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Clif Nectar Cacao Bars Review By Matt C

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Clif Nectar Cacao Bars Review By Matt C.


Clif Nectar Cacao Bars

The Clif Nectar Cacao bars are one of many protein/energy bars that I have tried recently, including Clif Clif Bars which I enjoyed. I will go over various bits of information about the Clif Nectar Cacao bars and discuss my point of view and expand the review in additional categories below, finally summarizing the totality of my views in the Overall Review section at the very bottom of the page.

Nutritional Aspects of Clif Nectar Cacao Bars

CLICK HERE if you wish to view the entire nutritional information for the Clif Nectar bars. Each bar is light in calories at only 160 per bar. They contain six grams of total fat, 27 grams of total carbs, and three grams of protein. As you can see protein is low, and sugar is high at 18 grams in total. Sodium is 0 which is a good thing, and the bar does have some vitamins and minerals. Overall, this is not my ideal protein/energy bar because I am bulking up at the moment and prefer bars to be around 300 calories in total and to have about 20 grams of protein in each bar.

Now to discuss some of the specific product claims and information listed below:

"In creating our small family farm, we realized how good it feels to get back to the roots of how food is grown - understanding the soil, when to harvest and how food is best prepared."

It is a relatively recent health craze, perhaps one in the past decade or so, to seek out and consume organic foods and other such health items over and above those food items farmed using traditional agriculture methods. While I do not give this craze any particular credence and feel that traditional foods and their faults are trumped up erroneously in order to fuel this market. That said, I am very much in very of free market principles and have no problem with people selling hot air, snake oil, or any other type of product for that matter. Why? Simply because it allows the capitalist mechanism to work and over time this does indeed tend towards perfection. I am not ruling out the organic industry, simply saying that products claiming to be organic are nothing special to me personally, since I do not necessarily seek to include them in my diet.

"Our experience inspired us to make CLIF NectarŽ. Our organic fruit and nut addition to the Clif Bar family is bursting with flavor and pure to its roots. Clif Nectar is the essence of nature. The essence of simple. Eat well, and feel goof [sic] about it."

Product claims with spelling or grammatical errors are slightly concerning to me. As you can see, "good" is spelled wrong ("goof"). What I usually think about when I see typographical errors on supplement product information pages or on advertisements is whether or not those same errors carry over to the quality of the product. It is a minor spelling mistake, but these things are important to keep in mind as a general rule since my reasoning above is logical. I'm not saying that spelling mistakes are guaranteed to ensure poor product quality, but that it may reflect on a broader issue; that being that the finer details of the products are not given any attention.

This detail is in the FAQ section on the Clif Nectar Cacao Bar Product Page:

Q: Are CLIF Nectar bars kosher?

A: CLIF Nectar bars are Kosher Dairy. CLIF Nectar does not contain any dairy ingredients, however, it is produced on the same manufacturing equipment as some other products that do contain dairy ingredients. Therefore, CLIF Nectar must be labeled as Kosher Dairy.

There is more information on Kosher food items available on wikipedia:


I enjoyed the bars, although they were not my favourite bar, they were not too bad either. The aspect I enjoyed the most about the taste of the bars was the fruit in each bar. It's hard to identity exactly what I did not enjoy about the taste of the bars, but I would say it was the general taste that it was a health bar - health bars (like nitric oxide supplements), have a distinct taste and I would not say it is an enjoyable one at that. Although not horrible tasting, it just has a unique taste whereby you can essentially taste the nutritional content.

Overall Review:

While I did enjoy the Clif Nectar Cacao bars, I would have to say that overall, they are not my type of bar. I say this based on a number of considerations which are important to me, and that I would deem to be important to the average consumer or at the least, to the average consumer with similar goals as myself. In terms of nutritional content, the Clif Nectar Cacao bars are simply too low in protein and too low in overall calories for my goals. I seek to gain muscle mass and prefer bars which contain roughly 300 calories in total and 20 grams of protein each. These bars fall short of that expectation and by a considerable margin regarding protein. The cost of the bars are $15.99 for a box of nine which works out to $1.78 a bar which is a little steep for bars which are so light, at least a little steep for someone like me who does not want bars to be so light to begin with. So in that respect it is kind of adding insult to injury to have to pay more for bars which bring me further from my goals and not closer. The bars are healthy and the "Dark Chocolate Walnut" flavour tastes pretty good, and if you are seeking a light or an organic bar, then by all means look into this one. If you have other goals, then I would advise you to check out other bars. You can check out other bars in the Meal Replacement Reviews on this website as a start. :) My overall grade for this bar would be a C+.

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Clif Nectar Cacao Clif Nectar Cacao - Box Of 9
Retail Price: $22.41 Our Price: $15.99

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