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Chris Jalali in Critical Condition - UPDATES Bodybuilding News and Info Chris Jalali in Critical Condition - UPDATES

Chris Jalali in Critical Condition - UPDATES

From Mo Elbasouni, posted on Mayhem:

"Chris Jalali, a competitor at last week's USA's, is in critical condition right now due to severe dehydration. It's really serious; his internal organs aren't working, according to a friend that visited him.

Chris is a good kid; he's always positive, loves to paint, and spends a lot of his free time helping his parents run a resteraunt, somewhere in TX. Doctors don't know if he is going to make it out of is one, so please, if you know Chris or his family, they need all the emotional support you can give them."

From Mo, on August 3, 2005:

"I've just received news that he is a little better than yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow he will be better than today. He's still in ICU, but it's something because yesterday they didn't know if he was going to make it..."

From BigJefferson on Mayhem, August 7, 2005:

"After 6 days in the intensive care unit, he is still in critical condition. Kidneys, liver and other internal organs are affected. His situation improves very slowly, but there is hope."

From Ken T on Mayhem, August 10, 2005:

"I'm very happy to report to all of you who have been worried for Chris that he called me about 20 minutes ago. He is out of Intensive Care, and in fact will be released from the hospital in Las Vegas tomorrow. He's headed home to Dallas and will be there by tomorrow evening.

He still has a fairly long recovery period ahead, but given his youth he has an excellent prospect.

For those of you who don't know him, he is extraordinarily gifted in many ways other than bodybuilding, including as a painter. I've only seen photos of his work, but even with the limited perspective that gives, it's very impressive.

Obviously, he needs, as he recovers, to re-assess where his life leads him now -- which may still include bodybuilding, but may not.

Talking with him, I am again impressed with his maturity and intelligence. I hope that I will continue to have him as a friend for many years to come, wherever his talents may take him.

I've encouraged him to login and read this thread to see how many of you have kept him in your thoughts. I hope you will continue to do so as his recovery goes on.

Thanks to all of you who cared.


Comment from Manny Ahsuckit on getbig:

First off, best wishes to Chris for a speedy and complete recovery. Regardless of circumstance things like this are hard on all of those involved. Fan of the circumstances or not, I don't think any one here wants someone else to suffer this way.

Now I ask why should we blame his parents for what he did? For letting their kid go at age 22? For the fact that they may be steroid, diuretic, and bodybuilding ignorant? (Like most of the world.) For trusting Chris to be able to make healthy and correct choices in life at this age?

Most all of us were still making screwed up choices at 22, but if our parents always stepped in to save the day we would have learned nothing. We all have to all grow up sometime. And seriously, if they ever went to him with their concerns do you think it would have stopped him? By the time a guy is 22, his parents seldom have influence on his "habits" as such. How many times did we all lie to our parents to make them happy or keep them off our backs?

Here is the thing, give the parents some of the blame if they enabled him and encouraged him to step over the line. If they saw the health of their son going down over time and did nothing then blame them. But again, without knowing their situation, maybe they thought Chris was natural and doing the health thing. Maybe they really had no clue. So, do not blame them for ignorance and for trusting their son to tell them the truth. He is their son, and that is what parents do.

If you want to blame someone other that the one person who made his own final choices, then blame his so called friends. Those around Chris in the gym, selling him stuff, and telling him the expert ways to do this and do that ... those are the ones I would applaude for lack of action or concern. Those are the ones that no doubt thought it was cool to hang out with or act as a know it all guru for this handsome, muscular, up-and-coming, maybe high potential, and so-on-so-forth young guy. Everyone loves a winner, and when they can people will ride that winner to the top ... or run him into the ground. That is how life works.

As far as being angry at the few making jokes, just say to each his own. Maybe we should all be angry about things that reflect on bodybuilding in a negative way, and make everyone that makes these poor choices into a joke. True, the timing may be bad and we may think the jabs are over the top, but humor has always been a way of dealing with sensitive issues and hot topics. Don't hate the players when you help fund the game.

When all is said and done it is family that are the ones that really care and will hopefully be there for Chris to help him pull through this or anything else he faces in life. The question is will Chris respect his family and his own well being enough to turn his back on the nonsence? If he does, he is more of a winner than most without having to ever step on a stage again.

Prayers are with you Chris.

Comment from oldtimer1 on getbig:

I wish him well. He doesn't need anyone telling him what he did to himself.

The "sport" of bodybuilding is a sport based on drugs. I know there are kids in their twenties juicing just to look good in a tee shirt at the clubs. All of my freinds that were juicers in the late 1970's are now ex steroid users and look worse than hell. They feel that training without juice is a waste of time. While I'm on my soap box I am tired of steroid guys giving out workout advice. Anyone can look decent while juicing. Let's see how you look after a year drug free.

If you feel tempted to use juice because your friends fantastic sudden gains. Wait, time is on your side. Your friend will stop due to financial, legal, or health problems. Then see what he really looks like. There are very few lucky people who can juice on and off for 20 plus years without problems. You don't get something for nothing.

Steroids raises blood pressure.Change your LDL and HDL ratio for the worst. Cholesterol rises. Your cardiac inflammation rises and this is being seen as a major risk in heart problems. Your heart is a muscle. It's also the number one cause of death. How many champs in their early fifties have had heart operations? To many to be considered a statistical coincidence.

Add diuretics to steroids and you can have instant death from potassium imbalance that could stop your heart quick. You can also damage your kidneys. How many super stars have kidney problems?

Add GH to the mix and can this cause all the major intestinal problems that has happened to some major pros? I won't mention names.

How can a sport be based on drugs? Steroids, GH, diuretics,amphetamines, EPO, insulin, anti estrogens, LH, and others is pure madness.

I will train naturally. Bodybuilding drugs are a risk to health. If your willing to take that risk it says a lot about your fragile ego and insecurities.

Let the FU posts begin!"

Take care,

Matt Canning

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