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The Claim:

The patented Micro-Feed Technology is the biggest breakthrough ever in protein supplementation. This pharmaceutical delivery system is designed to provide a continual supply of amino acids for up to 12 hours! The Micro-Feed Technology works like an IV drip continually supplying a "metered dose" of high concentrations of Critical Five Amino Acids so that you always stay in an extremely anabolic muscle building state and never slip into a catabolic state. This technology also increases bio-availability making full 100% utilization of every gram of protein. "No Wasted Protein-No Wasted Muscle!"

MHP Probolic-SR fails to identify what exactly the Micro-Feed Technology is. As far as I can see, it's just a blend of proteins that are absorbed at different rates (soy protein isolate, calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate). I like to see the blend of proteins. However, it's nothing special. There are other protein products on the market with similar or better protein varieties that allow for different absorption rates. Therefore, don't buy into the hype MHP Probolic-SR is spewing.

Turning the Protein World Upside Down
After 4 years of research and development, the Senior Research Staff at MHP has pioneered a major breakthrough in protein supplementation. PROBOLIC-SR bio-engineered protein enhances bio-availability, amino acid levels and nitrogen retention for maximum anabolic effects to trigger extreme muscle growth unlike any other protein.

On the plus side, MHP Probolic-SR does contain a high amount of amino acids.

Probolic-SR has literally set new standards in protein quality, bio-availability and its anabolic and anti-catabolic potential. This advanced bio-engineered protein utilizes patented technologies to overcome protein's natural limitations on nitrogen retention and muscle growth. Probolic-SR is the first and only protein bio-engineered to supply adequate amounts of nitrogen on a continual basis to create the needed anabolic/anti-catabolic environment for Hyperbolic Muscle Growth.

As stated above, MHP Probolic-SR is not the only protein bio-engineered to supply adequate amount of nitrogen on a continual basis. In fact, as I previously stated, there are other protein products on the market which are more effective than MHP Probolic-SR. I'd post them here, but that may appear to some as a conflict of interest (i.e. that I'm trying to push another product).

Overcoming Proteins Limitations to Enhance Muscle Growth!

Take steroids...LOL!

In the development of Probolic-SR, MHP researchers analyzed every known natural source of protein for their Amino Acid Composition (AAC), Biological Value (BV), Protein Digestibility Correct Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Rate of Absorption (RA)-the rate in which the protein releases amino acids. They also analyzed the amino acid composition of human muscle tissue and the effects of resistance training on nitrogen depletion and muscle tissue remodeling. Their findings uncovered many myths and misconceptions about protein, which helped them understand why protein did not meet its anabolic expectations. It also lead them to the realization that no existing protein in nature was capable of exerting these desired anabolic effects, and the only way to achieve the nitrogen retention needed the desired anabolic effects was to bio-engineer a protein to make up for protein's natural deficiencies. Unfortunately, MHP Probolic-SR isn't capable of all this, as this statement may lead you to believe.

As you can see, I was not pleased with MHP Probolic-SR's claim. I felt the claim was greatly misleading. Therefore, for the claim, I award MHP Probolic-SR a 2/10.


I sampled the vanilla flavour of MHP Probolic-SR. I found that it had a strange, tangy vanilla taste. The taste wasn't particularly bad, but not to my liking either. Therefore, for taste, I award MHP Probolic-SR 5/10.


I was satisfied with the solubility of MHP Probolic-SR. It mixed in relatively the same as other protein supplements I've used. I found that the texture of MHP Probolic-SR was somewhat gritty. Therefore, for solubility/texture, I award MHP Probolic-SR a 6/10.


MHP Probolic-SR has a good amount of amino acids. In fact, in comparison to many other protein supplements on the market, it has a slightly higher degree of amino acids. Also, MHP Probolic-SR has a variety of proteins. That being said, I've seen other products which include far more protein sources. Also, for the most part, I liked the complex of fats included in MHP Probolic-SR namely (Medium Chain Triglycerides Complex, Borage Seed Oil Powder (10% GLA), Conjugated Linoleic Acid Complex (78% CLA), Evening Primrose Seed Oil (4.8% GLA), Flaxseed Powder (8% ALA), Omega-3 Complex (7.5% EPA & DHA), Stearic Acid).

Although I felt MHP Probolic-SR's ingredients were fairly good, they don't live up to the claim, not anywhere near it. However, I won't rate the effectiveness of MHP Probolic-SR based on its ridiculous claim. Instead, I will compare MHP Probolic-SR to the effectiveness of other protein products in its class. Therefore, in regards to effectiveness, I award MHP Probolic-SR an 8/10.

Overall Review:

All aspects considered, I felt that MHP Probolic-SR was a bit expensive but not too bad. I thought the claim was ridiculous and nowhere near the truth. I wasn't impressed with the taste of MHP Probolic-SR. Also, I found that the solubility was satisfactory, but the texture wasn't overly appealing. Furthermore, I found that the effectiveness, in comparison to other protein products in its class, was somewhat impressive. Therefore, for an overall review, I award MHP Probolic-SR a 5.5/10.

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