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Well, another Mr. Olympia has come and gone, and the reigning champ, Ronnie Coleman, has remained champ to take home his 6th Sandow. At the age of 39, he will be old enough to compete in the Master's Mr. Olympia next summer, and will likely be the champion for years to come.

Below are the standings at the 2003 Mr. Olympia. Many excellent competitors stepped onstage this year, including some who had never been there before. The standings went as follows:

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Las Vegas, Nevada; Saturday, October 25, 2003

2. Jay Cutler (USA)
3. Dexter Jackson (USA)
4. Dennis James (USA)
5. Günter Schlierkamp (Germany)
6. Kevin Levrone (USA)
7. Darrem Charles (Trinidad and Tobago)
8. Troy Alves (USA)
9. Melvin Anthony (USA)
10. Ernie Taylor (England)
11. Johnnie Jackson (USA)
12. Rodney St. Cloud (USA)
13. Art Atwood (USA)
14. Claude Groulx (Canada)
15. Lee Priest (Australia)
16. Jonathon Davie (Australia)

*Note: Top six qualify for 2004 Mr. Olympia contest.

Now I will make detailed comments below for each athlete:

1st Ronnie Coleman - USA

This was Ronnie's best showing in years. He weighed in at a reported 287 pounds for the contest, as ripped and shredded as ever, and displaying far less of his distended stomach than he ever had before. He brought to the stage a huge, confident physique that spoke for itself. He was dry in most every area, especially the glutes, arms and of course, his trademark back. He dominated in every shot from the rear and displayed remarkable symmetry. With this victory, Ronnie is now the holder of six Sandows as winner of the Mr. Olympia contest, tying Dorian Yates, and now only one victory away from matching Arnold's record and two away from matching the great Lee Haney. The question everyone is asking is - how long can he keep this up? Will he make it to seven? Eight? He will be turning 40 and May, and this year brought the best package he ever presented to the stage. Only time will tell how far Ronnie continues to push his bodybuilding gains.

2nd - Jay Cutler - USA

Coming in at 5'9 and 260 was 30 year old Jay Cutler. Jay is the victim of too many competitions throughout the year. He had already peaked for previous victories, and do that again for the Olympia proved to be too much, as his conditioning was off from his 2001 form (where he also got 2nd place), and his quads, although complete with his trademark cuts and seperation, where not as full as they had been in previous years. However, the above commentary is alone comparing Jay to Jay. Comparing Jay to the other bodybuilders on stage is a whole other story. He outmuscled almost everybody else on stage, and still came in cut to the bone, with excellent symmetry, conditioning, and his excellent ab / thigh shot. From the front, he held his own very well standing up next to Ronnie Coleman, and it was only when he turned around that it was clear Ronnie was the victor. Jay is a great athlete and spokesman for the sport, and has a great future in bodybuilding. Don't be surprised if he is Mr. Olympia sometime in the years to come - in fact, you should probably count on it!

3rd - Dexter Jackson - USA

Dexter Jackson has exactly the type of physique many people wish more professional bodybuilders had - He is a man blessed with perfect symmetry from head to toe, a small waist, incredible proportions, thick, dense muscle mass, small joints, excellent rounded muscle bellies and great all around balance. In an age where competitor bodybulders are getting so massive that they lose mainstream appeal, Dexter presented a physique to the stage which was a refreshing change. He showed marked improvements from the previous years, especially in his lower lats. His conditioning was astonishing and blew everyone away who saw it, being especially clear in his most muscular shot. If he continues to make progress as he did next year, he very well has the potential to be the next Mr. Olympia if the judges chose to award points on the overall package and not mainly emphasize muscle mass. But at 5'6 and 220 lbs, he is not lacking in that department either!

4th - Dennis James - USA (Resides in Thailand)

Dennis is a champion who has been known for barely missing his peak several times in the past - either giving up too much mass for the purposes of having good conditioning or vice versa. But this year, it came in on time and had incredible conditioning. Thick and massive, he moved up from his 10th place spot at last year's Mr. Olympia to break the top five this year. He is definitely a strong force in the competitive bodybuilding world, and I look forward to his showings in future competitions.

