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Fish Nutritional Information

FISH - Dietary Benefits

Fish has high nutritional value and should be included in the diet. Many recommend eating one or two servings of fish per week in a bodybuilding diet.

Fish contains protein, and best of all, the quality of the protein it contains is very high. The protein rating of fish is 70, meaning fish has the correct combination of amino acids to effectively use 70% of the protein it contains. This is among the best in terms of natural protein sources. Shell-fish is also very high in quality protein, and both fish and shell-fish have a very low fat content.

Benefits of Fish Oil

Many bodybuilders supplement their diets with a fish oil, which many experts say is effective for preventing coronary artery diseases.

Aside from being an excellent source of protein and being low in fat, fish contains essential vitamins & minerals and amino acids. Some items of nutritional value that fish contains include iodine, fluorine, magnesium, iron and copper, which can add quality to your diet.

A serving of fish can also provide 10% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D. Other than this, you can obtain good levels of thiamin, riboflavin and niacin from a serving of fish each day, adding to the total recommended daily allowance necessary for those minerals.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which is known to lower overall levels of "bad" cholesterol (LDL) in the blood.


Since fish is high in protein and low in fat, it should be used as a protein source by those seeking a healthy diet several times a week. As a goal, try to eat two servings of fish per week. There is an excellent variety of fish available for you to consider:

F ish is an excellent source of very high quality protein, and any bodybuilder or recreational athlete can benefit by including fish in their diet.


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