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Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy No Crash! BUY IT NOW Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy




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The Claim:

The product I am reviewing today is 5-Hour Energy by Living Essentials. If you are interested in seeing my first review, please view it at this page in the supplements review section.

"When describing the 5-Hour Energy feeling, some people say it's "like the sun coming up in my head." That's because when you're feeling groggy and lethargic; 5-Hour Energy wakes up your brain and gets you back to feeling the way you want to feel - bright, alert, focused and energetic."

I would say that the 5-Hour Energy product is effective but is relatively mild. I would not agree that it does anything particularly substantial and I would not consume this product if I was looking for a big "kick" to pick me up. For a smaller kick to help get through the day, this product is sufficient, although not as strong as some other similar products available on the market.

"What you won't feel is jittery or - crash*. That's because, unlike other energy drinks, 5-Hour Energy doesn't jack you up with sugar, caffeine and herbal stimulants. Instead, it's packed with stuff that's good for you - B-vitamins, and amino acids."

I would agree with the claim that this product does not make one feel jittery or cause a crash. I believe that this is the direct result of the product not being particularly strong in general. A stronger product is naturally going to be more likely to cause a crash and you really luck out if you find a product which is both strong in terms of its stimulating effects as well as being free from an associated class, or produces one which is reduced in scope.

I am happy that this product contains healthy ingredients although if unhealthy ingredients produces a stronger effect, many will want to see out products which contain such ingredients in order to experience greater effects.

"To get anything out of those canned energy drinks you have to force down a lot of liquid - up to 24 ounces for some of them. It takes just seconds to slam down a 2-ounce 5-Hour Energy shot. That means its energizing ingredients get into your system faster."

It is a very good aspect of this product that it is so small and easy to consume. However, it is not particularly strong and if it was possible to produce a product which is slightly bigger and slightly more effective, that may be optimal. However, if you are interested in a convenient boost in energy, this may be the product for you.

"In a few minutes you can feel 5-Hour Energy brushing away the cobwebs and helping you regain the alert, focused feeling you need to get through your day. Canned energy drinks give you a lot of sugar, caffeine and herbal stimulants which can make you feel jittery, shaky or tense. But 5-Hour Energy's blend of vitamins and amino acids gives you hours of "smooth energy.""

When I consumed 5-Hour Energy most recently, I would agree that I noticed the effects quickly which were strongest at first and went down gradually after that.

"We named it 5-Hour Energy for a reason. People typically feel an elevated sense of energy, focus and alertness for about five hours. Individual results will vary, of course. And when that feeling wears off, it does so gently. Other energy drinks can make you feel jittery and tense for a short time then let you down with a crash* leaving you feeling worse than before."

While I would agree that this product did not produce a crash of any sort that I noticed, I would not agree that its effects lasted for five hours. It seemed to me that it lasted for a lot less time than that although I could be wrong.

"If you're not tired, why take an energy drink? 5-Hour Energy was designed to be functional, not recreational. It will take you from tired and foggy to bright and focused. But it won't take you beyond that."

It is nice to see the company claim that this product will not take you beyond a certain point. Some products are extremely unrealistic with their label claims and seeing some honesty in a claim is always something refreshing to me. I would agree with this claim and would not rely on this product for anything not dictated in the statement above. For those seeking a stronger effect, they can try this product in its extra strength formula which I have consumed and I can state with certainty is noticeably stronger than the regular strength blend being reviewed here.

"You may have read some scary things about other energy drinks and are afraid to try 5-Hour Energy. The knock on other drinks is their large amounts of sugar, caffeine and herbal stimulants such as guarana and ginseng. But 5-Hour Energy contains no sugar, no herbal stimulants and only as much caffeine as one cup of coffee. The active ingredients in 5-Hour Energy can be obtained in everyday foods, or is a nutrient your body makes naturally."

I would agree that this product is different than other energy drinks and also more mild on the whole so I would not worry about any massive side effects. It is worth a try and I do not expect any users would experience discomfort consuming this product.

Time of Consumption for 5-Hour Energy

I consumed this product late at night and was able to continue to do my work online and stave off tiredness as a result.


As mentioned above, this product is effective, but mild in comparison to other energy drinks and formulas on the market today. I believe it is still worthwhile to try but not to expect any massive increases in energy as a result. If you are interested in greater energy, you can also try one serving of 5-Hour Energy to start and then later try an additional serving or try the extra strength formula.


I tried the pomegranate flavour of this product and I liked it. I am not really a fan of pomegranate flavour of any sort, but as far as a supplement of that flavour is concerned, it was pretty good. I was happy with the taste and I should point out that you are consuming such a small quantity of liquid that it really doesn't matter how it tastes. It is consumed within seconds anyway.

Overall Review:

This product was mild but effective. I was pleased with it although I would rather try something stronger if I was interested in a longer lasting or more effective spike in my energy. As mentioned above, this product produces an extra strength blend and I have tried it before and it does a better job and I would recommend it for those who have tried this product and want something stronger. However, if you are interested in a mild kick I would definitely say that this product is suitable and in fact, preferable. Not everyone wants a massively powerful energy booster which will result in an associated crash. This product prevents a huge spike in energy but also prevents jitters and a crash which many would consider to be unpleasant.

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Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy: 12 - 2 Fl. Oz. Bottles
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