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Detour Detour Bars Review By Marc Skaf

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Detour Bar Review

I have done a lot of reviews on protein bars and it is difficult for me to get excited or even surprised by the taste of a protein bar. However, this is the first time I have had a Detour bar and wow, this is something else! Despite not being the highest protein content in a bar, it delivers on taste, texutre and nutrition without too many calories. It's worth taking a detour to get one of these bars.

The bar that I had was Chocolate Crunchy Peanut Butter and oh man was it good. Imagine a snickers bar with 15g of protein and essentially, you get what this bar is. With a blend of artificial and real sugar, the bar has 6g of sugar in it, but it is very sweet. Maybe a lil too sweet for some people, but if you have a sweet-tooth then this will ease that craving for a pure chocolate bar. What I liked about this bar is that it had real peanuts underneath that silky layer of chocolate and caramel drizzle. This obviously creates a nice texture contrast between the protein filled soft layer which makes up 80% of this bar. The other 15% is the caramel and peanut mixture which is layered above the protein, and then the other 5% is the chocolate that drapes over the entire bar. I would say this bar is a bit sweeter than many of those out there, but so far that is the only "complaint" that I have with this bar. I have never heard of Neotame as a sweetener and I am not sure if it does give a sweeter taste than other sweeteners, but it may contribute.

So as I said before the Detour bar might not exactly be the "dieters" bar,it does have 17g of carbs and 6g of sugar. You can find bars that have 0g of sugar, but use sugar alcohols which still have calories but do not cause any changes to insulin production. Also, this bar has 7g of fat, which is not abnormally high and tends to be more on the lower side for protein bars. Lots of people always ask me why protein bars have so much fat in them and that is what generally turns them off when buying a protein bar such as the Detour for consumption. Well, the simple matter of the fact is that producers of such bars have to use oils which are hydrogenated, the Detour bar, along with many others use Palm Kernel Oil, which leads to a higher fat content but is necessary to keep the bar from melting and being shelf-stable. But also, in defense of the Detour bar it does have peanuts in it which do contribute to the bar having more fat, but at least you know where it is coming from. The 15g of protein is helpful, it's a good snack and it does leave you feeling satisfied for long enough that you can get to your next meal. And that's what these bars are meant for, they aren't to get you jacked but more of just a way to get by or satisfy some craving between meals without feeling guilty of eating a chocolate bar that may not have any significant nutritional value. That being said, the benefit is up to you, I know these come handy when you have a long day of classes and need a convenient snack that offers more than just carbs and fat, and trust me after you have one of these you won't crave any desserts later.

Detour has made a good product here in terms of what they were trying to achieve. It tastes great, it has a significant amount of protein to make it useful, and appealing. This might not be the bar for the hardcore gym freaks out there, but it would be a good bar for fitness enthusiasts who still want to have something sweet without feeling to guilty about it. Another thing I like about it is that it makes for a good snack when you're on the go or have a busy day ahead of you. Not only does it taste good, but its something to look forward to. So is this bar worth a detour? I would say so.

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