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BSN Endorush Drinks Review by Matt C.

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I have been reviewing a variety of nitric oxide supplements in the past few years hoping to make the supplement reviews section on this website the most detailed and complete archive available on the web today. I plan to do this by creating reviews which go into great detail to explain my use of particular products including my honest thoughts on the effects of each. BSN Endorush is the most recent product I wish to add to this review database and I will include my thoughts on it below over a variety of considerations and an overall review to summarize my thoughts.

The Claim:

"ENDORUSH® is BSN's ultra-premium energy and performance support beverage that's all about one thing - instant gratification! More than just a regular 'caffeine-based' energy drink, ENDORUSH® will electrify your body and mind during whatever activity you're doing; increasing physical energy, improving overall sense of well being, intensifying mental focus and alertness, all the while improving performance. Perfect for high-intensity sports, workouts, club going, studying, a high-adrenaline workplace, a morning wake-up call, or anytime you need a voltage charge, ENDORUSH® attacks energy and performance enhancement from every conceivable angle - and it tastes delicious!"

I will expand on the effects and properties of this product more below, but I would say that it is closest to a caffeine-based energy drink despite stating it is "More than just a regular 'caffeine-based' energy drink". In my opinion, it is for the most part, but I do agree that it offers a superior sense of well-being and I would also state that it comes with less of a crash. It is simple for me to claim that it is mostly like a caffeine-based energy drink and in many respects that is true, but it is slightly better than that and I point that out below. Having said that, I don't think it is drastically better as the blurb above might indicate. Better yes, but also mostly the same in many key material respects.

Designed to Support and Enhance:

  • Energy
  • Performance
  • Endurance
  • Mental Focus
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Electrolyte Replenishment/Hydration

I can state that the product delivers on all of the above claims although I do not feel that I am in a great position to discuss the benefits in terms of cognitive performance because I have no courses in university at the moment and did not engage in a cognitive activity immediately upon consuming this product so I would not be able to verify that claim. As for the claim that it replenishes electrolytes and hydrates your body, this is one benefit to this product that makes it superior to coffee or other caffeine-based energy drinks which are diuretics and would make your body less hydrated.


Taste is a fairly important category for most people although less important to me personally since I am more concerned with the effect of a product rather than taste, which I don't worry about since I can consume other foods and beverages if I want something good tasting. With that said, I tried the grape and orange flavours of Endorush and I must say I enjoyed them both. I consider them to be both about equal so it's hard for me to pick a favourite. Normally grape and orange are my favourite flavours which I prefer over those such as fruit punch. For Endorush, I definitely liked the taste and consider both to be about equal. In my opinion, this is a good tasting supplement, especially as far as supplements are concerned, especially nitric oxide products which I find are often rather bad tasting in a very distinct way, but Endorush does not have that ordinary N.O. taste. It is pretty good and easy to drink in my opinion - just keep in mind that I sample quite a few supplements so that assessment might be easier for me to make than for someone else to.


The Endorush drinks come in bottles which are ready-to-drink rather than a powder which must be mixed in water. As a result, solubility is not a consideration for this portion of the review since the ingredients are pre-mixed. The instructions recommend shaking before consuming this product and I did that and I found the texture to be perfectly fine - not too thick and not too thin.


As far as I can tell, this product gave me no problems in terms of digestibility. I rarely have any problems with this so this is not a surprise to me. One notable exception would be Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250 and Six Star Muscle Professional Strength N.O. Fury.

Product Usage:

I used this product for several of my workouts detailed in my training log below - click on the URLs to view the posts on the forum directly:

Workout #1 - Sunday, February 14th, 2010 - Deadlifts [back]


45X12, 135X10, 225X8, 315X3

Deficit Deadlifts:

345X7, 365X3, 390X1, 400X1 [PR]

I consumed a BSN Endorush drink before this workout, but post-workout I consumed a Body Fortress Whey Protein Shot as a protein source during my anabolic window. I will be writing a complete review for Endorush very soon. Once again, I was very pleased to achieve a personal record today - a 400 pound deficit deadlift for one rep performed on the first platform.

