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ErgoPharm Clearshot Review By Matt C

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ErgoPharm Clearshot


My goal is to review each and every supplement available on the market today. There are so many categories of supplements which each contain numerous brand names and products and there are new categories and products coming out each month. Although it is a major task, I have every intention of fulfilling this goal over time. I have reviewed supplements of a variety of categories and at this point, I have a keen interest in reviewing energy products of all sorts. Today, the product I will be reviewing is called "Clearshot" by ErgoPharm. It is the "Spiced Apple" flavour which is the only one currently available [check the links on this page to see if that has changed]. Energy products such as this one can be used both during a workout or just during the day to get a boost in energy. I have decided to use it in both cases so that I can make this review as balanced as possible.


ErgoPharm Clearshot contains various ingredients which will be discussed below:

L-Citrulline Malate

Technically speaking, Citrulline is said to perform a few key functions which can be useful to the bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. It increases NO production, reduces lactic acid and ammonia, increases ATP and phosphocreatine recovery, all of which can help improve the quality of your workout and increase your energy levels as it relates to the gym.

Zingerone (Extract Of Ginger)

Zingerone is said to prevent fat storage and this has been studied scientifically. For a complete review, check out "Antiobesity actions of Zingiber officinale Roscoe" by Han et al., linked below from the National Center for Biotechnology Information website:


Caffeine is obviously a very popular stimulant. and one of the most popular drugs today. Yes, caffeine is a drug like any other and should be viewed as such. Although caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol have mainstream acceptance, this does not mean they are not drugs. Having said that, caffeine is not a particularly dangerous drug, especially if used properly and some people do use it over the course of their entire lifetimes and seem to be perfectly healthy. It is also an extremely well studied and well documented drug which we know the effects of. When it comes to working out, caffeine is an ergogenic and thus an ergogenic aid for the bodybuilder or fitness buff. It increases the body's ability for labor, both of the mental and physical variety, both of which are important during an intense workout. Clearshot contains 125mg of caffeine per serving, which is about the equivalent in a large coffee. This should naturally give a person an edge in a workout, particularly if they have a low tolerance for caffeine. My tolerance for caffeine is quite low, so I always feel the effects pretty significantly which is of course helpful if I am looking forward to a high energy / high intensity workout.

Geranamine (1,3-Dimethylamylamine, Constituent Of Geranium Oil)

Geranamine is a simple aliphatic amine. It is used as a nasal decongestant but has been marketed by some companies as a supplement used in conjunction with caffeine in energy products such as Clearshot. In that capacity, it acts as a thermogenic or general purpose stimulant. Some side effects are known to exist, and you should research any ingredient before you try it. Not enough evidence is currently available to ban this substance or classify it as a pharmaceutical drug, thus I do not deem it to be particularly dangerous. However, as a general rule, I prefer to consume supplements where I am well aware of the side effects and those are best understood in supplements which have the most scientific backing, as some supplements or ingredients do not have a great deal of research to back them up one way or another.


The "Spiced Apple" Clearshot was smooth and is not thick whatsoever. It requires no mixing and no shaking although I did shake it before drinking it anyway, in part just out of habit.


The "Spiced Apple" Clearshot was delicious. I am a pretty consistent non-drinker and have only consumed alcohol in my life around 15 times in total, perhaps 20 at the very most, and perhaps even under 15. However, I do specifically remember drinking a shot of an alcoholic drink once which had the same type of feeling. It went down smooth and it immediately warmed up my entire stomach and body! I could feel it in my throat and my stomach and I got a flush feeling in my face upon drinking it. It was not difficult to drink, but it was very robust in taste - exactly what you would expect of a "Spiced Apple" flavoured drink. It was quite enjoyable - not something that I would drink casually like water, but something along the lines of "Spicy Hot V8", which I find makes a great drink from time to time, but is very unique and not something I would just drink all day long. In shot form, I think Clearshot is perfect.


At the moment, I am using SizeOn by Gaspari Nutrition, which incidentally is my favourite creatine product [and I am using for the third time in the past two years] and one which I find is perfectly adequate on its own - i.e., I do not need to use anything in conjunction with it and I get tremendous effects from it. However, I decided to use the Clearshot anyway, both during my workout and afterwards, to see what the effects were like. Since the effects of Clearshot are distinct from the effects of Gaspari's SizeOn, I knew I would be able to differentiate the two and discuss the effectiveness of Clearshot.

I took Clearshot 10-15 minutes prior to my workout as recommended and I felt the effects immediately in the way that it woke my body up - it almost simulated a small oven in my stomach and it immediately warmed up my body and made me feel more aware and alive. The full effects kicked in shortly before my workout and I found the effects made Clearshot a worthwhile supplement. I did a chest workout and used relatively light weight on the bench press, going from 135-225 pounds for 8-15 reps, then followed that up with flat bench press using 80-90 pound dumbbels for high reps also. I didn't find that my strength went up to any noteworthy level, but I did notice an overall feeling of euphoria very similar to the overall day-to-day lasting effects of euphoria I achieve while consuming BCAA supplements. My gym experience felt more pleasurable and not painful in the least, and my increased blood flow felt good. I felt somewhat hot at the beginning, but that subsided and a nice, moderate peak lasted for the majority of my workout. I also found that I felt happier than usual when it came to talking to others in the gym. I would say the effects were more mental than physical, as my strength did not go up very much but I did feel mentally focussed above my usual level and my energy was higher. I would say that Clearshot has "feel-good" properties which make it worth taking, as well as the benefit of waking me up before and during my workout above the level that I would achieve naturally.

I also decided to use Clearshot as I wrote this review! That way I could experience the effects during the review to truly understand the effects and not simply rely on memory. Of course I am not having a workout as we speak, but I am writing this review at a very fast pace in part due to the mental energy and alertness I have achieved from the Clearshot. It is much like a large cup of coffee in that sense, at least for people like me who have a low tolerance for caffeine. The benefit that I can point out above and beyond a cup of coffee is that it immediately wakes me up as soon as it hits me and it makes my body feel warm just after being consumed. Also, I find that while coffee stains my teeth, Clearshot does not which is another benefit.

Overall Review:

Overall, I liked the Clearshot supplement very much and would like to use it every day, but I think part of the reason why it worked so well for me is because I have a low tolerance for caffeine in general. If I were to use caffeine or other energy products on a daily basis, I would not experience the effects as strongly as I do when I take them sporadically as I do now. Having said that, it is important for me to point out that if you have a high tolerance for caffeine I don't imagine the effectiveness of Clearshot would be as high for you as it was for me because caffeine is one of the active ingredients at 125mg per serving. You can order a pack of 12 for $35.95, but each bottle contains two servings for a total of 24 servings per purchase which works out to around $1.50 per serving or around $30 per month if you were to use it five days per week during your workouts. I prefer to take energy supplements more moderately and not make them a daily thing since I believe in moderation overall, especially for products which contain caffeine. Although my strength did not increase, Clearshot definitely woke me up and made me experience greater levels of euphoria and mental well-being during my workout. I rate Clearshot a 9/10 and will order it again to use moderately in the future during workouts, especially during those workouts where I want greater mental alertness and ability to focus beyond my usual levels.

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