste of lemonade but it wasn't able to complete mask the flavour of the creatine ethyl ester. You can mix this with any kind of juice, but I chose to take it with about 8 oz. of water and two scoops of EXO-25. Make sure to stir the drink again after taking the first drink because it will settle to the bottom if not mixed properly and you will be left downing a big clump of unflavoured creatines. What Makes EXO-25 an Effective Muscle Building Weapon?

"Here at OAC, we stand behind our ingredients and we are proud to list all the quantities of each ingredient. It is time to get what you expect."

EXO-25 boasts an impressive amount of ingredients, in fact so many that it would take up a whole page to describe what each and everyone does to benefit you during your workout, but be assured each ingredient has its function. However if you look at the front of the label for EXO-25 you will notice they choose to list 6 main ingredients:







"The majority of pre-workout exoergic formulas have always been created equal. Until now, our exclusive pre-workout formulation contains 25 of the most scientifically tested compounds that our industry can offer for the uniqueness of each individual."

Although there are many products with the same ingredients in them, never have I seen one that had ALL of them and at a good serving size. Each specific ingredient was selected to induce cell volumizing pumps, long lasting energy, mental focus, and increased endurance.

Working Out on EXO-25

"Go ahead, Overdrive your human machine with OAC Exo-25."

I have been working out clean since I started about 4 years ago, I have never touched any pro-hormones, and I have tried many different types of creatine products to help me intensify my workouts and get better results for my effort. Did EXO-25 deliver as far as I am concerned? What I noticed within the first day of taking EXO-25 was that I was able to lift more, do more reps, and include more exercises when working out. On chest days I would increase my maximum rep range by 1 to 2 reps, and I would be forced into doing extra sets because the weight I was used to was "too light". After my second exercise, usually incline presses, my chest was already swelled to about one and a half of its normal size, the blood that was flowing to the muscle had increased from what I was used to, compared to working out without EXO-25. Although you may think at first that EXO-25 is only a creatine supplement, the other ingredients, such as L-Arginine, give it the same effect as popular pump inducing NO supplements. Having the blood rush straight to your muscle at the beginning of the workout is an excellent way to build muscle. EXO-25 is also an excellent recovery supplement because of the different types of Glutamine ingredients it contains, meaning that your muscles with recover faster for the next workout and give you the energy you need to hit every body part.

My chest wasn't the only body part that benefited from having EXO-25 running through me. The next day when I trained legs I was able to focus on hitting them harder and heavier. I like to start my workouts with squats, like I said I love to have the blood rush to the muscle I'm targeting during the first exercise so I that I feel every set of my workout. Starting with squats I was able to put up 495lbs for 4 reps at the end of my fourth set. I haven't been able to do that for a while, but I was fired up and ready for it. I'm not trying to sell this product for more than it is by bragging about my workouts, but this stuff does actually work. There is no miracle compound in the product, just tried and tested ingredients, most other supplements will have you believe that they have a "matrix compound" or a "NOX formula" that is patent pending. Rest assured I was able to keep the intensity during the rest of my leg workout.

If your goal is to get big arms, then EXO-25 can you help you reach that goal as well. Your arms will get bigger from taking it, creatine works by saturating your muscles with water which allows you to lift more weight for more reps, which translates to more muscle. However, if you don't already have the drive to do this on your own without any supplements then EXO-25 won't do much for you. Although EXO-25 lets you push more reps, you're still going to need to push through the pain to get that extra set, and trust me the pumps are painful. One thing that I focus on when working on my biceps, more than with any other body part, is that I concentrate on the bicep curling up into a big ball and that ball gets bigger with every rep. EXO-25 helps me focus and feel the muscle even more. Triceps are another story; I could definitely feel the contraction of the triceps at the end of each movement. Even after working out biceps, starting and working out triceps with EXO-25 is like starting fresh.

Using EXO-25 will break you out of any slump or plateau you're having in your training and get you excited to get back into the gym every day. Go ahead and break some personal records while you're at it.

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