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Markus Ruhl: Made in Germany

For the very first time professional IFBB-bodybuilder Markus Rühl. gives insight into his live. From the off-season to the diet, from the ludicrous happenings in public to the hardcore workout at the gym, from the early teenager years to the latest competitions,- get to know Markus as close as never before.

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"Rühl - Made in Germany" is funny and humorous as well as incredible and shocking. It is a fascinating documentary about one of the most extreme bodybuilders of the present time.

The new movie "Rühl - Made in Germany" is much more than a usual training video film; It is a biography, portrait, bodybuilding and training movie in one.


Hardcore workout

The movie does not show any faked scenes but real hardcore workouts with unbelievable big weights. In the selectable audio commentary Markus tells about his favourite exercises, how to get the best efficiency and how to avoid false steps in the gym. You can learn that not every legendary classic exercise is as good as it is said to be. Surprising, shocking, informative and funny!


Seminars and guest posing

Markus' nice and friendly nature inspires his fans worldwide. At the seminars and guest posings he answeres FAQ humorously and informatively: Experiences on and behind the stage, other IFBB professionals, advices and hints, injuries, friends, private life and much more.



Partial unreleased material from several competitions: Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classics, Nigh of Champions and several grand prix. Watch Markus and other competitors on stage and get even impressions from the backstage area.


Private Video Diary

During the diet and preparation for coming competitions Markus is taping himself on video. So he is able to compare changes in mass, shape and posing. Witness his incredible muscular development over several weeks.


The Early Years

A lot of fans can not believe that it its really Markus when they see pictures showing him as a teenager. Now you can see for the very first time private video material from this era. The first steps in the gym and much more!


Markus Rühl "Rühl - Made in Germany" is a fascinating documentary that shows the professional IFBB bodybuilder as close, personal, funny and real as nothing ever before!

The film shooting for "Rühl - Made in Germany" started directly after Markus' successful participation at the Arnold Classics in spring 2003. In the following weeks Markus's body weight grew up to more than 140 kg (310 pound). So he was able to train his muscles with maximum power. Don't miss the incredible hardcore workout of Markus and his girlfriend and training partner Simone, who was preparing for the german female heavyweight championship.

The complete training was shot during several weeks at the Ottwald-Gym (Sportstudio Ottwald) in Kelsterbach close to Frankfurt/Main Airport. Here Markus and many other active bodybuilders get the best possibilities for their hardcore workout. The Sportstudio Ottwald is known as one of the best hardcore gyms in Germany.

Witness how Markus changes from competition shape into the off-season. Watch him cooking things like cockerel and turkey and also eating sweets on the sly. Learn about the complete nutrition that made him become one of the biggest bodybuilders of the world.

The film crew was following Markus for several months and shooted over 20 hours of video material. Supported by Markus private home video collection, that has developed during many years, "Rühl - Made in Germany" has become a documentary that showes Markus as close, personal, funny and real as nobody has ever seen before.

The running time of the complete DVD (inclusive bonus material) is more than three hours. This "must-see"-movie does not let any questions about the IFBB professional Markus Rühl unanswered.

The audio commentary by Markus Rühl that was made for the DVD release has been produced in English and German language.

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