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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Interview: Dave Pulcinella Interviews Dave Pulcinella


Top amateur bodybuilder Pulcinella has been featured in the excellent "Raising the Bar"documentary produced by his brother Mike which detailed his journey to his victory at the 2004 Mr. Delaware contest. In this interview, Dave speaks alittle about the "Raising the Bar" DVD as well as the new "Raising the Bar II" DVD coming out, and also his career in bodybuilding and his life outside of it.

David Pulcinella - Raising the Bar (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $29.95

The original "Raising the Bar" DVD. Click below for a complete review.

==> Raising the Bar - The Battle for the 2004 NPC Delaware State, East Coast Classic DVD REVIEW

Dave Pulcinella Kneeling Pose

  • When and where were you born?

      I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 26th, 1964. It was Thanksgiving day and my mom had just sat down to Thanksgiving dinner when I decided I wanted to come out!!! She still hasn't forgiven me for that!!

  • What are your goals in bodybuilding?

      My goals in bodybuilding at this point are simple: winning the overall in an IFBB pro qualifier without killing myself.

  • Soon you will competing in the Masters North America Championships. How do you think you will do? Do you think you will turn pro?

      I never assume anything and I certainly dont think I'm going to walk in there and be handed the overall and a pro card. I will say this though: I'm going to do everything I can to take that overall title. I've won the heavies there for the past two years so I don't think it's out of the question.

  • A bodybuilder needs to train very hard, eat multiple times in a day, rest properly and use supplements. What supplements do you currently use in your training?

  • When did you begin bodybuilding?

      I started bodybuilding when I was 12 years old. If you've seen the first "Raising the bar" DVD, you saw a little of my history there. My brother dug up some pretty good pictures of my skinny ass when I first started.

      Dave Pulcinella Standing Relaxed Pose

  • Do you currently have any sponsors?

      I have no sponsors!! Never have and probably never will!! I do this totally on my own. It's a damned expensive sport with zero financial rewards. I found that it's difficult to get someone to pay you money just for having a lumpy body!! There's not a huge demand for that in the real world!!

  • What are your opinions on training partners?

      Training partners mostly SUCK!! However, when you do finally find a good one, it can really add to the workout experience. I have gone through about a dozen training partners in the past five years or so. Either they don't show up, or they're late, or their intensity sucks, or they're more about bullshitting than training, etc, etc.

  • If you could make any changes to bodybuilding so that it is more accepted by the general public, what would those changes be?

      Bodybuilding will never be accepted by the general public and we need to stop pretending that theres this magical "something" we can do to make it be accepted. The average person can't relate. End of story.

      Dave Pulcinella Standing Kneeling Biceps Pose

  • What are your opinions on the PDI?

      I guess competition is always good. maybe the existence of the PDI will force the IFBB to do things differently. Who knows? Other than that, the PDI as it stands right now, is a poor man's IFBB, in my opinion.

  • What are your opinions of

      I love getbig!! It's like being in sixth grade again!! Everybody is so rude, crude and obnoxious, but at the end of the day, it's all in good fun. Do NOT attempt to get good bodybuilding advice on there though.


      Dave Pulcinella Abs & Thigh Pose Pose

  • What are your opinions of your fellow Masters competitors?

      It's always good to talk to fellow Masters guys because they have been down the same road as me and have seen the sport evolve over the years. We remember the AAU and body part awards and the "couples" division! lol!

  • What are your plans after bodybuilding?

      I would like to build my Nutrifit business even more and perhaps get into real estate like Jay [Cutler]. I also intend on traveling and seeing the world which is something I was never able to do due to the restraints of this sport.

  • What would you recommend for those who would like to pursue a career in bodybuilding?

      Think again!!

  • What do you think about drugs in bodybuilding?

      The drugs are necessary to achieve anything of any significance in this sport. Unfortunate but true. The good lord did not give us the requisite amounts of hormones to do this naturally. It's just that simple. Amounts and dosages continue to escalate, of course. As the sport progresses, so do the drugs amounts. Scary! I remember a guy at a show once telling me he was using three grams a week and that blew my mind. Now that is a low end number.


      Dave Pulcinella Front Lat Spread Pose Pose

  • Do you agree with Nasser El Sonbaty when he said that 95% of bodybuilders use synthol?

      Synthol is way more common than people know. Most people associate that "plastic" look with a synthol user, but most top level national and certainly all top level pros, use it. Smart use of synthol really can't be detected. It's just a subtle enhancement of that particular muscle.



