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MuscleTech Gakic Hardcore Review By Dave

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The Claim:

The rules of musclebuilding are simple: hit the gym hard, hit it often and keep getting stronger.

Well, don't hit it too often, or you will risk overtraining.

The only problem, in your relentless and noble efforts, is that getting stronger can sometimes take months, and even years. And lack of strength means lack of muscular gains. But you can overcome this problem with the revolutionary, maximum-strength GAKIC° Hardcore!

We'll discuss the honesty of this claim in the category below entitled "effectiveness."

It didn't take long for Team MuscleTech™ researchers to realize that bodybuilding fanatics, like you, who push themselves to the limits every day, need something intense on their side. With the addition of cutting-edge ingredients and technologies that support vasodilation, mental focus and training intensity, GAKIC Hardcore was officially born. Now bodybuilders of all levels are turning to GAKIC Hardcore for insane strength and massive muscular gains!

They're reaching too far at this point. Vasodilation, mental focus and training intensity and commonly associated with yohimbine HCL and caffeine. However, insane strength and massive muscular gains are descriptive of steroids, not MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore or any other supplement for that matter.

GAKIC Hardcore is scientifically engineered to neutralize fatigue toxins, such as ammonia, from your muscles. These toxins flood your muscles and grow greater with every single rep you squeeze out, consequently killing your strength. But because of the exclusive GAKIC Hardcore formula, these toxins are annihilated and your workout intensity skyrockets so you can bust out more reps with heavier weights!

It's difficult to say whether or not this is the mechanism through which MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore is operating through, as there is no way for me to measure it. However, there is a noticeable effect (more on this in the effectiveness category, located below).

The fact of the matter is GAKIC° Hardcore translates into instant, raw strength. So much in fact, subjects taking GAKIC Hardcore's key complex instantly jacked up their strength by an incredible 10.5 percent and increased muscle growth stimulus by up to 28 percent! What's more, in the same clinical study one extraordinary test subject amplified his strength by an earth-shattering 24.3 percent. Yes, you read it right, 24.3 percent! So, not only are you pushing heavier weights, but you're banging out more reps, and this is all with your very first dose!

I wouldn't recommend quoting MuscleTech studies as a form of evidence during argument.

Because GAKIC Hardcore gives you an incredible surge of strength, you can exert your muscles like never before to trigger all-new muscle growth! Check out what Jay Cutler 2-Time Mr. Olympia had to say about it: "GAKIC Hardcore allows for more strength in the gym," says Jay. "I was able to train heavier for more sets because GAKIC Hardcore helped me push through the tough lifts! Simply put, more strength means more muscle growth and, in turn, a fuller look."

Congratulations to Mr. Cutler for performing so well in bodybuilding competitions. That being said, let's cut the bullsh%t. Mr. Cutler's accomplishments have very little to do with some over-the-counter supplement, and much more to do with genetics, diet and steroids. However, don't fool yourself into thinking that steroids will make you look like Mr. Cutler, because that is a fantasy for the vast majority of the population.

I feel that MuscleTech's claim is unrealistic and misleading. This seems to be the usual with MuscleTech claims. Therefore, I award MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore a 4/10 for the claim.


In the past, I reviewed the original MuscleTech's Gakic. Unlike the original form of MuscleTech's Gakic, MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore "has been equipped with technologically advanced superdisintegrates to decrease absorption time, allowing this extremely powerful formula to start working even faster! And if that wasn't enough, new high-powered ingredients have been added to the GAKIC Hardcore formula, giving you increased intensity and focus while you train. These changes are what make GAKIC Hardcore the most powerful instant strength multiplier ever conceived out of a research laboratory!" The main new ingredient they're referring to is caffeine and yohimbine.

I found that MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore was effective. I had an easily noticeable increase in pump. Also, my performance in the gym increased (I was able to do a few extra reps on each set). Whether or not my increased performance was due to the mechanism which MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore describes in the claim or some placebo effect, I can't be sure. However, the outcome was positive, regardless of the mechanism through which MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore operated.

MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore is an effective supplement but it's no miracle drug. I used MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore on two occasions. The first time I used it, my diet wasn't quite up to par and I missed out on a few hours of sleep. As a result, my workout suffered greatly and MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore couldn't help. However, the second time I used MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore (about a week later), I ate properly and got the usual amount of rest. With the help of MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore and the aforementioned factors in place, I had a phenomenal workout (more than usually expected) and felt great! Therefore, I award MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore a 9/10 for effectiveness.

Overall Review:

As stated above, MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore claim was unrealistic. Also, I disliked swallowing the 8 giant horse pills every serving. Furthermore, the cost of MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore is incredibly overpriced in comparison to other pre-workout boosters ($52 for 16 servings!). On the plus side, I was very happy with the effectiveness of MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore. Therefore, for an overall review, I award MuscleTech's Gakic Hardcore a 6/10.

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