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Matt Canning Current Activities

Current Activities!

Now that I've completed my university education, I have a huge gorilla off my shoulders, and I have more time to read and do the things I want, including making updates to I've decided to make a list here of things that I've been doing, which I'll keep updated.


I'm currently enrolled in GEOGRAPHY-4950- Strategies of Environmental Management course as part of the Lakehead University Environmental Mangement Certificate Program. Although I have already met the requirements for my H.BSc in Psychology and BA in Pure Mathematics, I decided that since I was only a credit away from completing it, that I would get the Certificate as well. Next I will have to take Environmental Policy (Political Science 3332), which will run Fall of 2005, and I will be done my certificate requirements.

The book I am using for the course is shown below:

I have used this book once before, in another Geography course I took at Lakehead (Resource Management), so I have already done most of the readings, and I also got the benefit from not having to buy a new book for the course. Overall I enjoy the course so far, although it is very compressed (only five weeks for one half credit course).


This is an excellent book on webdesign which I recently ordered. My goal is to make this website as user friendly as possible, and this is just the book that I need to help me to do that. I've never bought a book like this before, so I felt I would benefit from some of the tips contained inside.

I am very interested in the current debate between Evolution and Intelligent Design. Mainly because I never really got the benefit of learning about either too much in school and I want to see what we currently know and the limits of our knowledge. I appreciate intellectual discourse on the topic, and I enjoy a search for truth, rather than finding premature conclusions.

This is another book on the intelligent design topic which was written by Robert A. Herrmann, who holds a Ph.D in Pure Mathematics (and from my undergraduate work, I can appreciate the time, effort and intellect it must require to go that far in the subject). The book is enjoyable and brings up many fascinating ideas. I have enjoyed it thoroughly so far.

This is another book on the wonders of the universe, and is easy to read even though it contains some advanced science. Like the other books above, I have enjoyed what I've read of it so far.

I also read journal articles, since I have access to them as a student of Lakehead University. My current reading interests are included below:

  • Kinesiology
  • Philosophy
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Psychology

I might stay as a part time student at Lakehead for life, just to have access to the electronic journal article database. There is a wealth of information and I consider all of it to be incredibly valuable - and all for the cost required to print out the articles! It's a great deal.

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Take care,

Matt Canning

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