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Jay Cutler's Post-Workout Shake

Jay Cutler's Post-Workout Shake

For the past few years, on message boards and in other sources, I had heard about Jay Cutler's post-workout shake, which apparently contained Coca Cola. At first I thought that it would cause some problems for Cutler because I was under the assumption that in order to be competitive as a professional bodybuilder that one would have to be perfectly disciplined and regimented and never stray away from absolute scientific ideals of muscle building. As time passed, I realized that my understanding of bodybuilding was somewhat naive, and that even the most regimented bodybuilders do not do everything perfectly all of the time. If you watch Jay Cutler's video, "Ripped to Shreds" you will see that he is about as close to being perfectly disciplined as any bodybuilder in the world.

Jay Cutler: Ripped to Shreds Jay Cutler - Ripped to Shreds (DVD)
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On this page, you will find a number of other user comments about Jay Cutler's post-nutrition shake and what their thoughts are on it.


Dai Kaioushin: What a joke:

8 oz Coke
3 scoops vanilla whey protein (70 grams of protein)
12 oz crushed ice

CrazyTall: What's so funny about that? Whatever works. He looks like he knows what he's doing. Anyway I might try that, just with a lot more Coke!

Q-dogg: They are full of shit. I talk to the guys at ISS, I will ask them next time I talk to them. I bet it is bullshit!

ISS Research

ISS Research

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DarkenedSoul: Damn I bet that would taste good though. With a little vanilla coke and some isopure vanilla powder. 70 grams of protein seems like a pretty reasonable post-workout shake to me. Put some vanilla ice cream in with that and maybe like a scoop of sugar. MMMMM! I gotta have one NOW!!!

SoupBone: Oh, yeah....and three crushed up dianabols!

andyo: I doubt highly that he uses COKE in his pre-workout mix. Maybe post-workout.

Neckzilla: Remember fellas !!! Arnold back in the day used to tell guys that were training to drink beer right before bed and right after a workout because the yeast and carbs will blow them up. LMAO!! these bodybuilders aren't going tell you their secrets. Arnold was the biggest BSer of all when it came to asking him questions.

blinkboy99: You don't think he wrote that? Many pro bodybuilders' workouts or diets are not written by them. FLEX ghost writes articles all the time.

Icex999: If that's what he has post-workout, he needs to go see a nutritionist RIGHT NOW. High fructose corn syrup is the primary sweetener in Coke, and it isn't even close to ideal as a post-workout carbohydrate source.

CrazyTall: I still don't get what's so bad about it. Fructose? I mean Jay has to weight 260 pounds or so (in contest) and we're talking about eight ounces of soda?! What kind of negative impact can such a minute amount of soda actually do? Think about it. Why would they even make something like that up? They're not saying it replaces his steroids. He just drinks it postworkout. Big deal.

Rassler: None of us here even compare to Jay Cutler in terms of bodybuilding accomplishments. I think he knows what he is doing. If coke works for him, so be it.

rjones: Has anyone thought that maybe he just enjoys Coke, and post-workout is the best time to drink one if you're doing to? It's not ideal, but it's a bit of a tasty "cheat".

Sunder: Makes sense to me. Besides, maybe there's some sort of advantage - pH change in the stomach and carbonation to possibly speed up the uptake? I've read about people drink BioTest's PowerDrive with carbonated water to speed up the effects. I've also heard about people drinking coke (instead of orange juice) to alter their pH level for certain supplements (NO-type of products). Who knows. He may be BS'ing, he may just like the taste, and maybe fishing for a Coke endorsement. LOL. It's hard to imagine a world where a whole thread can be dedicated to what you said you drink...Fu@k it! I'm buyin' a case of Coke right now!

AWILD: Holy shit, eight ounces of Coke must be running Jay an arm and a leg. I bet his nose burns like hell too...oh wait are we talking coca cola? Just kidding - but yeah this has to be crap. No bodybuilder would ever put carbonated drinks in their system.

rjones: You honestly think that these pros NEVER cheat on a diet? No soda, no alcohol, no dessert? Not likely, especially offseason. These guys have the top percentage of genetecs, a Coke or more won't seriously hurt them unless it is only weeks out from a contest, when they are more serious.

private_cowboy: Regardless of what he drinks and eats at any point, it doesn't really matter. For one, in the offseason they take enough steriods to kill a horse. Second, drinking a little Coke wouldnt even make a dent on his body because all the years of working out isnt going to leave just because he drank Coke. Hell, when W was 17 I used to be 196 at 5'6 with arms just a little biggere than 17 inches with a bench press of 315 and I haven't worked out for two years and I only lost 2.5 inches off my arms and I do nothing and I don't eat right and I can still bench press 250. So a cup of Coke isn't going to do anything. He could drink two litres of Coke a day and with his size it would have very minimal effects. His teeth might fall out though.

XEastCoastHateX: I doubt he drinks that post workout. But for a snack while bulking he probably drinks like two of them a day. Those guys eat junk when they bulk (not a lot but they eat some stuff that isn't the best). Think about how many calories they need when bulking and to get it all from good food sources is extrememly hard not to mention an insane amount of food - so a a burger here or a snack here and there will help get those extra calories they need. But a Coke isn't going kill you - just dont go overboard. And FLEX is crap...believe about 10% of what they publish.

1dayIWillBeBig: Page 222 Of FLEX Magazine October 2003 Issue: he says he does it to restore liver glycogen. An eight ounce Coke only has 25 grams of carbs, I doubt it will hurt him at all. He says he takes eight ounces of Coke, three scoops protein powder and ice cubes, mixes it all in a bowl, and eats it like a soup.

scott_donald: I really do doubt this but I guess it could be true.

Kledz: I hope it's real. That man has an amazing physique. He worked hard and earned it doing what works for him. Real or not, until anyone on this board looks that good, they should keep their mouths shut.

Striation: He's a fatass in the off season so whoever doesn't believe it...

naturalguy: for all you "scientists" out there: I met Vince Taylor at a seminar once, and throughout the seminar he drank a two liter bottle of regular Coke and he was in great shape about 6% body fat at the time. I can believe Jay does this, the man is about 260 pounds. You need to feed the machine.

Lonny: He probably needs the Coke so he doesn't go into shock from the insulin he is taking post workout.

ratmonkey: Eight ounces of Coke would be a backup carb source for the insulin. Most people will use a Coke or Pepsi as a backup in case they go hypoglycemic. A lot of professional bodybuilders claim to drink a couple of sodas post-workout with their protein.

bkman4: It's funny how everyone is trying to figure it out. It probably isn't true, but if it is...remember, he is playing under a different set of rules...roid rules.

Slayer666: Maybe thats why he didn't win....

Jay Cutler at the 2001 Mr. Olympia Contest

2001 Mr. Olympia (DVD) 2001 Mr. Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $99.95 Our Price: $69.95




While a post-workout shake containing Coca Cola may not be the most suitable way to fill the anabolic window present just after your workout, it is not necessarily the worst thing in the world and for somebody who is as disciplined as Jay Cutler, something as insignificant as this will not have any major impact on his bodybuilding gains. Also, I should point out that Jay no longer includes simple sugars like

Take care,

Matt Canning

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