5th - Gunter Schlierkamp - Germany

Gunter was not in the same conditioning as he had been in 2003 and came in flatter, weighing in at around 285 pounds (around 15 pounds less than the previous year). There was much hype surrounding Gunter after he made such drastic improvements from 2001 to 2002 and even beat Ronnie Coleman at the GNC Show of Strength, but unfortunately, he did not peak for this competition, but received a fair 5th place. That said, if he can bring his conditioning back on par with that of 2002, as well as making more of the same improvements he has been making on his shoulders and back, he can easily stay in the top five at next year's Mr. Olympia or even move up a spot or two. In my opinion, Gunter is what bodybuilding is supposed to be about - A large muscular physique as well as a great personality. He looks remarkably similar to a larger version of Arnold. For a shot that looks very "Arnoldesque" check out THIS picture.

6th - Kevin Levrone - USA

Many are aware that Kevin suffered a triceps tear earlier in the year, but still competed at the Mr. Olympia. He still had a good showing and came in looking good for a 6th place finish. As a note, this is the first time in Kevin's long time as a competitor in the Mr. Olympia to place outside the top five.

7th - Darrem Charles - Trinidad Yet another classic bodybuilder. Great balance and symmetry, classic lines, and a good posing routine. What many would like to see become the future of competitive bodybuilding. A good athlete and a true champion, to place a well deserved 7th.

8th - Troy Alves - USA

And the award for rookie of the year would have to go to Troy Alves! After fighting to become a pro in recent years and finally making it at the 2002 USA championships, Troy brought a great package to the stage. At the rate he is going, he should easily be able to maintain his placing in the years to come and even move up a few spots. His greatest strength would definitely be his back. Like Lee Haney, his back starts from his waist and goes up with classic lines all the way to the top in his front lat spread shot. A great rookie and excellent addition to the Olympia stage.S

9th - Melvin Anthony - USA

Coming in thick and dense, with a good posing routine, Melvin placed in the top 10, as he deserved to. But with a reported 27" waist, some would have placed him higher. All in all a good showing for Marvelous Melvin Anthony.

10th - Ernie Taylor - England

Also known as "Mr. Triceps". His incredible arms overshadow his legs and judges seem to penalize him for it. Although he has looked better in the past, he brought a good package to the stage and deserved his top 10 finish.

Out of top 10

Below is the list of competitors who did not place in the top 10.

11th - Johnnie Jackson - USA Excellent conditioning, and coming in cut and dry was Johnnie Jackson of the USA. Although he has room to improve in his physique, he is also a competitive powerlifer with a deadlift of 860 pounds! His strength and power boggle the mind, and never before have I heard of a bodybuilder who has done so well in the powerlifting community as well. 12th - Rodney St. Cloud - USA

Another rookie who came in with good size and conditioning. If he continues to make showings like this, he should have many good contest results in the years to come.

13th - Art Atwood - USA

Absolutely robbed! Here is a true warrior who came onto the Mr. Olympia stage despite a recent injury, and still looked incredible! Perhaps the only man onstage who can hang with Ronnie from behind, with amazing back size and thickness. This man is larger than life, with a frame so wide and so deep that any amount of muscle on it makes him look huge. Great conditioning and an enormous chest the likes of which these eyes holds up on par with any of bodybuilding's champions past or present. Art has size everywhere, and incredibly deep cut abs for a man carrying that much mass. The only flaw I see is that his waist appears big in some back shots, but I do not believe that alone should affect his placing as much as the judges do. At the age of 29 he is very young and has years left to be a top contender in the sport. Something which I would count on in the years to come!

14th - Claude Groulx - Canada

Master's Mr. Olympia for 2003 Claude Groulx came was not at the same level as he had been previously in the year, but still had a good showing, and at the age of 40, looks much better than competitors half his age! If not for Ronnie Coleman, he would likely win the Master's Olympia again in 2004.

15th - Lee Priest - Australia

Last year, Lee finished 6th place, but this year, his conditioning was not close to what it had been in the past. Normally Lee is criticized for having soft glutes, but this year, his hamstrings also looked soft. He likely had started dieting too late, and did not get cut to the necessary level in time to be competitive this year. That said, Lee is still an amazing athlete and truly a people's champion.

16th - Jonathan Davie - Australia

A very good bodybuilder, but maybe not at the level yet necessary to do any damage on the Olympia stage. With improvements and a similar line up next year, he will be able to improve his placings in the future.

So, another year and another Mr. Olympia has come and passed. What will the future hold? Will Ronnie tie Arnold's record next year or try to match Lee Haney, or will he settle for being Master's Mr. Olympia for the next decade or so? Only time will tell, and with many new contests scheduled this fall and winter, there is plenty of excitement left in the world of pro bodybuilding.

Until next time - All the best!

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Click HERE for the complete scorecard of the show!

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Pictures of the show are available HERE.

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