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Review of Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Supplements Supplement Reviews Whey Protein Supplement Reviews Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion

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Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Review by Matt C.

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Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion

Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion is the current whey protein concentrate and isolate product sold by Gaspari Nutrition. I admit that I am a big fan of Gaspari Nutrition because I consider SIZEON to be such an amazing product and still to this day, without a doubt, the best supplement I have taken from any company at any time out of all of the supplements which I have ever consumed. I would say that although SIZEON is the best product I have tried in the Gaspari lineup, that the company as a whole is quite solid and I always look forward to trying their new products, or products which they have had out for some time, but that are still new to me. Myofusion is advertised as having the optimal ratio of whey protein concentrate and isolate, egg albumen and milk protein isolate. I will review the product based on a variety of characteristics outlined below:

What's In It?:


Each serving of Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion contains 127 calories with 25 grams of protein. That is roughly what I would hope for in a protein powder, as 25 grams of protein is a decent amount of protein to consume in one sitting. Some people consume more than that, but most serious weight trainers or other athletes will not likely consume much less, so I consider it to be a good amount. Myofusion has 27 calories from fat, 30mg of cholesterol, and 5 grams of total carbohydrates per serving. As far as the label claim is concerned, these all fall within the parameters of what I would consider to be a decent product as far as what I expect in a protein powder.


I tried the "Milk Chocolate" flavour of Gaspari Myofusion and I have to say, I am a big fan of the taste. My preference for protein powders is chocolate flavour if I am just mixing the protein in a cup with milk, although I have found vanilla to be enjoyable if blended with fruit in a blender. As far as trying this product with milk in a cup is concerned, I have to say that the milk chocolate flavour was very good and fairly easy to drink.


Myofusion blends well in a blender but on that note, most protein powders do. I would analyze the solubiilty of a protein powder based on other tests, such as how well it remains mixed when sitting in a blender in the fridge all day, or simply mixed in a cup with milk. What I do is pour a tall glass of milk and then pour the protein powder in it. I used two scoops and mixed it and the protein shake I made was a little bit chunky but that is to be expected for a larger amount of protein. With less protein this is not as much of a problem and if you continually mix the protein in the cup, it will be fine even with larger quantities of protein. In fact, I would even say that the solubility of this product is excellent with higher volumes of protein. As long as you stir well initially the protein shake you make should be fine even with two scoops. I would say that this puts the product in an above average position in this category in relation to other protein products in the industry.

Side Effects:

Even while consuming two scoops of MyoFusion at one time, I did not experience any negative side effects from the product. I rarely have a negative reaction to protein supplements or to almost anything in terms of other supplements or food and this product was no exception. There have been times where I have felt some very mild discomfort, but that is pretty rare for me and MyoFusion was not an example of such a food item which has done that.


Protein is just protein and although many different protein companies make extravagant claims about how much greater the absorption of their protein is in comparison to other products on the market or whole foods, the fact is, protein is basically just protein. Yes, the bio-availability of protein in a protein powder will be slightly different than protein from egg whites or tuna fish or from other protein powders, but it will not be something magical which will see you experience vastly greater gains than ever before. Although some protein supplement ads do say exactly that, it is simply not the case. I select a protein product on the basis of protein content, overall nutritional quality, taste, and solubility. To that end, MyoFusion is a solid product.

Overall Review:

With any supplement, I can only review it based on my personal experience. I had read a claim online that MyoFusion's contents did not meet the label claims, but until someone can substantiate those claims in a legal arena where I can state it as fact, I will have to assume that the contents of MyoFusion are accurately reflected in the label claims. As such, I am pleased with the protein content of the product as well as the overall nutritional content and quality. I am also very pleased with the solubility of this product and I would consider it to mix at least as well if not better than most protein products on the market. I experienced no side effects from MyoFusion and I would say that overall it is a good supplement to have around for a post-workout protein shake or to get protein in your system at other points during the day. I would recommend this product and look forward to finishing off the rest of the five pound tub that I picked up from the Gaspari Nutrition booth at the 2011 Toronto Pro.

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Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion - 2 lbs Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion - 2 lbs
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