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Justin Harris "Project Superheavyweight" DVD Review




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Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Menu

The DVD started off with Justin Harris and Steve Kuclo introducing the DVD. They briefly announced the contents of the DVD and their contest plans for 2007.

Day 1 - Legs

Justin started off with standing calf raises for a warmup set. Steve did a set just after Justin did. Steve's calves are good and the only difficulty I can foresee him having in bodybuilding stems from the time required to fill out his 6'0 frame. Most champion bodybuilders range from short to medium height, and a few like Gunter Schlierkamp make it to the top ranks of bodybuilding, but it takes some time getting there usually.

Justin did a set next and his calves were huge and in good condition. All the water on the body will travel downwards, so having dry and hard calves are usually what come in as contest time nears. Justin was cut, but not in contest shape yet. If this was indeed an "offseason" DVD, both Steve and Justin were maintaining good condition during that time. Next Steve did a set using the full stack and holding 45 pound plates in each hand. It was during this set that you got an idea of his calf size which is hard to say exactly, but I would say in the 18-19" range.

The next exercise performed was dumbbell curls for hamstrings. This was an exercise I had never seen done before and I think it would be effective, albeit slightly awkward especially going high up in weight. I might give it a shot next week during my hamstrings workout. As the DVD played, there was background music playing which was nice to have rather than just listening to the dull gym sounds. The graphicality of the DVD was good as well. Justin and Steve would explain some of the exercises they were performing which is a plus for those interested in learning the exercises.

The next exercise the duo performed was squats, starting off with 225 pounds for some easy warmup reps and then moving on to perform 315 pounds for some more fairly easy reps. I have personally just got back in the gym a week ago after some time off and today 315 was heavy to me - definitely not a warmup. Justin next described his workout shake:

  • 50 grams of high molecular whey carbohydrate
  • 10 grams bcaa
  • Five grams l-leucine
  • Three grams creatine

Next Justin did four reps with 405 pounds and Steve followed suit by hitting it for five reps. Justin then did 495 for three reps and Steve did it for a double. They both performed the reps with excellent depth. Many will use heavy weight in the gym, but do quarter reps or half reps. With Justin and Steve it was the real deal. Next Justin did 605 for six! That is some serious weight and very few bodybuilders EVER lift that much weight. Ronnie Coleman comes to mind, as he performed some huge lifts in his "The Unbelievable" DVD.

Steve performed a 545 pound squat for six reps next - nice! Both Justin and Steve strike me as having great love for the gym and heavy weights - NOT something every bodybuilder has, but it definitely applies to them. Justin then hit it for 10 deep reps! Great strength. Steve and Justin wore wraps during their squat workout which I find gives some good spring and makes me stronger. I would say they are a great aid for both safety and for strength. Both went down in weight and Justin did over 20 reps with 405! Talk about a great set. To him it was light weight when to most it would be just the opposite. Steve then did about as many reps with the same weight - huge strength especially after lifting even heavier earlier in the workout.

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Deep Squats

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Deep Squats

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Deep Squats

The next exercise they performed for legs was front squats, starting off with 135 pounds and then going up to 225 pounds, and then 315. Justin talked about his offseason weight and said his peak was about 280, and said he was at 276 that day. Justin's height is 5'10 and 3/5 which is fairly tall for a bodybuilder and when he becomes a pro he is sure to be one of the mass monsters.

Next Justin hit 495 on front squats for six reps. Steve did 405 which completed their leg workout.

Day 2: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

The first exercise for chest was incline bench presses where Justin did 340 for 10 reps with the same difficulty level you will see some pros doing 225 with - serious strength. Steve did 320 for seven which was a great set.

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Incline Bench Press

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Incline Bench Press

The next exercise performed was flat dumbbell flyes and they followed this up with a dumbbell stretch. That was interesting stretch which I think I will incorporate in my next chest workout.

For shoulders, the first exercise the duo performed was the clean and press starting with one plate per side. They went up to 315 which they handled fairly well, both being about equal in strength, but I would give the edge to Justin. After doing some more sets, they moved on to perform seated side lateral raises. I generally perform this exercise standing up, but I may give the seated version a try. For triceps, they hit skullcrushers which they performed on the floor.

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Clean and Jerk

Day 3: Back & Biceps

Justin and Steve started their back workout with lat pulldowns and for biceps, started off with standing alternate dumbbell curls. Justin explained that his weight was 280.4 due to being on a higher carb day and that he would be lower the next day. For back, they performed long bar lat pulldowns with a reverse grip using slow to medium rep speed and wearing straps.

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Dumbbell Curls

The back exercise performed next was a variation of cable rows, using rope, but not seated in exactly the same way as the traditional cable rows with feet placed firmly on the support structure of the row machine. Justin said the exercise was much harder than it looks and some exercises are most definitely like that - also, the weight lifted is not as important as the form and lifting heavy weights is not a bodybuilder's goal - the development of the physique is the goal of utmost importance.

After doing some stretching using the lat pulldown bar, the two performed deadlifts, going up to 405 almost as if it was a warmup. Justin then did 635 pounds for five reps! That is a great set. Think about it like this: Johnnie Jackson is considered to be one of the strongest pro bodybuilders around and he does 675 or three, so that goes to show exactly how strong Justin is. Justin's forehead was bleeding and he said he wasn't sure where it came from. Sometimes people will bleed while lifting very heavy weights due to increases in blood pressure. Justin then did 500 for what looked like an easy 11 reps. Steve then hit it for 12 reps and it looked even easier for him! Crazy strength.

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Deadlift

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Deadlift

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight DVD Deadlift

For biceps, the first exercise performed was seated dumbbell curls. They performed the reps with a slow to medium speed and did them both arms at a time. Next they performed hammer curls using very heavy dumbbells.

The training portion of the DVD set then ended and Justin mentioned his sponsor - Optimum Nutrition. Justin mentioned that his height was 5'9-5'10, but in fact he is just being modest and in reality is closer to 5'11.

Justin Harris Project Superheavyweight Nutrition

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