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The Member's Newbie Board... Do YOU Need This Resource? Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by The Member's Newbie Board... Do YOU Need This Resource?

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The Member's Newbie Board... Do YOU Need This Resource?

More than most steroid users, "Steroid Newbies" need a place to ask questions, that can be confidently and correctly answered. The Steroid Encyclopaedia Member's have exactly that. A full discussion board for "Steroid Newbies"... the perfect newbie resource.

Here you can ask questions like the following, and read all the other similar questions from other newbies... isn't it time you enjoyed the same luxury resources as the member's?   

These are just a few actual questions posted on the Newbies Board over the last few days, all of which have been properly and professionally answered... Where do you get your questions answered?

Would using nolvadex alone after a deca/sust cycle be a good substitute for clomid, if so, how much do i take a day and for how long. And do i start right after my cycle or wait a week or two. I'm asking because i have nolvadex on hand, but am having trouble getting clomid. Any advice would be appreciated.

Just wanted to thank you all in advance. I found this board before I have made any decision, and just from reading some of the posts, you all are a Godsend for those of us who are completely clueless. So "THANK YOU!"

Two questions, short and simple. 1. Who is the most reliable to order from? I know there are no guarantees. 2. What should my first cycle be? I know that is a pretty broad question, but being new, I am not sure how to get to specific. How and when and how much should I use Proviron, HCB, Clomid, Clenbuterol? Is a good beginner cycle just stick with something like Deca? Sorry for the lack of knowledge. 

From a newbie...just got first order of HCG. Thought it would be amps only, but got amps(2 ml) and vile(5000UI) of powder like stuff. Not sure what to do, which to inject? 

Hi i posted a topic a couple of days ago asking pyscho about drug test and eddward 44 said that ephedrine will show up as amphetamines and i was wandering what it is so i can make sure i don't take it.

I wanted to try AS at a moderate dose to see how my body react to it, think I've wasted that first time AS cycle gain but so be it. I take 300ml of deca (extraboline) p/week and 1ml of test. en. every ten days. I am prepared with hcg and clomid at the end of my cycle. Fifth week so far and the gains are comming but no 20lbs thats for sure. I train and eat well. Too weak cycle??? let me know what you think can HGC 5000iu be split up in to two doses safely or should I just take all at once??? Thanks guys 

Ok,I'm going to order 13amps(3,250)of sust 250 from CV and 20amps(4,000)of Deca Norma,ordering deca from BB.I also ordered 50 clom tabs.Is this enough gear?Oh and how much Novadex should I order?How much of the Deca and Sust should I take per week.Here are my stats.age:23 wight:158 hight:5"7 BF:10-12%.I'm looking for lots of mass,but I want to be safe about it.Thanks for all your help guys. 

Hey all new guy here,
Im about to order and just curious on the best way to accept the package.Should I have a p.o. box,mail box etc...?At my apartment complex they always leave my packages in the office because I am at work.They have signed permission to accept packages in my behalf and sign for them.I figure if anything gets fishy that I could sniff it out because if it was a bust they would go out of there way and bring it to my door in the evening.They never ever bring me the package now,they always take it to the office.Now if the staked out the office and waited for me I know I could spot them and have a plan B.Am I just being paranoid?By the way Im ordering from eurogear and he claims to never have been nailed by customs.Can somebody please throw me some info?By the way I live in Dallas if that helps any. 

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