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In the beginning, most supplements tasted terrible to me. Now I realize that supplements are an acquired taste. However, we must remember that the supplements, that aren't loaded with sugar, are healthy for you (for the overwhelming most part i.e. it's difficult to find supplements that are unhealthy for you). Furthermore, some supplements still taste terrible, even with an acquired taste such as mine and I'm sure many can relate. All that being said, I've found that simple flavours such as chocolate and vanilla are often done satisfactory with regards to taste. In the case of Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement Packets, I sampled that Chocolate Ice Cream flavour. To my delight, the product had a tasty light milky chocolate flavour, which I immediately enjoyed. In comparison to other meal replacement shakes I've endured, this was blissful. Therefore, I award Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement Chocolate Ice Cream flavour a 7.5/10 for taste.


I chose to mix Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement with a shaker. You must be extra careful to thoroughly mix it. However, if you do give it a decent shake, I think you'll be pleased with the results. I found that after a thorough shake of the supplement, there was no sticking to sides. I recommend adding the desired amount of liquid first. Then, add the supplement. This way there is less time between the supplement going in the cup and you beginning the mixing process. As a result, there is less of a chance that sticking will occur. All that being said, as I said above, I found that the supplement mixed quite satisfactorily. I'd say that just as important as mixability is texture, because who wants to drink something that has a gritty and clumpy texture. That would not be exactly satisfying. However, with Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement, this situation is avoided. I found the texture of Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement to be light and smooth. I found the drink to be very refreshing. Therefore, I award Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement an 8/10 for mixability/texture.


Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement claims that it's a "super food." Also, it claims that "bodybuilders could now get all the nutrients they needed each day without popping a shelf-full of supplements. All of the essential protein, calories, and vitamins that a bodybuilder could want were now available in a convenient packet. No longer did bodybuilders need to calculate nutritional information for meals, the nutritional breakdown of the entire meal was right on the back of the packet. The boredom factor was greatly reduced, too. Instead of eating the same boring foods day after day, bodybuilders could now look forward to some added variety. Best of all, these meal replacements were among the first supplements to taste as good as milk shakes. Not only were these new super foods convenient and delicious, but they were also affordable." Furthermore, the claim goes on to state that "the bodybuilder's diet went from being dull and disciplined to exciting and varied. And with nutrition that could be more precisely controlled, insulin management became easier.

A diet must include whole foods. Although a diet cannot be made up of 100% supplements, meal replacements here and there aren't a bad choice for an individual who just doesn't have the time to prepare a proper meal. While I don't agree with the statement that this supplement provides you with a shelf full of supplements, it does appear to offer; a good amino acid profile/BCAA's, a good vitamin and mineral profile (although I'd like to see less iron), healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and a great source of protein. Therefore, it regards to the claim that Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement is a "super food", I think the claim isn't too far off. Also, I agree that along with convenience, Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement also adds variety with a few flavours to choose from.

All that being said, don't expect this stuff to make you huge overnight or give you a SUPER ENERGY BOOST. Remember, this isn't steroids and it's not a stimulant (such as caffeine), so don't expect immediate effects. This is just a good addition to a nutritionally sound diet, when you can't find the time to eat a proper whole food meal. However, due to no immediately noticeable effects, it's difficult to assess a mark for the effectiveness of the supplement.

Overall Review:

As far as taste goes, I was pleasantly surprised. The Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement Chocolate Ice Cream flavour had a light milky chocolate taste, which I immediately enjoyed. In comparison to other meal replacement shakes I've endured, this was blissful. In regards to mixability/texture, I found that Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement mixed well in a shaker (with proper shaking) and had a light and smooth texture with a refreshing aftertaste. As far as effectiveness goes, Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement is a great addition to a nutritionally sounds diet when you're in a rush and can't afford the time for a whole food meal. In comparison to the price and quality of other meal replacement shakes, I found that Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement was priced competitively. Therefore, I award Labrada Lean Body Meal Replacement Chocolate Ice Cream flavour a 7.75/10 for an overall review.

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