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Lakehead University Graduation - May 28, 2005

Lakehead University Graduation - May 28, 2005

After four years of time and money, I've finally graduated from university, receiving two degrees - Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pure Mathematics. I also earned a Minor in Geography.

All in all, I would say the BA in Math was the hardest to get, but I'm happy they are both over with now. I suspect my future will involve webdesign and computers, but it is nice to have a backup plan. I may possibly do a year of teacher's college (B.Ed) and become a teacher, but ideally I would like to be employed as a webmaster, as I'm currently doing (it's just a matter of getting more work in the field).

Matt Canning: Honours Bachelor of Science (H.BSc) Degree in Psychology

Matt Canning: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Pure Mathematics


I was pleased with the ceremony today. I didn't much like the fact it took place at 9AM, but I suppose that was a logistics thing. I normally go to bed at 5AM and Saturday I had to wake up at 6:30 to get to the community auditorium by 8AM. I tried to go to sleep at 1AM, but I ended up laying in bed until 3:30 where I went to watch part of a movie for an hour then went to sleep again. Altogether I got around 45 minutes of sleep. Which is obvious as I'm 1/2 a zombie in the pictures, the one below being a good example of that (with my sister Lisa).

Matt & Lisa Canning

I also need to buy a new digital camera. (1) The quality on this one is poor, (2) it takes far too much battery power, and (3) it takes far too much time to ready itself for the first / next picture.

The CAW union workers were still on strike, doing what they could to disrupt graduation (a day I spent four years slaving for). I was extremely disheartened and disappointed by that, and the union lost all my support...


So I'm finally done school, and so far I've been quite enjoying the break. I am currently in the process of completing a Spring course (Geography 4950 - Strategies of Environmental Management) as part of my requirements for the Lakehead University's Certificate Program in Environmental Management. After this course is complete, I have one more half credit course to complete to achieve the certificate. I will take that course in the Fall.

Overall, my experiences with Lakehead University were excellent. I enjoyed the majority of the courses and the instructors were great as well. The ratio of good professors to bad ones is probably 9:1, so it's safe to say that most courses will be taught by a friendly and fair professor.


From The Chronicle Journal:

Big Day for LU; More than 1,500 graduate

By Chen Chekki - The Chronicle-Journal

May 29, 2005

By Sandi Krasowski of The Chronicle Journal

New Lakehead University graduate Ieva Geneviciene has some fun with hubby Vytas and new baby Elija as they place a grad cap on the child's head

Completing a degree in physics and math was an “unbelievable” experience, Ieva Geneviciene said Saturday.

“I can’t believe until I see (the degree) and touch it,” the international student from Lithuania said before receiving her bachelor’s degree at Lakehead University’s convocation ceremonies.

For Sean Hannaford, who received a BA in English, graduation won’t sink in until he goes home with his degree.

“This is just another day until I can go home and look back and reflect on it,” the 26-year-old said.

Several hundred graduates appeared at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, forming some of the approximately 1,900 new graduates. The university produced fewer graduates than last year, but pumped out a rising number of master’s-level grads.

The school also granted five PhDs, more than in any previous year.

LU president Fred Gilbert said graduations bring together a different mix of family and friends every year, and did not declare its 41st convocation to be any more special than the last.

“Let’s hope it’s the best ever,” he said, minutes before making his appearance at the first of two convocation sessions held Saturday.

The graduation turned out to be among the most memorable events for Karen Jackson, who received the president’s award from LU.

She has received other academic awards in the past, but considers LU’s award to be the most significant recognition she has received in her life.

“I don’t think that I can ever think of the words to describe it,” Jackson said.

The 22-year-old received her degree in forestry and will be heading to a master’s-level program in her field so she can become a registered professional forester.

Attending teaching school is next on Geneviciene’s to-do list at LU. She said the university gives far more attention to its students than schools give in her home country.

The 23-year-old spent two years in post-secondary school in Lithuania before transferring her course credits to LU. She said teachers back home don’t answer student questions as well as they do in Canada.

Geneviciene was surprised to find that professors in Canada spend time in their offices just to answer student questions. At first, she didn’t know what teachers meant by “office hours.”

International students pay twice as much as locals, Geneviciene said. She has no regrets about spending the extra money because “I can say I learned much more than two years in Lithuania.”

She’s not sure if she will move back to Lithuania or stay in Canada, but she plans to teach for a year in Canada after finishing teaching school.

Hannaford is considering a career in law enforcement.

The Brampton resident currently owes more than $25,000 for his education, which he said is the kind of thing that adds up to a “scary” situation for many graduating students.

LU conferred honorary degrees on Phil Fontaine and Maude Barlow.

Barlow is an author and activist who opposes corporate globalization and the buying and selling of the world’s water supply.

Fontaine was re-elected as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations in 2003 and exposed abuses within the residential school system.

Both honorary degree recipients received the recognition in absentia because of the dispute between LU and its striking maintenance workers.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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