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Paul Dillett
January 11, 2002

Since the 2000 Night of Champions, we have not seen or heard of Paul Dillett. But this year, Paul is coming back, and rumors of a possible comeback has been stirring. Here is the latest of Paul Dillett, and his ongoing problems with the law and bodybuilding.

Paul Dillett, interviewed by Ron Avidan.

  • Paul, I heard you are getting back into bodybuilding. So when is your next contest?

      I am debating on doing the May 4th Southwest USA Pro in Dallas, Texas, but I don?t want to be obligated to it in case I am not ready. I did, however, sign the contract for Night of the Champions in New York on May 18th. I intend to come into the contest lighter than I normally would be, but I am aiming more for a sleek physique, as tight as I can possibly be. My goal is to be 265 pounds, 15 pounds lighter than I was for the last Night of Champions two years ago.

  • What about the IFBB Pro card for 2002? Are you registered?

      Wayne DeMilia sent me the application, I filled it up, and Wayne should have it on his desk. I intend to have my pro registration complee, and there should be no problem for the shows this year.

  • So, what have you been up to?

      I am been laying low for a while, and now I will come back with a vengeance. The last show I did was the Night of Champion in 2000. I am 36 years old now, took a long layoff, and now I am hungry all over again! I had it all, and lost it all in the last two years!

      A few weeks after the Night of Champions contest in 2000, I had my shoulder operated on. Even though I was eligible, I did not compete in the 2000 Olympia while my shoulder was recovering. During that weekend, I got arrested in Las Vegas. That changed my life completely.

      Regarding the arrest in October 2000, it was all about a car that I sold to someone. I got indicted because when the person that bought my car got arrested, they found the car in his garage, and it was still registered to me. They tried to charge me with 'conspiracy to money laundering', all because the car was in the garage. It is absurd, and I will clear my name. Most of my time has been spent now with the lawyers working on clearing this up. This has cause great pain for me, but I feel 2002 will be a great year. With this arrest, 2001 was a very stressful year. I was so stressed out and depressed, it was hard to train. All you can do is think on how one day, your life is so great, and with the snap of a finger, your life can turn upside down.

      I lost my contract with Met-Rx, I separated with my wife, and for a time there, it was just like Murphy?s Law. Everything that can go wrong, did go wrong. I went from having 2 homes and 4 cars to nothing.

  • And how are you doing now?

      Everyday I get up, and I thank God that I have my health and my strength. As long as I have that, then I am a rich man! It seems right now that everything is gone, but at the same time, fortuantely, it is not a dream for me to work hard and get it all back. I have a means of getting it all back. I will not feel sorry for myself. I will get back into the gym, and back onto the stage.

  • What do you do now?

      I train various clients at Gold?s Gym in Las Vegas, and I am working at a new website, PD Fitness Dolls.

  • What is PD Fitness Dolls?

      Now that I am competing again, I am going to promote my website. My website is not about me, it is about girls. Girls that work out. Beautiful girls. Sexy women. I want it to be something special. It has one picture of me, and lots of wonderful women. Eventually, there will be some information about me on there too, but my main thing is to showcase beautiful fitness girls. There will be a members area, and a shopping cart area, where you can purchase pictures and videos from the fitness girls. Check it out at

  • Who do you talk to now, from the bodybuilding world?

      Lee Priest has always been a good friend of mine! Shawn Ray was the only bodybuilder who came to my aid when I needed help. Shawn is a good person for someone to talk to. Shawn comes to Vegas a lot. Also, Stan McCrary, who is a great guy. I also hanged out with Dexter Jackson at the NPC Nationals last November. I also talk to Flex once in a while too, and he is doing pretty good.

  • What was the reason you moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas two years ago?

      We did not live in Los Angeles, we lived in Laguna, away from the Venice bodybuilding scene. At the time, my wife and I agreed to move from Laguna, California to Las Vegas. She got her nursing degree, and Las Vegas was an excellent market for nursing. It sounded good at the time for us.

  • I heard you were in a car accident in the summer of 2001?

      I was in a major car accident 14 weeks out from the Olympia, in July 2001. A kid driving a Bronco ran into my driver?s side door. I was in a convertible Jaguar, and my car was demolished. I ended up with a fracture hip, and was in the hospital for 3 days. It took me five months to recover from that. I stopped training completely from that, and just started 3 weeks ago, right before Christmas.

  • We heard that you were arrested on January 2, 2002? What?s up with that?

      There was an outstanding warrent that was never taken out of the system? I was in jail for a day, my lawyer cleared it up, and it?s done. Regardless of the rumors, I can go to any state I want. I will be in Ohio to watch the Arnold Classic at the end of February, and you can find me in a booth here and there. And I will also be at the Ironman in California, checking out the latest bodybuilders.

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