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Setting up a Hypertrophy-Specific Training? Cycle: Part V Training Database Advanced Training Tips Setting up a Hypertrophy-Specific Training? Cycle: Part V

By Charles T. Ridgely

What Comes After the 5s?

Once you finish the 5s, you have choices on what to do during the two final weeks of your HST cycle. Certainly, if at this point you are feeling overtrained or are injured, you may wisely choose to terminate the cycle and go into a nice, rehabilitative SD. On the other hand, if you?re still raring to go, then you can do one of the following.

By far the most popular, and likely most beneficial, approach is to use your 2RM for negative, or eccentric, repetition training. With negatives, you generally have a partner help you lift the weight and then you lower the weight under control. You may choose to perform five of these negative reps or you may choose to perform two concentric, or positive, reps on your own followed by three negative reps where your partner helps you lift the weight. The choice is really yours so long as you can perform the negatives without injuring yourself.

Another popular approach is to perform drop sets in place of negatives. With drop sets, you generally use a much lighter weight than your 5RM, such as your 15RM weight, and you do the drop set as quickly after your 5RM set as you can. You can continue working out with your 5RM weights at the same volume you?ve been using and then do additional drop sets; or, you can use less volume with your 5RM weight and add drop sets.

Alternatively, you can continue to increment your weights on up to your 4RM or your 3RM. You can also add drop sets to these workouts. The only caveat is to watch out for failure. With such few reps, failure can come on rather quickly.

Of course, if you don?t want to use any of above-discussed methods, you can always continue working with your 5RM weights. Choosing this approach is beneficial because the 5RM weights are heavy enough to remain productive for two more weeks.

Sample Workout Log

The following pages provide a sample workout log for an entire HST cycle. Although the log is rather generic, it should be enough to get you started with your own HST cycle. Please feel free to print and use it for your own HST cycles.

The first page is dedicated to finding your 15RM, 10RM, and 5RM weights. As you can see, the first page is organized into a row-column arrangement. There are spaces for you to write in your exercises, the dates on which you train, the amount of weight you use, and the number of repetitions you perform. There are also spaces for you to write in the weights and repetitions you use for your warm-ups (WU). The information you record on the first page will help, and indeed enable, you to set up the rest of your HST cycle.

The mesocycles are identified by ?15RM,? ?10RM,? ?5RM,? and ?5RM +.? The last mesocycle implies that you will go beyond your 5RM by performing negatives, drop sets, or working toward your 4RM or 3RM. Of course, you can continue working with your 5RM if you want.

Each mesocycle spans two pages. For instance, the first three workouts of the 15s are on the page labeled ?15RM,? and the following three workouts of the 15s are on the second page labeled ?15RM.?

Exercises are bundled together in pairs. It is hoped that this will help you superset pairs of exercises that work antagonistic muscle groups. This will greatly speed up your workouts.

Estimated rest times are specified for each mesocycle. The rest times are loosely related to the amount of weight used in each mesocycle. Certainly, you can choose your own rest times, if you wish.

As mentioned in Parts One through Four, after you set up your HST cycle, you need to take a 9-16 day SD to reset the muscles? level of conditioning, and prepare them for the upcoming heavy loads.


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Good luck,

Charles T. Ridgely

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