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Review of Double-T Sports CreaDyl Supplements Supplement Reviews Nitric Oxide Supplement Reviews Double-T Sports CreaDyl

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Double-T Sports CreaDyl Review by Matt C.

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Double-T Sports CreaDyl

Nutrition Information:


Double-T Sports CreaDyl

The Claim:

"Pre-workout Intensity and Focus Activator"

This is typical of most pre-workout supplement claims and is true of this supplement as well although I considered it to be a rather weak effect [more on this under the "Effectiveness" category below.

"A Safe Thermogenic Burst"

The ingredients are safe in my opinion so I would agree with this claim.

"Intracellular Phosphocreatine Saturation Capabilities"

This is a scientific claim and I would have to review any scientific literature on the subject to see if it is accurate.

"Maintain Electrolyte Reinforcement Throughout Training Event"

Some of the ingredients in this product would be conducive to proper electrolyte balance so I would agree with this claim.

"Sustain Explosive Strength and Muscle Volume"

I do not think that this product was particularly effective in terms of the claim stated above.

"Provide Post-Training Recovery"

Some of the ingredients in this product are capable of providing-training recovery.

"Create an Enhanced Nitrogen Retaining Environment Within the Cell"

Again, some of the ingredients in this product would be conducive towards this effect.

Since Double-T Sports CreaDyl gave a more or less honest list of qualities I consider the product claim. Overall in terms of the product claims, I would rate the product 6/10.


I tried the "Orange Cream" flavour and I thought that it was one of the worst tasting supplements that I have tried in quite some time. In fact, I would have to say it is certainly the worst tasting supplement I have tried in recent memory. However, I do recall other pre-workout supplements which have tasted as bad and as a general rule, most pre-workouts do. I would say that today, a lot of the companies have been better at masking the horrible tastes of certain ingredients but not all of them have. In terms of taste, I would rate this product a 3/10.


I mixed one serving of CreaDyl with 500 mL of water and it mixed fairly well but did settle to the bottom somewhat if left sitting in the bottle for a minute or two. Having said that, it was not too bad in this category and I would rate it a 7/10.


I used Double-T Sports CreaDyl for my chest workout as outlined below:

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Flat Barbell Bench Press:

45X10, 135X8, 185X6, 200X21, 225X9, 245X3, 265X2, [225X9, 135X15, 45X20 - drop-set]

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press:

70sX10, 100sX5.5

Pec Deck Fly:

80X15, 100X8, [80X8, 60X8, 40X8] Although I did not get a video of my bench press of 200X21 reps I did get a video from last week where I got 24 and 1/2 reps and I posted it on my YouTube channel, FitnessByMatt:

I felt that this was a pretty good chest workout, but not necessarily above average one [typically, my workouts are pretty good so that is not necessarily saying much]. I was happy with the results but by no means were my socks knocked off or anything like that.

Here are photos taken during my workout [click for larger size]:

I also used Double-T Sports CreaDyl for the back [deadlift] workout outlined below:

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011



135X8, 225X6, 315X4, 365X1, 405X1, 475X1, 405X3 [reps had 5-10 second pause before each additional rep].

I wore shoes during some of the sets, but not during the heavier sets [405+]. My 475 deadlift was the second heaviest I have ever done before. I have done 475 before and managed to get 480 once and I am happy to be back into that range again after taking some time off. I am quite confident that I will be able to get 485 the next time I try it and hopefully 500 is not outside the realm of possibility. However, my form is not the greatest when I do 475 as shown in the video below:

This was a fulfilling workout given that I achieved a deadlift close to my previous max. As said, I am hoping that I achieve 500 sometime soon and the next maximum single I will try for will be 485 which I am quite confident in achieving.

Below are some photos taken immediately after my workout:

Matt Canning - Double-T Sports CreaDyl Review

Matt Canning - Double-T Sports CreaDyl Review

This was a pretty good workout and I was pleased with it and obviously I am not going to complain about any workout where I achieve a lift close to my best ever. For my best ever deadlift, you can view the video below where I hit 480, although with form even more loose than the video above:

In terms of effectiveness I rate Double-T Sports CreaDyl a 4/10.

Overall Review:

I felt that this supplement was alright, but nothing special. Normally I am a fan of orange flavoured supplements although I have to make an exception for this one. I think that this supplement contains some good ingredients but the effectiveness was so weak that I could barely discern this workout from a workout without using a supplement at all, and in fact I think it might actually be impossible for me to even claim that it did. Overall it is difficult for me to say much good on the supplement and I award it a score of 5/10.

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Double-T Sports CreaDyl - 640 Grams Double-T Sports CreaDyl - 640 Grams
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