  • Who were some of your influences in bodybuilding?

      This is so cliche, but Arnold, of course. He was winning his Olympias when I first got into the sport. (Damn, I'm old!)

  • Who were some of your influences in life (family, friends, etc)?

      My friend Kenny Weiss. He was a short class Mr. America winner (back when the AAU Mr. America was the biggest show in the country). He taught me so much about diet and cardio and training, etc. I was losing local contests when I met him, and in a year, was winning regional and national AAU shows. My buddy Timmy Covert was and is the most intense sonofabitch I've ever trained with. My parents were both great role models for me as a person too. I lucked out in that area.

  • What do women think about your physique?

      There's usually no middle ground with this. They either hate it...or love it. Fortunately for me, it's always been the fat chicks that hate it and the hot ones that love it. Works out very neatly that way!

      Dave Pulcinella Hands Clasped Most Muscular Pose

  • Tell us about your life outside of bodybuilding.

      I run my own business called "Nutrifit Weight Management Systems". I've been in business for about 15 years now. I help all kinds of people achieve their fitness goals through nutrition and exercise counceling. I also have been playing piano since I was 12, although I had to sell my piano about 15 years ago when I had moved. Well, I recently went out and bought a brand new grand piano for my living room. Now I spend at least an hour a day playing!

  • What is your current nutrition program like?

      I am currently eating about 4000 calories per day. The breakdown is mostly protein, moderate fats, and low carbohydrates. I will do this until about six weeks out, then adjust to bring myself in ripped!! I eat every two hours.

  • Tell us all about your new DVD, Raising the Bar 2!

      It's actually my brother's DVD, I just happen to be the subject matter. It was such a surprise to both of us when the first "Raising the Bar" did as well as it did because this DVD was just going to be for us and for laughs. Somehow it got out there and people liked it. I think this new one brings even more to the table as far as behind-the scenes material and the sacrifices that these people are willing to make for a sport with seemingly so little reward. It also shows what happens to me when I decide to take it from the local stage to a national one.

      Dave Pulcinella Right Side Chest Pose

  • Tell us about some of your feats of strength in the gym.

      There ARE no feats of strength these days!! Those days are long gone, bro! I train very defensively now. Lots of warmup and high reps, moderate weight. I know, how booooring!!! But it's the truth. Leave the feats of strength for those who don't mind tearing stuff!!

  • Have you noticed any age related decreases in performance as you have gotten older?

      The only age related limitation, as I said, is the fact that I require a little more warmup and have to train a little more defensively. Other than that, I respond better than ever!

  • How long do you expect to continue to compete?

      As long as I can improve from year to year I will continue. As soon as either my placings or my physique begin to decline, it's time to hang it up and just train for health a fitness...blah!

  • What do you think of Jay Cutler's upset over Ronnie Coleman at the 2006 Mr. Olympia. Who do you think will win in 2007?

      Ronnie simply gave it away. Beginner mistake trying to come in at a certain weight when he should've been more concerned with coming in with a certain LOOK!! Ronnie's physique was a mess and he let Jay walk away with it. Having said that, though, I do believe Ronnie can take it again if he comes in shredded.

  • What would your advice be for a person just starting to train with weights?

      i would tell them to be patient. All too often, people want the results overnight. This leads to getting on gear at a wayy too early age. It also can lead to overtraining and injuries. I was so lucky to have my father's guidance when I started. He kept me from making all of those rookie mistakes.

  • Are there any bodybuilding gems you swear by? Training, nutrition, supplements, etc.

      Those who succeed in this sport are the ones who are willing to sacrifice almost everything for the sake of a title. I'm not saying this is always healthy. I'm speaking strictly in terms of what it takes to succeed. You need to be able to put aside partying, drinking, socializing, etc. Sometimes relationships with parents, siblings, girlfriends or boyfriends will suffer. I have lost many "friends" over the years by being so robotically regimented. But anything less than that level of dedication wouldn't have worked for me. My genetics aren't stellar so I always had to leave no stone unturned in my attempt to win shows...local, state, regional, national...whatever!

      Dave Pulcinella Abs & Thigh Pose Pose

  • Do you have anything else you would like to add?

      Yes Matt. Thanks so much for this opportunity to speak out and give little glimpse into who I am and what makes me tick.

Take care,

Matt Canning

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