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CytoSport Muscle Milk Review By Dave

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The Claim:

Leading scientists assessing the true role of fats in increasing lean muscle growth have shown all fats are not created equal. The type of fat determines whether you use it for muscle energy or store it as body fat! The LeanLipids™ used in Muscle Milk® promote fat loss three ways:
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), the predigested "fast burning fats," are more likely burned for muscle energy and heat than stored as fat. 20% of Muscle Milk lipids are MCTs.
  • Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids are also less likely to be stored as fat. Special enzyme engineering makes these lipids even more functional and enhanced mineral retention.
  • Recent research reveals calories with engineered lipids taken before and during workouts promote leanness. It is thought that these calories are used for workout energy, with less deposited as fat.

So, while Muscle Milk may contain slightly more fat than low-fat high-carb products, our Lean Lipids™ are designed to help you get leaner.

CytoSport Muscle Milk does contain a significant amount of fat per serving (6 grams). However, CytoSport Muscle Milk has lessened the amount of fat per serving (from 12 grams originally to 6 grams today). Also, the lack of certainty in their claim, regarding fats, is a bit worrisome. However, this is not that much extra fat in your diet (total fat = 9% of your daily need), especially if you're physically active.

EvoPro™-Nature's Ultimate Protein-Amino Blend

Unfortunately, CytoSport Muscle Milk fails to outline the amount of each amino acid present in its formula. Human milk is composed of unique and highly complex proteins, peptides and amino acids, which promote rapid muscle tissue growth. EvoPro™ includes these alpha and beta micellar caseins, alpha-lactalbumin, lactoferrin, L-glutamine and more. Nature created this precise mix to stimulate muscle growth to higher levels, and EvoPro is the ultimate nitrogen delivery source.

I wouldn't say CytoSport Muscle Milk "is the ultimate nitrogen delivery source." However, it does have a good blend of proteins within it.

Muscle Milk helps grow muscle faster than gainers, whey or even creatine. This increased muscle growth is possible because Muscle Milk is the first product patterned after Nature's ultimate anabolic food-human mother's milk. Locked within the composition of human mother's milk are long-held secrets to muscle growth potential. We took the next step and actually duplicated these important muscle growth factors into Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk helps you grow muscle like never before. They are stretching the claim a bit far at this point. Most gainers contain more protein, carbohydrates and fat than CytoSport Muscle Milk. Therefore, I would expect they would be more conducive for muscle growth (as well as weight gain if taken on a regular basis). Also, CytoSport Muscle Milk shouldn't be compared to creatine because they work synergistically and not through the same mechanisms. Furthermore, CytoSport Muscle Milk is a whey protein supplement. However, I would vote it as one of the better ones, but not to the degree that CytoSport would have you believe.

Benefits of using Muscle Milk®

Efficient Energy Production: Lean Lipids™ are special fats that are easily mobilized for workout energy, enhance your body's fat metabolism and promote protein synthesis and mineral retention.

Muscle Growth and Repair: EvoPro™ is a complex ratio of proteins, peptides and amino acids designed to replicate the amazing benefits of mother's milk for rapid tissue growth and repair.

In other words, it has the effects of a protein, carbohydrate and fat supplement.

Although CytoSport Muscle Milk's claim was on point in some areas but farfetched in others. Therefore, for the claim, I award CytoSport Muscle Milk a 4/10.


I sampled the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavour of CytoSport Muscle Milk. I was impressed. It tasted like the title implies (which isn't always the case with supplements), a mixture of peanut butter and chocolate, a delicious mixture too. Therefore, for taste, I award CytoSport's Muscle Milk Peanut Butter Chocolate flavour an 8.5/10.


In comparison to other whey protein supplements, I found that CytoSport Muscle Milk mixed relatively the same. Therefore, I was satisfied with the mixability of CytoSport Muscle Milk. I found that CytoSport Muscle Milk had a smooth and thick (depending on how much liquid is added) texture, that I really enjoyed. Therefore, for mixaiblity/texture, I award CytoSport Muscle Milk a 9/10.


The effectiveness of CytoSport Muscle Milk is nowhere near what you would expect from reading their claim. However, in comparison to other whey protein supplements, I felt that CytoSport Muscle Milk had an impressive makeup and provided a solid amount of energy. Therefore, for effectiveness in comparison to other protein supplements, I award CytoSport Muscle Milk a 7.5/10.

Overall Review:

I was impressed to see that CytoSport Muscle Milk had a vitamin and mineral blend. Also, I liked the variety of proteins and fats included in CytoSport Muscle Milk. However, you do pay for these aspects. I felt the claim was farfetched at points. The taste of CytoSport Muscle Milk was fantastic and the mixability was satisfactory, while the texture was impressive. The effectiveness, for a protein supplement, was good. Therefore, for an overall review, I award CytoSport Muscle Milk a 7.5/10.

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