Workout #2 - Monday, February 15th, 2010 - Bench Press [chest]

Flat Bench Press:

45X12, 135X10, 185X8, 225X10X10X10X10X10X10X9X7

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press:


Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls:

22.5sX12, 15sX12

I performed the standing alternate dumbbell curls for biceps just to get a pump in my arms.

I consumed a BSN Endorush drink just before this workout as well. Today was a personal record day of sorts because I have never performed 225 for 10 reps for as many sets as I did today [six sets] so I am pleased [author's note: I went on to beat this record in a later workout, please review my training log for information on that].

Workout #3 - Thursday, March 11th, 2010 - Squats [legs]


65X12, 135X10, 225X8

Pin Squats [safety was on pin #7]:

405X6, 455X6, 475X4, 515X4 [consecutively] [PR]

I consumed a BSN Endorush Drink before this workout. Since I was aware of my tolerance as a result of consuming this product previously, I decided to take 3/4 of the entire bottle when technically 1/4 should be an adequate dosage. I believe that 1/2 of the bottle may be the sweet spot in the sense that at 1/2 I experienced a more intense effect than from 1/4 of the bottle yet I did not see a significant increase in side effects. At 3/4 of the bottle I found that the effects were greater but that the side effects such as shakiness were also stronger. I should point out that my body weight is 171 and 1/2 pounds in light clothing on an empty stomach - so about 170 without clothes and on an empty stomach.

I consumed 3/4 of a bottle but not all at once. I consumed large gulps at once, but divided into several gulps. I also consumed a bowl of vegetable soup and a small bun at Tim Hortons about an hour before my workout and I did this while I was sipping on the Endorush drink. Prior to going to Tim Hortons I consumed a small coffee at McDonald's.

I tried the orange flavour today and thought it was delicious. Quite similar in quality to the grape flavour so it is difficult for me to pick a favourite.

I achieved a personal record today for pin squats with a lift of 515 pounds and followed this up with three additional - although consecutive - reps. I think I could have perform at least two reps done individually though but it is more difficult when each rep is performed one-at-a-time like that. I think it is time that I lower the pin squat safety pins to the #8 pin and start in the high 300s and see if I can work up to the mid to high 400s relatively soon!

Overall Review:

I would say that this product is very good if you are looking for an energy boost during your workout. One thing I assume that you will want to consider is the price - if you click on the links on this page you will see that 12 bottles cost $37.98. This works out to just over $3 per bottle and even with shipping will be under $4 per bottle. Keep in mind that each bottle is technically four servings, so that works out to about $1 per serving/workout. Of course that depends on how many servings you wish to consume before each workout. I do want to point out that the major benefit to using this product is the energy which is similar to consuming caffeine - in other words, coffee or caffeine pills will elicit a similar effect in this category although I did not notice an associated crash after using this product which makes it the superior choice. Also, there are more healthy ingredients in this product which will be of interest to the health-conscious athlete or bodybuilder. It is difficult to know for certain whether or not this product helped to increase my strength, but I should point out the results of my workouts which I listed above and the personal records which I achieved during those workouts. One example would be the deadlift where I did a deficit deadlift of 400 pounds for one rep on the first platform, which was my personal best so far. On the bench press where I did 225 for six sets of 10 reps which was my best ever at the time. Lastly, I performed 515X4 consecutive reps for pin squats on the #7 pin which crushed my previous record for a hard 505 for one rep. With that said, I have been achieving personal record after personal record as of late so it is hard to say whether or not this product was the reason for my progress. I definitely did enjoy the taste of this product and it provided me with an energy boost. BSN does produce quality products and if you are interested and the price is right, I would advise you check this out. For more information, click on the links on this page to view the product profile and obtain more information. I do recommend this product as it delivered the results it promised.

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